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chalsa west bengal

About Chalsa Tourism 

Chalsa is a beautiful town in the state of West Bengal. It is situated just at the foot of the Himalayan ranges. It is proximate to popular tourist places which have a direct impact on tourist destinations for places around Chalsa. Various orchids are also available with the varieties of fauna and flora in Sikkim. 


The tea garden in Chalsa offers good scenic beauty. Chalsa is also at a distance of 1.5 hours from Siliguri. The local reserves have Rhinos and Elephants. There are local guides who will help the tourists have a good time at Chalsa. The rivers and forests at the destination of Dooars region give a wide variety of deer like the sambar, spotted and barking deer. 


If you have the luck, you must just manage to get a glimpse of the endangered Bengal tiger, rare species of elephant, a wide variety of deer, leopards and many more. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is spread over approximately a stretch of 750 sq km. The area is surrounded by hills.


Moreover, when you are around Chalsa, you must also visit places like   

gorumara national park, chapramari,chapramari wildlife sanctuary, falda para national park. These places are perfect for those who love nature and are avid trekkers. Besides this, you must also not miss out on visiting places like Bagdogra, Bindu, Cooch Behar, Darjeeling, and Jalpaiguri.  


Besides Buxa Tiger, the reserve also features various squirrels, birds and leopards. If you visit the Jalpaiguri district, you must not miss out on visiting the Malbazar subdivision or Mal. The best time to visit Chalsa is right after the summer season ends. You must visit the place after winter. Chalsa is popular for adventures and wildlife. 


Another attraction of Chalsa tourism is the Murti River. It is the river that originates from high mountains in the Neora valley area of the National Park. The river originates near the border of the Bengal-Sikkim-Bhutan Tri Junction. Soon comes down from the hills into the Dooars through the area of Samsung. 

About General Information About Chalsa, West Bengal

Chalsa is a small city in the subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district. You can enjoy the soothing weather that makes Chalsa one of the best places to visit. It is the best offbeat destination of the doors region and partakes to the right floras and orchids are available in Chalsa. The place is mostly known for the weekly market that takes place in the Mangalbari Hat. This place is also the stopover for the buses. 


The region is also rich with various wild animals that are flooded with modern facilities and hotels so that visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty by staying in the tourist places to visit the national park. It is also known as the famous picnic spot indoors. There are tea gardens surrounding the place. 

What is the Pin Code of CHALISA, WEST BENGAL?

735206 is the Pincode of Chalsa in West Bengal. It comes under the Jalpaiguri district. The area comes under the Takula of Mattel. It has a Sub office. Chalsa has its head office in Mal. 

What is the contact address for CHALISA Post Office, WEST BENGAL?

The contact address for the Chalsa Post office, West Bengal is VRJ4+G6G, NH 31C, Chalsa, West Bengal Pincode 735206. Chalsa is accessible by road through National Highway 31. The temperature at Chalsa is 31 Celsius.  

What is the contact number for CHALISA Post Office, WEST BENGAL?

The contact number for Chalsa Post office, West Bengal 1800112011. This is a toll-free number. Chalsa is a speed post sub-post office or Dak Ghar in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. The distance of the post office is just 2 kilometres from Chalsa. 


The post office is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. It is located in the Mattel Taluk, Mal postal sub-district, North Bengal area. Jalpaiguri postal division comes under this section. Chalsa is a small town which is the way to doors from Siliguri connecting the north-east properly. 


Visit The Gallery Of Chalsa picture 

Click here to know more. Download the pictures from the Chalsa picture gallery on the internet. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Chalsa?

The best time to visit Chalsa is mainly after winter. It is best to visit Chalsa in the months of January, February, March and April. And, again it will be best if you visit in September, October, November and December. Winters are very cold here as the temperature goes below 12 degrees. 


Chalsa sees a mild summer with the right temperatures that never exceed 34 degrees Celsius. The monsoon in Chalsa also starts in June and then ends in September. The rainfall is received during that time. It gets very difficult and at times too harsh. 

Questions That May Arise While Planning To Visit Chalsa

Q1. Which place is known as the Queen of Dooars?

Dooars region is mostly known as the ‘Queen of Dooars’. It is one of the most visually attractive destinations near West Bengal, Chalsa. The closest airport to Chalsa it is located at an average elevation of 165 meters and 535 feet. 


The variety of floras and orchids is also considered best for visiting Chalsa. Dooars is considered to be the destination of Chalsa. Nature lovers and people like trekking while visiting Chalsa. Being a picturesque town, the visitors select a vast range of accommodation facilities.


