Galudih: A Hilltop City Guide In Jharkhand

Galudih: A Hilltop City Guide In Jharkhand


Galudih: An Ideal Hilltop To Rejuvenate Senses 

Located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau, Galudih is one of the places in the district of Purbi Singhbhum, Jharkhand. This comes under the Lok Sabha constituency. It is the weather of the village that brings in a pool of tourists from all sections of society. It is a small hilltop town in the East Singhbhum district. 

Chota Nagpur plateau stretches from the lower land to that of the higher land of the plateau. Travelers come to this place with the hope to enjoy a pure healthy ambience with lush greenery all over. It seemed like Mother Nature had blessed Galudih with everything. 

The local River Subarnarekha passes along the city. Even renowned poets like Rabindranath Tagore, and Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyopadhyay have also referred to this river in many of their stories and different poems. Moreover, the Satgurum River flows just outside Galudih City. 

Where is the location of Galudih? 

Galudih is a state in Jharkhand. It is a part of the East Singhbhum district. If you are planning a long-awaited trip to Galudih, it is time to visit now or during the winter. It is best to avoid visiting the village during the summer months. The place is near Kharagpur also. 

Although very small, the place is truly beautiful. The place has attractions for all ages just because of its geographical location. The station of Galudih is just next to Ghatshila station. It is about 43 KM away from the Jamshedpur station. 

Tourists have said that they can spot elephants and deer while on their way to Jamshedpur. It is believed that these animals come down from the mountains and the jungle path to drink water from the pools in the villages. 

A General Enquiry Information About Galudih

  • STD Code in Galudih: 06585.
  • State: Jharkhand.
  • ISD Code: 00916585.
  • Best season to visit: is November to April during the winter.
  • Targeted Railway Station: Ghatshila Railway Station.
  • Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi.
  • Major languages: Santhali, Hindi, Bengali, English.

What is the importance of the Satgurum River?

The river is encircled by the seven streams that separate the hills seven times. Hence it is named so. The water provides water to the lands and the villagers surrounding it as the main source of water. This place is between two mountains with winding rivulets. 

What are the most important hills around Galudih?

The most important hills that surround Galudih are Nekra Dungri, Phuldungri, and Rukmini Hill. There are many other mountains that gush down the waterfalls from the top of the Dharagi ranges in Galudih.  

What are the hotels in Galudih? 

There are many hotels in Galudih, but the following are the hotels with preferences. Presently Galudiha is now a beautiful tourist destination for nature lovers. This place is a perfect destination to escape from the busy life of the cities and catch up with the serene atmosphere of the places. 


  • Mahulia, Galudih, Railway Station, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand.
  • Call: 06585-262855.
  • Rajanigandha Guest House Haatchali Road, Mahulia Jharkhand- 832304.
  • Call: +91- 9831047709/ 9874742679.
  • Raath Villah, Fuldungiri, near Burudih Dam Jharkhand.
  • Call: 9934615108.
  • Kedi palace Galudih, East Singhbhum.
  • Call: 9830674320.
  • Hotel Subarnarekha River, Jharkhand.
  • Call: +91- 6585226603.
  • Government Rest House, East Singhbhum
  • Email:


Please Note: For booking details, you may contact 09570200268/ 09199868541/www.galudih


The minimum rent for the hotel rooms is Rs. 900/- + tax. There are also some rooms that are put up for rent for Rs. 700/- including facilities. However, rooms in Galudih are much better than those in Rajanigandha. 

What Are The Places To Visit Nearby For Galudih Attraction?

The prime attractions of the places include the dam, the rocky hills, landscapes, rivers, streams, and other sightseeing places. Here’s a list of the top must-see places in Galudih. 


  • Phuldungri Hillocks.
  • Narwa Forest.
  • Dharagiri falls.
  • Dalma Hills. 
  • Rankini Temple.
  • Rukmini Devi Mandir. 
  • Ram Krishna Math.
  • Bhibuti Bhusan Bandyopadhyay’s Cottage. 
  • Galudih Dam.
  • Chinnamasta Temple.
  • Raat Mohona River.
  • Ramakrishna Math Ghatshila.
  • Burundi Dam.
  • Dharagiri Falls.  
  • Shalpial Forest.
  • Ghatshila.
  • Panch Pandav Mountain.
  • Narwa Forest. 


