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airline PNR status

Forget your PNR number? Read this post to get step by step guide to find them easily


In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your travel plans. You can check your flights, hotels, and car bookings from the same travel apps. However, when it comes to checking the status of your domestic and International airline PNR code, things get a little trickier. Depending on the airline you travel with, the rules for checking your flight status may differ for each company. However, most airlines offer their services online with a desktop or mobile website that has an intuitive interface for checking tickets and flight statuses. 35 operational International Airports in India. every day lots of international flights fly to your destination.

what is PNR status flight?

Passenger Name Record or PNR stands for the record of all the information regarding the air travel passengers such as booking details, check-in information, seat allocation details, and much more. This information is maintained in a computerized reservation system. When you book a flight ticket, the airline will use this information to generate a PNR code. This code is not just a random string of characters; it’s a code that connects your name to your reservation. This PNR code is the primary method airlines use to identify passengers.


How to check PNR status: step by step

Before you check your PNR, ensure you have all the information you need to hand in. You’ll need to know the flight number, date of travel, and booking reference as well as your name and contact details, once you gather all the details follow the below step:

1. Choose the airline you’re flying with and log into their official website.

2. Find the PNR checker, which is usually located near the top of the website under services or tickets.

3. Enter the details of your flight into the fields and click “check”.

4.: Your flight details will appear, including your PNR code.


Check your Airline PNR Status by Phone


If you can’t find your PNR on the airline’s website, you can always check your flight status by phone. Call the customer service number of your preferred airline and ask to be connected to the PNR department. Once you’re connected, provide the details of your flight and they will be able to tell you your PNR.

Check your Airline PNR Status via SMS

If you’re traveling with an old-fashioned airline, there’s a chance you can’t check your PNR online. In that case, you can try texting your PNR to the airline’s SMS number. Find the number for the PNR department in the phone book and send a text with your PNR and the flight details.



What is the PNR status flight?

The name given Passenger Name Record gives all the information about the passenger traveling in the airline. PNR is a set of alphabets and numbers and gives information about the flight departure time, and arrival time, confirming the status of flight tickets, flight number, passenger's name, seat number, and payment information.



How to check your airline ticket status manually?

If you don’t see a PNR checker on your preferred airline's website, don’t worry. You can still find your PNR manually. First, take out the ticket that you used to book your flight and look for the PNR printed on the back. The PNR will start with two letters and then contain around 10 numbers. The letters are the first two letters of your last name and the numbers are your seat numbers. Or, you can use the PNR locator on the airline’s website. Simply click on the Manage Bookings tab and enter your name and booking reference. Once you have located your PNR, log into your airline’s website and click on the Manage Bookings Tab. Enter your PNR and travel details to see the status of your flight.



How to check your airline status?

Once you’ve got your PNR, it’s easy to check your flight status online. Simply log in to your airline account and select Manage Bookings. You can also use your booking reference and last name to find your PNR. Once you’re there, select the flight you need information on and you’ll see your flight information, PNR, and any changes that may have occurred since you booked. Finally, you will be able to check flight pnr status online, including whether or not your flight has been delayed or canceled. If changes have occurred, they’ll be shown in your flight information along with information on any new connecting flights.



Is your flight ticket confirmed or still on a waiting list? Follow the given easy steps to check your flight ticket status -


1. Visit the official website where you have booked your flight tickets.

2. Go to the Manage booking option and enter your PNR number and last name.

3. Now click on the submit button.

4. Under Booking Status know about your ticket status.

If it shows ON-HOLD that means your reservation is not yet confirmed.

If it shows CANCELLED that means your reservation failed this happens because of Weather conditions, Security issues, or any other reason.

If it shows CONFIRMED, then you are ready to fly.

 Check flight ticket confirmation

I always make sure to check my flight ticket confirmation as soon as I book a flight. This way, I can be sure that the flight is confirmed and that I have a seat on the plane. Checking the confirmation also allows me to see if there are any changes to the flight schedule, which can happen sometimes.

Flight Status Descriptions.

Every day lots of travelers travel by flight. When you complete your flight booking may be a single passenger or group of passengers, you gate PNR no and flight no. you can check live flight status, and arrival and departure times. PNR NO use for getting information booking status of your flight. check PNR status online.


Flight ticket status checking.

Do you want to check your domestic or international flight ticket status?


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Every day lots of travelers travel by flight. when you complete your flight booking may be a single passenger or group of passengers, then you get PNR no and flight no. you can check live flight status, and arrival and departure times. PNR is used for getting information booking status of your flight. check PNR status online.


Airplane travels important guide

type traveler complete name.

type correct additional information.

type correct mobile phone no.

check the best discount for air ticket booking.

use a flight tracker.

check real-time flight status.

baggage weight checks as per airline guidelines.

the airport must be entered one hour before the time of travel.

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Air India PNR Status

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