Club Vistara Login: Know How To Get One

Club Vistara Login: Know How To Get One 


club vistara login


Learn about Club Vistara & its membership

Club Vistara is the most unique and fastest rewarding flyer flight in the Indian skies. You will need to earn CV Points in order to get redemption to get fairer and faster earnings. 


The Vistara process of easy redemption offers the ease to upgrade awards with tier benefits. Travellers can also use the credit card facility to do the check-in login process for accrual points. 


How Can I Avail The Club Vistara Membership? 

The club Vistara membership card can be availed from the company by applying for the mentioned credit cards. Alternatively, there are customers who can become members by visiting the air Vistara official website. 

Customers can become a member by requesting the same by filling up the registration form at the airport or the in-flight details. There are a few exciting details that passengers may avail along with the lowest airfare and tour packages. 


What is the USP of the Club Vistara program?

The USP of the Club Vistara program lies in its CV Points at every step. With the bonus CV points at every step, the card with redemption of award flights starts at 2000 CV points or else you can check-in with the 500 CV points. 

What is The Use of Club Vistara membership?

With the help of Club Vistara membership passengers can earn Tier points as per Rs 100 while booking as an added privilege. You can access the same points for the flight with Vistara and for any partner and earn credit for CV accounts. Club Vistara has a huge rate of benefit for us. 


How can I become a member of Club Vistara?

Any member who can become a member of Club Vistara can simply look for registering themselves to redeem the benefit of the board of the flights. If there is any kind of problem with the booking or change of seat, you can write to from your account. 


What is the age for enrolling with Club Vistara?

Suppose you are an individual who is above the age of 12 years and can become a member of Club Vistara. The cost of the joining fee of the ticket ensures a sum of Rs. 1499/- along with the fare. You can obtain a Club Vistara membership by reaching out to Vistara's customer service. 


Can my family/company become a member of the CV Program?

Yes, my family or company can also become a member of the CV Program. The memberships are highly intended for the individuals that cannot be shared by the group of the company as well as the individuals. The experience of such a type of program may seem great to join India’s fastest rewarding frequent flyer program. No, CV membership is the only available program for all individuals. 


I have forgotten my CV ID. Can I enroll again from your website?

If you are looking for information, you can look up the same on the website. Follow these simple steps to enroll again on the website through such enhancements. 


  • Enter the registered email with the 9-digit ID of Club Vistara.
  • Click on the Proceed button. 
  • Verify the email address.
  • Create a new password.


With these steps, you can enjoy a new password through the backend system with one-time password. 


I have forgotten my CV login password. What can I do?

If you see you forget CV login password, you must first share the CV ID and then register the email address in order to receive the temporary program password in the email. For this you will need to fill the fields that are in need to request a club Vistara membership. 


Are you still not a club vistara member yet? You can get to join the club for the world of rewards. 


There are host of benefits-

  • Earn club points of the vistara and then receive personalized offers.
  • Redeem points of CV for flights and upgrades.
  • Enjoy the lounge access, priority services and more. 


What is the procedure to enroll a minor in Club Vistara?

Any individual who is counted above the age of 2 years below the age of 18 years on the date of enrolment from the airport. You can enroll as a child/ minor from the legal/parent guardian of the Club Vistara account by clicking on the Enrol Child/Minor link. This procedure will start from the top right menu and then submit the details in the enrollment form number. There are rules for the baggage and stay rules that can+not offer exclusive offers along with promotions. read more ...


How can one download the Club Vistara membership card?

The allowance of the Club Vistara membership card can be downloaded from the website of or the mobile app through the lodging into the CV account. You can earn CV points with every trick of a swipe of the Club Vistara. With the help of this, you can fly with Vistara and enjoy the benefits of base, gold, silver, platinum tier. Along with this, you move to higher tiers and then enjoy exclusive benefits along with special offers. 


Will a new CV membership number be generated when I enroll a child?

A new CV ID membership can be generated if you are a child/minor with successful enrollment. You will need to update the details of the child and then fill up the right details that can make the CV membership successful. 


How is a value-based frequent flyer program different from that a miles-based?

The points earned from the frequent flyer program may be based on a few things like the fare, distance flown and the airline or the partner and the amount paid. There are many other ways for differentiating the program that makes it different from that of the miles-based program. It gives a good sense for collecting the miles from other programs and deriving the best values from them and flying with vistara. 


I would like to make changes to my name and date of birth in my account. How can I do that?

Yes, you can change the name, and date of birth in the Club vistara account. Besides this, you can also update the account information along with mobile verification and other enrolment like tiers and privileges. 


There are CV points along with which there are Earning points too which can be updated. Thus you can check the real-time departure and arrival of the flights. Update the seat and meal preferences in the account through the online process. 


What Are the Benefits of Club Vistara Membership? 

Vistara Airlines offer a loyalty programme known as the Club Vistara to individuals that are available often to customers who fly with the world. This faster rewards users with the tier and extra privileges Vistar tier in this world of prior availability.  


Access to the lounges: Having access to the Vistara lounge can easily avoid the airport’s congestion and then relax until you apply for the boarding pass voucher for the flight. CV Gold and members of the Platinum can visit the Delhi-T3 lounge and other partner lounges irrespective of the cabin class on the departure date. 


Waitlist priority: For the clearance waitlist, the CV members will offer priority based on the availability of the seats and also the case of tier level. Suppose there are two people on the same level who reserve the tickets on the first priority. You can board the flight once you check in with complete priority details. 


Fly early for free: Suppose CV members arrive early at the airport. They can board an early flight by paying the extra charges. Please note that the facility you require to be done must be within four to five hours of the booked flights that were subjected to the seat availability registration. 


Guaranteed Reservation: For the CV Gold member should request within 48 hours and those with CV Platinum must also submit within 24 Hours of the departure time. The benefit to adding for eligible members unable to acquire a seat that is a must in Business Class and Premium Economy. 


Reschedule Flights: This is a facility which is available for economy lite fare tickets. CV Platinum members can change their reservations apart from incurring any kind of additional fees. The economy lite fare tickets are also included in this case. 


Cards that Offer Club Vistara Membership

  • Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Credit Card.
  • SBI Card Elite.
  • SBI Card Prime.
  • Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card. 
  • Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card.


Contact Vistara customer service at +91 9289228888 in case you forget any details. In order to get a Club Vistara membership reach out to Vistara’s customer service. 

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