Q2. Which is the closest airport to Chalsa? 

Ans2. The closest airport to Chalsa is Bagdogra (IXB). The distance between Bagdogra and Chalsa is 60 to 62 KM. Once you come out of the airport, you will need to book a taxi to reach the destination in Chalsa চালসা

Q3. Is Chalsa Worth Visiting?

Ans3. Chalsa is worth visiting. This is because there is a beautiful scenic beauty. It surrounds the forests and is also the entry point to the Chapramari wildlife. Chalsa is also famous as an iconic picnic spot. Chalsa google map link options will help you in finding the right choice. It is near Samsing which is about 15 KM in distance. 

Q4. What are the Places to visit in Dooars?

Ans4. There are many places to visit in Dooars, out of which these are important. These act as Weekend Getaways from Chalsa. 


  • Nagrakata.
  • Raimatang.
  • Hasimara
  • Dhupguri
  • Barodabri
  • Maynaguri
  • Mendabari
  • Binnaguri
  • Paren
  • Birpara
  • Meteli
  • Banarhat
  • Today Tangta
  • Jaigaon
  • Rasikbill
  • BatabariJalpesh temple
  • Mekhliganj
  • Ramsai
  • Dooars


  • Bindu
  • Buxa national park
  • Chalsa Chilapata 

Q5. What are The Tourist Places in Chalsa?

Ans5. Chalsa is situated about 8 KMs from the area of the development block under the Malbazar on NH 31. This place is nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a unique location of Chalsa that gives it a favoured destination of Dooars since it acts as the base for the travellers who are willing to explore the lesser acquainted areas. 


This place has rich flora and fauna with proximity to the pictorial destination of the Dooars. People also come to see the Bengal Tiger in the forest reserve area of North Bengal.  

Q6. What Are The Places to Visit around Chalsa?

Ans6. The places to visit around Chalsa are here as follows- 


  • Gorumara National park.
  • Khayerbari.
  • Lataguri.
  • Murti.
  • Rajabhatkhawa.
  • Samsing.
  • Suntalekhola.
  • Gajoldoba.
  • Chapramari.
  • Mongpong.
  • Oodlabari.
  • Malbazar.
  • Bagrakote.
  • Dinhata.
  • Cooch Behar.
  • Jayanti.
  • Falakata.
  • Lepchakha Village.
  • Alipurduar.

Q7. What Are The Other Tourist Destinations around Chalsa?

Ans7. The tourist places to visit in Dooars are as follows: 


  • Bhutanghat.
  • Bindu.
  • Buxa national park.
  • Chalsa Chilapata.
  • Box.
  • Church.
  • Birpara.
  • Chapramari.
  • Falakata.
  • Gajoldoba. 
  • Hollong.
  • Madarihat.
  • Lataguri.
  • Murti.
  • South Khayerbari.
  • Today.
  • Tangra. 


Q8. How To Reach Chalsa?

Ans8. There are three ways to reach Chalsa. One is by air, by road, and by air. 

By Bus: Chalisa is at a distance of 65 KM from the Siliguri Bus stand. The NH 31 connects North-East India with West Bengal from Bihar to Assam. NBSTC Buses are available from Siliguri to Chalsa. 


By Rail: When it is to railway station travelling, NJP and Siliguri Railway Station are the main railway stations in this area. Starting from Kolkata and Guwahati one can manage several trains to come in NJP. Mal Junction is a good railway station near Chalsa. It is at a distance of 1 Hour and 30 minutes from Siliguri by train through the dense forest region. 


By Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra (IXB) at Siliguri. The distance between Siliguri and Bagdogra is 13 KM. Once you reach the airport, you can directly manage the private car to reach the Chalsa destination.  

Connectivity of the Public Bus Service is available at an interval of 5-10 KM at a distance within a village. And, the connectivity of the railway station is available at a distance of 11 KM in the distance. 

Top 7 Places in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical

North Bengal, it is one of the places that offer the main attraction in Chalsa. It is situated in the magical area of West Bengal. It is in this place that the area is affluent of areas that fills in flora and fauna in the country.

Chalsa is famous for being the base of exploring the verdant wildlife sanctuaries, the perfectly notable area in Jaldapara. The forest in the Dooars has a large variety of deer collection along with an added percentage of animals. 

Gorumara national park and Chapramari wildlife sanctuary is another haven for wildlife pleasures, It is known for its flora and fauna. It includes rich wildlife, guars, pigs, reptiles, birds and fishes. These places are home to one-horned Rhinos that are here more than 100 varieties of spotted Buxa Tiger reserve. It covers an area of 761 sq. km and is a paradise for all nature lovers. 

