Cnf Full Form In Railway

Things To Consider About Cnf Full Form In Railway

cnf full form in railway

All About CNF Full Form In Railway & Other Records 

The CNF full form in railway stands for confirmed ticket status for a particular journey. The status of the train tickets may not be confirmed. The coach and berth number will never be available if the CNF is not confirmed. This is seen in the chart preparation. Only if the seats are confirmed, the PNR status of the train ticket shows CNF is confirmed. 

Can A Passenger Get a Refund For a CNF ticket?

Yes, a refund is granted for a CNF ticket. In addition to this, TDR filling is needed. CNF tickets can be received in premium special trains, which is prohibited. If the train gets canceled, then in those cases, the refunds are granted through the PRS system. To know the same, you must know about the CNF full form in railway. 

Passengers can board the specific train with the confirmed tickets. It also takes into account the RAC/WL status of the tickets. You will receive an SMS/ email at your registered phone number or email address with the intimation of the current status. 

What is meant by no. 1 CNF full form in railway?

CNF in IRCTC helps passengers understand the ticket status on any train. CNF in railways is the short form for any confirmed tickets. About the IRCTC PNR status, you can have a confirmed ticket on the train even if you have CNF 1 on the present train. CNF 1 stands for the first present. CNF full form in railway is considered a short form of Confirmation. Passengers got various reservation statuses for the train ticket on the reservation. 

When is the CNF status being allotted for Train Ticket?

Regarding allotting a few seats, IRCTC never allocates the berth in a train. Besides this, the current status as CNF stands for berths/seats allocated only to chart preparation. This happens when IRCTC cannot determine the algorithm or program to find the right choice for seniors' and ladies' berth allocation. So, you must know the CNF's full form in railway. 

Why is it important to know about the CNF full form in railway? 

While preparation of the chart in IRCTC is required, it is important to have CNF changes with an exact number of berths. However, they can fill all the berths, which are checkout the information regarding the time details and chart preparation if the train ticket is on the waiting list. Before boarding the train, you must ensure the tickets are confirmed with the CNF status. 

Some Useful Full forms apart from CNF full form in railway

  • RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation.
  • W/L: Waiting List.
  • RLWL: Remote Location Waiting List.
  • PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List.
  • RSWL: Road Side Waiting List. 


The seats of the Indian passengers are divided into quotas. The maximum number of seats is allotted with the general quota, especially when reservations are booked before 3 to 4 months. It is important to note the CNF full form in railway and the other short forms used in daily life.  

Final Words 

When it comes to knowing the CNF full form in railway, you must know all other things related to the CNF. Hence the next time you want to travel by train, you must be aware of the short forms and how they work. 

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