Trip To Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan

Trip To Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan


gopeshwar mahadev temple vrindavan

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple In Vrindavan Speaks of A Mesmerizing History 

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan is a significant shrine that is situated in Vrindavan. The temple is highly dedicated to Lord Shiva. The town is also associated with Lord Shri Krishna. There are no entry fees required for the mandir. Everyone is allowed inside the temple without any charges. 


The temple of Gopeshwar was established during the 9th and 11th centuries. This was due to the influence of affluent Katyuri kings. In this temple, devotees worship the feminine form of Lord Shiva. 

Why is Gopeshwar Village so popular?

Gopeshwar is a serene town surrounded and nestled between majestic hills and mountains. There is an ancient temple which is known for Lord Shiva. The district headquarters of this place is Chamoli. In this temple, it is also the symbol of divine powers merged into one. 


People visit this dham on the way to Vrindavan. While on their travels, tourists can also shop for handmade pickles, jams, crafts,s, and multiple decorative things, as well as handloom products. The Mandir is decorated yearly during Mahashivratri so that devotees can gather and pray to their deity wholeheartedly. 

What is the history behind Gopeshwar Mahadev Dham?

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan has a rich history behind its establishment. According to this, Lord Shiva is closely linked with Shri Krishna. According to an old legend, it is said that Lord Shiva once desired to watch the popular raslila dance of Lord Krishna and the Gopis after listening to his flute and his music. 


And, since he was a male he wasn’t allowed to enter the place where the raslila was taking place. Thus he went in as a female after dressing up like a woman. The shiva lingam is adorned in women's clothing. Therefore he changed his form for a reason and went in as a female. 


Lord Shiva is known as the ardent devotee of Shri Vishnu, so he is the foremost Vaishnav. Thus, his wife, Lord Shiva, and Mother Parvati disguised as Gopis to fulfill their desire to watch Shri Radha and Shri Krishna perform Rashleela in the Nidhivan. 

Why did Sri Krishna call Lord Shiva Gopeshwar? 

Lord Shiva took a dip in the holy river of Yamuna. After emerging, he transformed into one of the beautiful damsels allowed into Raas Mahal. But as luck would have it, Sri Krishna recognized the disguised female and named her Gopeshwar.


After this incident, this abode of the Lord became known as a place of attraction for multiple travelers here. Lord Krishna recognized Lord Shiva out of the gopis and identified him as Maharaj Gopeshwar. This ancient Gopinath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is thus visited by thousands of pilgrims all year round. 

When is the best time to visit Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple?

The best time to visit Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple is during the months of April, May, and June. Moreover, if you love the crisp cold and snowfall, you can visit winter from October to March. The weather in this place is the main reason behind attracting tourists as it goes down to almost 19’ C. 

Who built The Gopeshwar Temple In Vrindavan?

Gopeshwar Temple was built around the 9th and 11th centuries by the kings of the Katyuri clan. The temple has awesome and elegant architecture. It is in Vrindavan and is the home to multiple species of birds, and animals. 


This mandir is considered a small but significant sanctuary of Lord Shiva. It is the beginning point of those who think of conducting a pilgrimage in Vrindavan for any good purpose or secret wish. No one is allowed to harm any animals that roam about the mandir. They are all fed and allowed to stray about freely with the grace of Pashupati Mahadev. 


Which is the main temple of Vrindavan?

The main temple of Vrindavan is Shri Rangji Mandir. It was built in the Dravidian style. This temple was built in the year 1851. The attraction to this place is due to multiple groups of tourists. For more details, you will need to go through Google Photos and Google Maps to clarify things. The temple of Mahadev is wonderfully crafted. Those who prefer traveling and exploring new places should visit the temple immediately. 

What are the vital features of Gopeshwar Mahadev Mandir?

The temple beautifully forwards the unity of nature's masculine and feminine powers. In this mandir, Shiva Linga is the symbol of male power. But Shivling is dressed up as a Gopi. He is dressed up in special ornaments and shringar for varied ceremonies. Raashleela begins during the evening. 


The darshan timings of this mandir are 6 AM to 10 AM. The masculine form of Shiva is dressed up like a female Gopi. The Shiva Linga is worshiped, whereas the female Goddess is worshiped after being decorated wonderfully. Again the next worship of the day starts from 5 PM till 9 PM in the evening. 

What is The Connectivity At Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple?

Via Train: Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple has connectivity via train, road, and air. The nearest railway station is Mathura Railway Station, from where the temple is just 19.2 KM from the railway station. 


Via Road: The mandir of the Shivalinga is highly accessible through the NH2. NH2 is also called Mathura-Vrindavan Marg. The mandir is at a distance of 21.3 KMs through NH2. Gopeshwar is connected by the motorable roads connecting major destinations from Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Srinagar and Joshimath. Motorable roads connect Gopeshwar with other stations. The other destinations are Gopeshwar. Taxis and buses are running continuously to these places.