The places mentioned in the following parts are counted among the places that offer genuinely mystical. They are as follows-


  • Suntalekhola.
  • Samsung.
  • Jhalong.
  • Bindu.
  • Today Tangta.
  • Oodlabari.
  • Gajoldoba.


All the sites around Chalsa in West Bengal offer stunning appearances. All might think that things are exaggerated which makes it more popular in India. The places are considered to be popular destinations which are perfect for planning a Dooars trip with friends and family. From here the road is on the left of the Samsing area which is about 15 KM. 

The Chalsa Hotels Overview

There are a good number of hotels and lodges that are available in and around Chalsa. There are top and best hotels at Chalsa. But out of all, The Sinclairs Retreat is considered the best. You can get budget hotels in a varied range with comfortable mills and accommodations. 


There are ways to check Chalsa hotel availability online and also you can call on the numbers given in the contact details in this blog where you can get the best information. This place is also known as a famous tourist place. 


What Are The Star Category Hotels in Chalsa?

The top 10 Chalsa hotels and places to stay near Chalsa Station are here as follows- 

  • OYO 35488 Resort Olive Village        Rs.21,877/-
  • Sinclairs Retreat Dooars                   Rs. 8005/-
  • OYO 45701 Doors Kitchen Lodge     Rs. 7008/-
  • Valley View Chalsa Resort                 Rs. 8500/-
  • Aranya Jungle Resort                       Rs. 2,690/-
  • The Reserve Gorumara                    Rs. 2900/-
  • Lemon Hotel In Tree In Siliguri         Rs. 7050/-
  • Mystic Orchid Retreat                      Rs. 2899/-
  • Ramsay Wildlife & Tea Resort            Rs. 3570/-
  • Royal Sarovar Portico                      Rs. 3607/-

Chalsa Hotels Information

Most of the information about the hotels is done through an online reservation system as the discounted prices are also tracked through this system. Hence it is incredibly important for all to book hotels by using the online booking system. The hotels are available at budget prices. There are hotels mainly in the headquarters of the Matiali community. 

Therefore it is important to book hotels after taking proper information and details. All the hotels are near the railway station and thus it is very easy to reach the places just by boarding a cab or booking a vehicle to take you to the destinations. 

Where To Call For Accommodation in Chalsa?

For better details, you can contact-

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Limited 

DG Block, Sector-II, Salt Lake Kolkata-700091.

Phone: 033-23585189.

Send Fax: 23598292.

Mobile: 8145584286.



About Chalsa Car Rental Service 

You will need to hire a taxi or a cab for Chalsa Car Rental Service for your upcoming trip in Chalsa. Whether it is a business trip or any family tour to Chalsa, Car rental service will help you with any package that is included in the GST. 

All the cars are equipped with modern facilities and safety features that ensure that the journey is safe, comfortable and convenient. The drivers are all well-trained and licensed at the best prices. 

The journey is at Rs. 9/- per KM for small cars and Rs. 11/- per KM for Big cars. In addition to this, there is a car allowance of Rs. 200 for drivers. These are for small-budget rental cars. 

For luxury and SUV cars, the car rental service ranges from Rs. 47- Rs 60 per KM. And, the driver allowance runs from Rs. 400- Rs. 500. The minimum charges start from rs. 250/- per day. The car rental company holds no responsibility for being late, traffic jams, traffic issues and diversions for any accident. 


What Are The Hotels under 1000 in Chalsa Region?

The hotels under 1000/- in the Chalsa region are not available. But there are homestays that are available within 990/- as a starting price. The homestays are reliable and sometimes there is the affordability of budget hotels at the same time. 

It is possible if you check the hotel booking apps and look for great deals according to Chalsa hotel reservations with value for money. The hotel price at Chalsa starts from 692/-. If you are a lucky customer, you will get great discounts with offers on the booking apps. 

How Is The Weather Near Chalsa Tea Garden?

Chalsa Tea Garden: The weather in the Chalsa tea garden is around 61’ F. It is always the same nearby Chalsa as it passes through the Chalsa region and surrounds the richest and most diverse forms of the animal as well as plant in the country. The region of Chalsa is famous for its pleasant climatic condition. 


There are moderately chilling conditions that make you feel pleasant. Chalsa tea garden West Bengal offers long-term experience in a dip for a daily temperature. Sometimes during the winter months, there is an experience of snowfall. But it was reported in the weather forecast before that.

Chalsa Weather: The weather of Chalsa is regarded as identical to the state of West Bengal. Besides the weather and monsoons, the climatic conditions remain pleasant throughout the full year. Chalsa is one of the most visually attractive destinations with an average elevation of 163 meters surrounded by gorumara national park. 


