Details On Arambag To Howrah Train Time Table For 2023

Arambag To Howrah Train Time Table 

arambag to howrah train time table

Trains are considered the lifeline of the country. Trains not only transport passengers and goods but also connect the entire country into one thread.  Passengers prefer to travel by train as it is one of the most convenient modes of transport. 

Over 10 to 12 thousand people travel on the Arambag and Howrah Rail routes daily. Hence, knowing the Arambag to Howrah train timetable for the passengers is very helpful. With the help of this timetable, passengers can make their trips comfortable.   


Arambag: An Introduction to the town

Arambag is located at a latitude of 22.88°N 87.78°E. It is situated 15 meters above sea level on average. This means it is a height of 118 feet above sea level. 

The municipality town is located on Link Road (SH-2). The distance is 81 kilometers north of Kolkata, 27 kilometers north of Tarakeswar, and 39 kilometers south of Bardhaman. Dwarakeswar River is the main water source for the people in this area.


Howrah Junction: Supporting Daily Passengers Since 1851

Howrah Junction is a station that is one of the first terminus in the East Indian Railways. This section of the Railway was opened in 1851. This started from Howrah to Hooghly in the year 1854. Since there are more than 3 train routes passing from this route therefore it is called the Junction stoppage.  


Many people are daily passengers on the train route of Arambag to Howrah Junction and then return on the same route. The Arambag to Howrah train time table is a guiding hand for all of them. The ticket fare is also low, and thus, laymen can afford to travel by train daily. There are, in total, eight trains that are regularly operating.


What is the significance of a train time table?

Train timetable has a great significance for all. It is a process in which journeys are determined accordingly. The trains' arrival and departure timing from their source, along with the time slots, are all displayed in an Arambag to Howrah train time table. 


How To See The Seat Availability In ARAMBAGH to HOWRAH Express Trains?

The short form of Arambagh is AMBG. The short form of Howrah is HWH. If you are booking tickets in the express trains, you might want to know about seat availability. For this, you will need to put in the train PNR number and find out the right availability of seats. 


List of the regular trains with their number and their timing-



DAILY AMBG   07:45

HWH  10:04 81 Km

02h 19m





HWH  10:45     82 Km

02h 10m





HWH  14:40     82 Km

02h 20m




HWH 15:30      81 Km

02h 05m




HWH 17:02      82 Km

02h 12m




HWH 21:28   81 Km

02h 08m





22:35 82 Km

02h 20m





HWH 23:58   81 Km

02h 18m

Which Train runs on a regular basis from Arambag to Howrah?

37364 -Arambag Local train runs on a regular basis. It covers a total distance of 83 km. It means that the train takes a total time of 2.25 hours. The speed of the train is 47.6 km/hr. On the entire journey, the train covers up to 24 stoppages with an interval of 25 minutes between stations. The local train from Arambag to Howrah passes through 26 popular railway stoppages in order to reach the destination. 


When does the first train leave for Arambag?

The first train, GOGT HWH Local, departs at 7:42 AM from Arambag. There is a huge rush of passengers during this time as it runs regularly. Many daily passengers come from Arambag to Howrah to work. Therefore the trains run on time every day. If you have the Arambag to Howrah train time table, it will help you a lot at any point in time. 


When is the last train from Arambag to Howrah? 

The last train from Arambag to Howrah is at 21:41 pm. It runs on a daily basis between stations. The fare of the tickets starts from Rs. 450/- per head and in the local trains the ticket is 50/- per head. This also takes 2 hours and 45 mins to reach Howrah. 


Which train takes the maximum time to reach Howrah to Arambag?

The train which takes the maximum time is 37361 HWH MBG LOCAL. It reaches Arabagh at 12 PM after traveling 82.5 km. The passengers choose to travel on this train depending on their priorities. This train operates from Monday to Sunday weekly.  


Which is the fastest train to Howrah? 

The fastest train from Arambag to Howrah is AMBG HWH Local. The train number is 37368. It departs at 19:46 PM. This train runs daily.The time it takes is 2.5 hours. It covers a distance of 81.6 KM.  


What is the cost of the ticket from Arambagh to Howrah?

The journey takes 2 hours to reach Howrah. The distance it takes is almost 82 KM. In addition to this, IRCTC runs a train from Arambag station towards Howrah Junction daily. It is operated every 4.5 hours. A ticket costs 110/- to Rs. 750/- on express trains.  


How much time does the journey take to complete?

The journey on this train takes 3 hours to complete the journey. While booking the train tickets, you can go through the Arambag to Howrah train time table to better schedule your journey. The train 37372 GOGHAT HWH LOCAL runs between these two stations daily. 


How is the advent of the train time table becoming so popular? 

Due to the introduction of the online Indian time table the complete procedure of the ticket booking system has become easier. The prime benefit of having a train time table is that the passengers do not have to run to the enquiry office to know about the train’s arrival or any other related information. 


Some other ways to know about the train time table 

  1. Visit the ‘Train Enquiry Counter’ to know about the train details. 
  2. Passengers can visit the official website of IRCTC.
  3. Check the ‘Where Is My Train App' to know about the train status and routes. 
  4. Use the ‘Train at Glance’ book published by IRCTC. 
  5. Use the ixigo Indian Rail and Train app to help to know the train status. 


Please Note: Passengers can use the ‘Train at Glance’ to get information about 700+ important trains. All sorts of information regarding the train name, station details, stoppages and any other information are all noted in this book. It is important to know the train timings. 


Frequently Asked Questions On Railway Time Table

Q1. When was the first railway timetable first introduced?

Ans1. The first railway timetable was introduced in India. It was way back in the year 1860. The primary objective of introducing the concept of time table was to operate the running of trains across India. And this depended on the train routes as well as the halting stations. 


Q2. What is the distance between Arambag and Howrah Junction?

Ans2. The total distance between Arambag to Howrah Junction is 82.4 KM. This distance can be traveled within a span of 2.5 hours to complete the total journey. Keeping a record of the timetable ready with you can save you time and money simultaneously. Also, if you have a monthly ticket fare card, it is very easy to travel. In this way the idea of future travel is broadened. 


Q3. What are the other connecting trains from Arambag? 

Ans3. The other connecting trains from Arambag are Arambag to Kolkata, Arambag to Kamarkundu Lower, Arambag to Konnagar, Arambag to Liluah, and Arambag to Lokenath. There is another way to check the availability of the trains is the process of Trains At A Glance. This is published every year for the passengers  so that the travelers can be aware of the trains that are operating between stations. 


Q4. How many Stations are there in Kolkata and Arambag?

Ans4. There are 40 stations in Howrah whereas there is 1 railway station in Arambag. Trains are operating through each one of them regularly. There are eight trains in total which are running from Arambag to Howrah regularly. With a complete time table, things get easier for multiple travelers to travel such long distances in a single day. 

Q5. Who started local trains in India?

Ans5.  Local Trains were started in India and introduced between Virar & Backbay but were operated by Bombay Baroda & Central Indian railway company. The cost of the tickets was decided much after that.   

Final Words 

Traveling between trains becomes easy only when you know the trains and their timetables. Therefore the Arambag to Howrah train time table is introduced with the prime objective of helping passengers reach their destinations conveniently. 


If you are someone who wants to travel from Arambag to Howrah, then the above-mentioned train time table is sure to help you in the long run.  So, keeping a handy ready with you will help in planning for a comfortable journey.  




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