The place of Galudih helps to find beautiful sunsets from these best tourist spots. Besides all these, there is high-speed wind, the heavy sound of water gliding over the bridges, and bird watching in those places. This blog post acts as a catalyst for every reader who is a travel lover from the heart. Here people will wish to explore the unexplored corners of India. 

What is Galudih famous for? 

Galudih is famous for the wonderful sunsets and sunrises that can be witnessed from this place. On the way to this spot, you will have to cross the Galudih barrage and reach the main place in Galudih. This place is regarded as one of the best weekend spots for Bengalees weekend destinations. This place can rejuvenate senses and thus has become densely populated with the most eternal attraction. 


The government has made attractive arrangements near the top sights of Galudih like guesthouses, rest houses, and tourist lodges so that travelers will not have to travel a longer distance to catch up with the best sights from time to time. It will take almost 2-3 days to have a complete view of all the places. In addition to this, the cool breeze of the rocky hills is really soothing and refreshing. 

What are the things to do in Galudih?

Galudih is a wonderful place to enjoy some of the top things in Galudih. Thus traveling to the nearest spots and taking a walk along the Galudih offers the best things to do here. You can easily take a rest in the serene atmosphere of Galudih. Moreover, the Shalpial forest and landscape surrounding River Subarnarekha. The ambience of the place is like medicine for people who are suffering from indigestion and depression. 

Which is the most famous food in Galudih?

Galudih is no exception in food and cuisines just like all other places. Litti Chokha, Thekua, sattu, chickpea crops, potato-infused gram curry, wheat, jaggery, and bread made of jaggery and flour are the top cuisines here. 


Suppose you are planning to purchase souvenirs from your trip to Galudih, make sure you do not miss out on stopping at the street shops and Santhali handiworks, jewellery items and baskets. 

When is the best time to visit Galudih? 

Autumn is a lovely time to visit Galudih. It is due to the cool breeze that may make you shiver during the nights even in the months of summer. Here strong chilly winds play a major role in Galudih, the winters also play a nice time to visit. The best season is from July to March but travellers visit the place all throughout the year. 

In addition to this, the visit to the waterfalls will be in the winter months as the weather is calm and pleasing. The lakes are covered with fog and you can see a good collection of migratory birds along the banks of the lakes and rivers. Fishes also breed when the weather is calm and serene. 

Check Google Maps to Find Galudih in Jharkhand. 

Click here for details.


How To Reach Galudih?

Galudih can be traveled by rail and by road. It is well connected to the foremost metropolitan cities in India. Trains that allow tourists to reach Galudih are- Ispat Express, Kurla, Howrah Express, and Steel Express. 


If you plan to reach the place by road then it is best to take a well-connected road like Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar and Ranchi. A number of buses ply on the NH6 that leads to  Galudih that can be boarded from Kolkata and Jamshedpur. 

What Are The Tips To Visit Galudih In Jharkhand? 

  1. The localities in Galudih are very kind, courteous and helpful. They are known to support many tourists to their place. Moreover, they are just perfect to extend interactions with them at any point of need. 


  1. It is advised not to litter in the water bodies and not to harm marine life. If you are visiting a museum it is best not to etch any marks into the museums and monuments you visit. 


  1. Suppose you hire a local guide to make sure you buy them a meal when you eat too. These guides happen to be very needy and thus they have taken up this profession due to the need for money. 


  1. Navigation is difficult in some places due to the lack of proper roads and thus it is best to travel by hiring a cab. 

A Detailed Study On The Places Of Visit In Galudih In Jharkhand 

Galudih is situated in the state of Jharkhand. This exhibits the mesmerizing beauty of the places along with the attractive places of tourist attractions. These places can be visited by tourists and local people alike. 