During this time, the visitors can enjoy the soothing climate of the Dooars region and partake in activities like trekking while visiting the Chalsa. This makes Chalsa a year-round destination. The best time to visit Chalsa starts from November to April. 

About Tea Gardens around Chalsa

The tea garden around Chalsa is located in the Matiali community development block of Jalpaiguri district in the state of West Bengal. It is almost about 7.1 KM away from the sub-district of headquarters in the tehsildar office and 58.5 km away from the district headquarters. 


Chalsa tea garden holds a total demographics of 5,062 people. There are in total of 966 houses in Chalsa tea garden village in the Pincode is 735206. The nearest town to Chalsa tea garden for all major activities is approximately at a distance of 18.7 KM away. 


The tea garden is surrounded by beautiful flowers which are also orchids and other colourful flowers. There are places to visit in Dooars and Chalsa on one trip. It is at this point of west Bengal where Chalsa is located with important places for tourism under an affordable budget. 

Top-rated holiday rentals in Chalsa

The top-rated holiday rentals in Chalsa are booked through apps like Make My Trip, Airbnb, Goibibo and many other apps that are ruling society all over. The holiday homes are booked at the best affordable price down through agencies or travel agents. 

The prices are updated in the form of GST-included bill invoices. The starting price is Rs. 1630/- at the holiday rentals for a night. The check is at 11 AM and the other offers unique places to stay with the local hosts who cooperate with the tourists at the same time. The Chalsa Hotel Reviews are a very helpful guide for tourists to look for anything in detail. There are apartments and holiday rentals available at the most affordable rates for all. This blog will serve as a guide to all tourists. These rentals are for long-term and short-term you prefer. 

What Are The Popular Amenities in Chalsa Hotels & Resorts?

Popular amenities for Chalsa holiday rentals comprise of the following- 


  • Family Friendly living spaces.
  • Full Lawns To Organize Parties.
  • Free Cooking areas.
  • Tight securities.
  • Freshly cooked food. 
  • Free Parking.
  • Free WiFi connectivity.
  • Free Cancellation Policy.
  • Pay At The Hotel After A Certain Amount Of Advance. 
  • Good Hosts.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Free Breakfast (optional).
  • Priority Helpline Number.
  • Assured Money-back guarantee. 
  • Facilities to stay as in Homes.
  • CCTV surveillance 24X7.
  • Drinking Water Facility.
  • Laundry Services.
  • Well-connected roads, railway stations, markets and highways.

Detailed map of Chalsa and near places

Click the link to download the detailed map of the Chalsa and nearby places to visit. 

Flights from airports close to Chalsa

The flight service from airports close to Chalsa is very swift. The nearest airport is Bagdogra. It is at a distance of 71 KM. 

Direct Flights From Chalsa to Kolkata are as follows:


GoFirst Direct Flight

Time: 1 Hr 5 Mins.

Arrival: 14:45 PM.

Departure: 15:50 PM.

Bagdogra (IXB) to Kolkata (CCU).

Starting Price: Rs. 5328/-


SpiceJet Flight Direct 

Time: 1 Hr 5 Mins.

Arrival: 15:45 PM.

Departure: 16:50 PM.

Starting Price: Rs. 6290/-

Bagdogra (IXB) to Kolkata (CCU).


IndiGo Flight Direct 

Time: 1 Hr 5 Mins.

Arrival: 14:20 PM.

Departure: 15:25 PM.

Starting Price: Rs. 7200/-

Bagdogra (IXB) to Kolkata (CCU).

Chalsa 3D map in Google Service

Look into the link below and download to get more out of the Chalsa map. 


Click the link below to download the map that will help travellers understand the route map better. The map is available online provided by Google map service. The community development block in Chalsa offers multiple places for tourist stays. 

Weather Forecast Chalsa ( West Bengal, Jalpaiguri, India ) 10 days

For the next 10 days of the weather forecast in Chalsa, you need to look into the weather details of the forecast. The temperature ranges from 15’ C to 21’ C and sometimes it goes down to 11’ C. 


Besides this, the weather at times goes down to 10’ C in the winter when it is too cold. There is easy chilling wind in the direction of the Northwest. The highest humidity remains in these places at 72% whereas the lowest humidity is 42%. The pressure varies between 762 and 760 in these places. 


Chalsa Photos

If you want to view the Chalsa Photos, you need to click on the link and download them properly. 

Download Here

chalsa west bengal
Plan a trip to Chalsa in West Bengal this summer. 


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