Bungee Jumping in Pune

Bungee Jumping in Pune

 Bungee Jumping in Pune

Bungee jumping in Pune is an important spot for uplifting your mood. The thrilling bungee jump will give your mood a different feel altogether. If you are looking for a safe sport, the Kolad bungee jump is the right choice for you. This is an adventurous sport that is enjoyed by most people including middle-aged adults.


What is bungee jumping in Pune?

Bungee jumping in Pune is getting famous nowadays. If you need something to boost your mind this weekend, try out the bungee jumping experience along with some seawater sports. The sport is increasing in popularity not only in Pune but also in Mumbai. The cost of bungee jumping is Rs. 715/-.  


How is Pune’s bungee jumping a thrilling experience? 

Filled with ethnicity, vibrancy, and vitality, Pune boasts of endless diversity and travelers go bungee jumping with their friends and family. So, you can experience the best journey with this guide. If you want to enjoy adventure sports, bungee jumping in Pune is the right sport to enjoy if you are tired of city life. 


Which is the adventure capital of India? 

Della Adventures is the largest adventure park in India. It is not always possible that everyone has nerves of steel. But, bungee jumping may create a feeling of thrill and adventure all throughout life. Pune’s bungee jumping has the positivity to give your inner self a different lift if you are thinking of something challenging. 


How do you enjoy bungee jumping in Pune? 

When you are on a bungee, your stomach flips upside and gives you a jump within and people shout at the top of their voices in happiness. It may look a little scary but bungee jumping is an adventure sport. The tallest bungee jump in Pune is in Lonavala, India’s highest floor for thrill-seeking people besides Kolad bungee jump.  


When is the best time to try bungee jumping in Pune? 

The best time to try bungee jumping in Pune is the middle of October and until May. The city houses Della Adventures which is famous for the most amazing bungee jumping spot with lush greenery all around. It is an exciting event where the hormone adrenaline floods through the body. 


How thrilling is Lonavala bungee jumping?

Lonavala bungee jumping is a thrilling spot that will find yourself atop. Pune is one such place where bungee jumping is practiced all over the world. People above 10 can take bungee jumping. The weight of above 38 kgs is allowed to take the jump when it is about bungee jumping in Pune.  


Enjoy the rush of adrenaline!

It allows participants to experience the weightlessness of flying along with the thrill-seekers along with the rush of adrenaline that it takes to do bungee jumping. It allows the experience of enjoying the waters from a 40-meter jump from a height of 150 meters. The distance of Lonavala is in close proximity to Mumbai and Pune.  


How much is the cost of bungee jumping near Pune?

The cost of bungee jumping in Pune is almost about 2800/-. It includes bungee jumping with requirements. It is done under the supervision of jumpmaster. It includes a certificate of completion along with applicable taxes. This includes transport, food and beverages with personal expenses including bungee jumping experience. 


What are the 3 Best Places For Bungee Jumping Near Pune?

Bungee jumping in Pune might seem difficult for most of us, especially for those who are new to bungee jumping. But, when tourists have tried their bungee jump for the first time, they know how happy they are. 


There are three of the main places where you will figure out multiple bungee jumping operators along with thrilling activities. 



Kolad is considered as one of the most favorite sports for thrill loving people. Suppose your mind is tired of the monotony of life, the beauty of Kolad remains for all throughout the year. There is a huge strength of people who come in every year to get the best shot. Therefore travelers in Pune are sure to leave with the extra splash of enjoyment. Here you can experience what you have never experienced before. With a large elastic cord and the perfect height arrangement, you can try the sport with the right experience which you will remember for the lifetime. 


Best time to visit: June to March, March to May.

Cost per head: Rs. 2799/-.

Distance From Pune: 145.5 KM. 



The second highest bungee jumping is in Lonavla. It is a place for bungee jumping near Pune is sure to look for a safe spot to try the sport. It is a few hours away from Pune. Due to the proximity to Mumbai from Pune, the residents from both cities can visit during the weekends so that they could try out the sport. From here you can take a bus to Kolad from Lonavala to get the jump of your life over sea level with clear waters from a 40-meter height. 


Best time to visit: October to May. 

Cost per head: Rs. 1499/-.

Distance From Pune: 64.5 KM. 



If you are new to Pune, then you must try out first water dip bungee jumping here at Jogeshwari. Here you can offer a jump from a top height of 70-80 meters in order to experience adventure with regards to safety. Although it is a newly built place for bungee jumping, Jogeshwari has always been one of the popular destinations with numerous traveler attractions. The place provides a blend of adventure as well as serenity. 


Best time to visit: October to April.

Cost per head: Rs. 1999/-.

Distance From Pune: 165.2 KM. 


Things You Should Remember For Bungee Jumping 

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that one should be thinking about trying once in a lifetime. There are people who are hungry for more adventures, therefore they move far away from the maddening crowd of the city to enjoy the experience for a lifetime. 


Bungee Jumping is a dangerous sport where safety has to be a priority. You need to select a reputable operator to guide you in this adventure. Kolad has a tonne of extreme experience which includes middle-aged adults too so that they can cherish the memories for the rest of their life. 


What To Wear?

One should not wear long dresses and skirts. It is best if they wear  something comfortable while typing out this sport. Besides this, it is advised not to have anything in the pocket like a purse or mobile phone. If you maintain all the rules and regulations they will enjoy adventure and serenity together. 


The entire journey takes 7 to 10 minutes to complete the entire thrill. You need to make sure that the whole activity is to be carried out under an expert bungee expert. Those who are under medical treatment before trying the sport, must get their doctor’s consultation and then go ahead. 


While enjoying exhilarating outdoor activities, a person flies upwards.  Sometimes there is a helicopter or hot air balloon with crystal clear waters below. 


There should be a friendly and professional guide who has complete safety training to take you for bungee jumping sport under their supervision. Mostly the booking of the packages are done on spot or 2-3 days before you plan your trip.  

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Maharashtra Trips With Bungee Jumping Near Pune 

There are hidden gems in Maharashtra that have limited access to the crowds. This includes the following-


  • Bungee jumping in Kolad
  • Bungee Jumping in Goa 



Bungee Jumping in Pune is one of the best places to enjoy a weekend away from home.  They are sure to leave you hungry within to keep that thrill seeking streak busy in their schedule. Those who are nervous because they overthink, hardly can overeat before the sport. But you need to consume a lot of protein to stay active during bungee jumping. 

Besides bungee jumping, deep beneath the Kundalika River, you can enjoy river rafting within a perfect getaway from the hectic routine of life. The next is that you will need to take the leap into the deep guard and the white-water stretches on a heart racing thrills. It is about enjoying jumping from atop a 13-storey high platform. Here you can send silent prayers to the Almighty. 

Customized Bungee Jumping Tour Package Operators from Pune

Bungee Jumping Tour Operators from Pune- 


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  • Sahyog Mantra Tours.
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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Where is India's tallest bungee jump?

Ans1. At a height of 82 meters, Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh is considered currently India’s Highest Bungy. 


Q2. Which is the tallest bungee jump in Pune?

Ans2. The tallest bungee jump is in Lonavala.  It gives one hell of an experience. People take a deep breath and hold their hearts tightly to get onto bungee jumping. 


Q3. What is bungee jumping? 

Ans3. You should know that bungee jumping is an extreme sport that offers comfortable clothes with slip-on heels which might not make you fall. With guidance from the bungee supervisor, you will never face any kind of problems. 




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