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All You Should Know About GoAir Web Check in 

goair web checkin

GoAir is an Indian airline which is headquartered in Maharashtra, Mumbai. GoAir was previously known by the name of Gofirst. The process of goair web checkin or go first web check in can be assisted by the experts on customer care number 18002100999 if you are unable to do so. 

What do you mean by Web check-in?

Web check-in is an online process where passengers usually check in to know more about their flights. The facility of web check in offers you to print your boarding status to skip the queue at the airport. However, it also allows you to choose as well as skip the preferred seat on the flight for paying an additional fee. 


GoAir serves over 32 destinations. Out of which 28 destinations are national and 4 are international airports. There are 11 Airbus A320-200 whereas there are 46 Airbus A32Oneo as of October 2020. The process of goair web checkin is easy and needs a special mention. 

Where to contact for any enquiries on Go first web check in?

For any related enquiries on GoFirst web check in details, you will need to contact the GoAir customer care number at 1800210 0999/+91 22 6896 8300. You can also send a text SMS to 57333. 


Will you have to do the Web-check twice for GoAir Flights?

Web check in at the GoAir flights does not require to be done twice. Those travelers who have done web check in for the GoAir boarding pass at the airport premises the ticket counter will not have to repeat it at the ticket counter. In addition to this, GoAir tickets can be booked directly from the comfort of their seats, office and home. 

How to check the GoAir PNR status of the flights? 

GoAir Flights offers a seamless traveling experience with hassle-free air travel experience. GoFirst has been constantly lauded for its consistent punctuality for timely performance. Checking the go first web check in status is easy now with OTP. All you need to do is to choose your preferred seat for the destined flights and then pay off the additional fee. You can also SMS G8 Flight Number for more detailed updates. 

When Can One Use The GoAir web check-in status? 

The GoAir web check in can is done within 1.5 to 2 hours before you plan your departure.  This is available free of cost. All you need to do is to enter the details which are the PNR number or the ticket number along with the last name and the email address. You will not have to forget to print the e-boarding pass with you.  In order to use the GoAir web check-in procedure, follow the process we shared with you. 


What is not allowed in the GoAir flights during air travel?

Just for the safety concern, items like food items, newspapers, and magazines are not allowed in GoAir flights. These will be restricted on the prior process of goair web check in. 


What do you need to input for a web check-in procedure to complete?

Web check in procedure information that is needed to complete the web check-in are as follows: PNR number on the ticket and the last name or email address of the passenger. 


What is special about Go First flight booking?

Goair or go First flight tickets for various destinations if you process the rest of the booking through the PayTM app. Here you will be able to avail attractive benefits along with the lowest rate of airfares. Read more GoAir GST invoice.


How to web check-in for domestic GoAir Flights?

GoAir Flights for domestic travel are easy to process. You will just need to visit the website and then click on the web check-in tab. The next step is to enter the PNR number available on the ticket. You can also input the email address and then begin the process of web check in. There are 141+ domestic flights operating per day across 23 cities. Out of which cities like Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Chennai are operating every day. 

Read more GoAir Customer Care No.

What to do for web check in for international flights? 

The international flights and their web check-in process for domestic flights is easy to do. All you need is to take the printout of the confirmation of the ticket in exchange for the boarding pass at the airport. 


Is the go first web check-in process meant for everyone? 

Yes, everyone with a confirmed ticket can go for a web check in process. With the help of the PNR status and the last name or the email address, anyone can go for web check in on the GoAir. It is crowned as Mumbai’s low-cost carrier. 


How many hours before the departure can the GoAir web check in be done? 

GoFirst or GoAir flights offer web check in of 1.5 to 2 hours on the day of departure of the flights. It is unlike the system that the other flights follow to do within 48 and 72 hours. This is the same for international GoAir flights. Passengers will have to report 90 minutes before the departure. 


What is the number of passengers that are allowed to check in at once?

At once, the GoAir flights allow check-in of 9 passengers to web check in at once. After an interval of a few minutes, again passengers in the queue can do the same procedure for web check in. 


How can a passenger go first web check to get his boarding pass? 

Once the GoAir web check in is done, you can either take the printout of the boarding pass or else also keep a copy of the ticket saved in your mobile. But it is suggested to keep the printed copy along with the passenger. Along with it you need to carry the slip of confirmation for international flights which they can be issued with a boarding pass in lieu of it. Read more GoAir boarding pass...


Is it that the goair web check-in is done with luggage? 

Yes, you can do the GoAir web check-in with luggage. Once it is completed the web check-in procedure, you can hop onto the flight with the hand baggage once the screening is done. Passengers will need to drop it at the dedicated counter of the drop of the web check-in passengers for almost 60 minutes. If you are a first-time flyer then you can book the Go Air flights beforehand. 

How does the Go Air web check in?

• Visit the website of Go Air.

• Click the ' Manage Booking’ section and then do the web check-in process.

• Enter the PNR number, email address and the last name mentioned while booking the ticket.

• Click on the Check-in option.

• Choose the seat you prefer and choose the meal of your choice.

You might have to pay for extra legroom seats and for the meal.

• Confirm Once done and Click on OK. 


Can A Passenger cancel web check-in?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the web check-in. All you need to do is to call on the GoAir call centre and then visit the airport ticketing office for further proceedings. 

For further details contact: 1800 2100 999/ 91226896 8300. 

Email: nodalofficer@goair.in

SMS: 57333.





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