Via Air: The nearest airport is Agra Airport. Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan is about a distance of just 75.3 KM, about 2.3 hours drive. Constant flights fly from major destinations to this place, making the journey all the easier than any other mode of transport. The nearest airport to Gopeshwar is Jolly Grant Airport. It is at a distance of almost about 226 KM. Motorable roads connect daily flights with Jolly Grant Airport. 


Gopeshwar is connected by motorable roads connecting major destinations from Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Srinagar, and Joshimath. Motorable roads connect Gopeshwar with other stations. The other destinations are Gopeshwar. Taxis and buses are running continuously to these places. 

What Is The Gopeshwar Mahadev Mandir Darshan Timings?


Summer Season

Morning Darshan Timings: 5 AM till 12 PM noon.

Evening Seva Timings: 7:30 PM.


Early morning aarti: 7:30 AM.

Evening Arti: 4:30 PM.


Closing Arti: 7:30 PM. 


Winter Season

Morning Darshan Timings: 5:30 AM till 12 PM noon.

Evening Seva Timings: 6:30 PM.


Early morning aarti: 6:30 AM.

Evening Arti: 4 PM.


Closing Arti: 6:30 PM. 


Please Note: During the special days like the biweekly ekadasi fasting days, devotees gather here to worship Lord Shiva. It is a huge crowd of pilgrims and the devotees converge on the mandir. There is no room to walk on the nearby streets because of the crowded mob. 

Places Of Attractions Nearby Gopeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Saggar Village: It is popular for trekking purposes and covers a complete distance of 22 KM to Rudranath. Here travelers will also find a small village dedicated to Raja Saggar the Saggar Village. 


Chandika devi Temple: This mandir is also popularly known as Maa Mahishasur Mardini temple. This shrine is said to have been formed as per the mythology. The temple is also counted among the top Siddha piths in Uttarakhand.  


Gopinath Mandir: Gopinath Mandir is a much-revered shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built between the 9th and 11th centuries. Gopinath temple is the home to Rudranath. The Trident is a nationally-protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. 


Chopta: It is also known as mini Switzerland. It offers scenic beauty, all with lush greenery and top valleys. The area is popular for trekking and is surrounded by the revered temples of Shiv mandir. This place is the epicenter of the Panch Kedar, or the five most sacred temples of Lord Shiva. 


Chamoli: This is another destination in Uttarakhand. It is known as the shopper’s delight. Chamoli is known to be an abode of God. It is located in the Central Himalayan region, surrounded by the pristine greens that are undulating valleys. The best month to visit Chamoli is between November and the middle of March when the weather is pleasant. 


Pipalkoti: The small and picturesque town around 30 KM from Chamoli, Pipalkoti, serves as a stopover for travelers. There are wonderful emerald-green valleys surrounded by high Himalayan peaks and terraced fields. 


Nidhivan Vrindavan: Nidhivan Vrindavan is at a distance of 4.5 KM from Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple. The garden closes down at 8 PM. It is called the Forest of Tulsi and is one of the most sacred places in Vrindavan. People who visit Vrindavan never miss out on glancing at this forest. It was the favorite place of Radhakrishna for their Raashleela. 


VrindaKunja: Vrinda Kunja is located right behind the corner of Bhut Galli street. Here you will find an ashram to stay. This is called the Vrindakunj. There is much social work, like the environment and other educational services. You are most welcome if anyone wants to join VrindaKunja Volunteering at the ashram. It is popular for being a part of social service. 

Other Things/Places To Visit In Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan

  • Nature Walk.
  • Trekking. 
  • Shopping For Crafts.
  • Orchid Center.
  • Chamolanath Temple.
  • Village Tourism. 
  • Mandir Darshan. 

Budget Hotels Near Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan 

Ganpati Palace: This hotel is at a distance of 10.5 KM from the mandir. The charges are Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 1850/- per person for a single night. The hotel is fully equipped with modern facilities, a 24X7 water facility, and the staff is very friendly. The price of the hotel rooms starts from Rs. 840/- onwards. 


Hotel Gaurav: The distance of hotel is at a distance of 11.5 KM away from the temple. The charges at the hotel are fairly low and start from Rs. 765/- per room and for a single night. The staff at the hotel is cooperative and also highly impressive. They are always ready to offer you the best service on time. 


Heera Celebration: This is another budget-friendly hotel near Gopeshwar Mahadev Mandir. It is situated at a distance of 11.2 KM away from the temple. The charges of the hotel rooms start from Rs. 1250/-. They are highly affordable and clean, and the staff is one of the most cooperative people who help tourists with every small task they ask for. 


Suppose you are planning for a Gopeshwar Dham tour and sightseeing in Vrindavan; you must not step behind while booking a private car for a long journey. The booking price starts from Rs. 2200/- onwards. The ancient Gopeshwar mandir is located in the ancient part of the city. 

Final Words

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple Vrindavan is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Gopeshwar, Chamoli. This mandir is at the beginning of Goda Vihar, Vrindavan, in UP. There is a village named Gopeshwar village. The temple is situated in architectural proficiency, and on the top, there is a magnificent dome at 30 sq feet, which is 2.8 square meters. 


Thus if you are planning to visit Vrindavan, this should be the first place you must visit to pray. Book your tickets today. 


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