Bibhuti Bhusan Library:

This library was introduced in the year 1950. It was established in the honor of the great Bengali Writer Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. He used to visit galudih from Kolkata at the weekends. And, it was during this time that he grew feelings for this place. If you are a fan of Bengali literary works, then this place is just for you. 


Burudih Lake:

Burudih Lake is another place to visit in galudih.  It existed since British rule in India.  The number of speed and paddle boats took the tourists on a voyage in the lake.  On the bank of the lake, Binda mela is set up. On the bank of the lake, Binda mela is celebrated every year in the month of October. Here is the famous stone which was known as the Panch Pandava.  


Phuldungri Hillock:

Phuldungiri is a beautiful hillock located in galudih. The spiral pathway takes the travelers atop the hills. Abundant Sal trees cover the hill with lush greenery in them. The area is adorned with red pebbles and with the right kind of spiral pathways.  This place is just too good for photography. 


Raatmohona Mandir:

Raatmohona is situated on the bank of the Subarnarekha River. The place offers mesmerizing views of sunsets and sunrise. The area has a good ambience and surroundings for tourists to enjoy a good time. Poets also included the description of these places in many literary works. This mandir belongs to the royal family living here many years ago.  


Dharagiri Waterfall:

Dharagiri Waterfall is located at a height of 20 feet from Dharagiri hill. The water descends from a good height. This place happens to be a great picnic spot for many tourists among the hilly forest terrain. Moreover the lush greenery all around creates a perfect place to enjoy. 



Rajbari is located in Galudih. There are prehistoric stones in these places. There are shrines where people gather together. Dashbhuja Temple, Tribeniswari and Kotal Langta Mandir. The royal family of Galudih built these shrines. There are ample options to stay near the rajbari where people can stay at a much more affordable cost. 


Ram Krishna Math:

Ram Krishna Math is a place which truly upholds the writings of Swami Vivekanada. Moreover, it will help in witnessing a Hindu monastery and then it is the opportunity to explore such a wonderful place at the same time. Here you can interact with many underprivileged kids who are kept under the care of Ramakrishna Math. This place will make you fond of spirituality if you believe in God-related things. 


Rankini Temple:

Rankini Shrine was built by raja Jagannath of the Dhulbhum dynasty. This mandir is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The place is quite popular and is suitable to perform the rites. It is situated at a distance of almost 12 to 14 Km from Ghatshila. Travelers can reach this place by cab or personal transport. Tourists visit this place and offer their prayers to Goddess Kali. It is believed that prayers are answered. 


Panch Pandav:

Panch Pandav is located towards the northwest of the city. On the top of the hill, there is an ancient stone popular for depicting 5 men who are famously believed to be the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. The view from the top of the hill is scenic. There is a railway track in the distance where you can ply against the sunset that makes the frame look great. 



Ghatshila is in Jharkhand. It is a town on the Subarnarekha River, in the east Indian state of Jharkhand. The distance between Ghatshila from galudih is 4 Hr. 30 Mins. The weather in Ghatshila is around 26’ to 28’ degrees. Here are temples which are dedicated to the goddess Kali and are decorated along with brightly painted carvings of the Hindu God and Goddesses. Other neighboring areas in Ghatshila are- Kashida, Rajstate, Harindungri, Malancha, Amainagar, Nurgoan, and Bank Colony. 


Some Lines before we wrap up- 

Long walks along the waters of Galudih in the pleasant weather are rightfully pleasing. The forests of the region also house animals like elephants and species. It is a highly refreshing experience. A number of mountain rivers calm from the Dharagi mountain ranges. Autumn is the best time to visit Galudih. 


Final Words

Galudih is a populated town in Jharkhand. The hilly town is located in the district of east Singhbhum. This place serves the Chota Nagpur plateau and also the place surrounding it. Galudih is also considered to be a great tourist place although small but very popular. Tourists believe the place exhibits a great healing effect for those who are a victim of indigestion. Plan a weekend tour of this place and spend a gala time with your loved ones. Book your tickets and get your trip started with excitement. 


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