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Lataguri: A Hill Station Amidst The Quaint Region of North Bengal 

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Are you planning a trip to Lataguri? This is a travel guide that will help you to design the most memorable holiday. The current temperature of the place is 16' C and 60.8' F. Situated on NH 31 and close to the Gorumara National Park in the district of Jalpaiguri in North Bengal, Lataguri is a small yet major town amidst the silent hills.  

Lataguri is a census town in the Mal CD Block in the Malbazar subdivision. It is the subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district. It is an Indian state of West Bengal. The homestays in Lataguri are available within an affordable budget. It is popular for its lush green ambiance and tasty cuisine all over. 

The total area of Lataguri's forested area is covered with the natural habitat of countless wild animals, which makes it popular. If you want, you can find the best Lataguri packages from the top travel agents with some free quotes, which will help you find the right package. Moreover, travelers can ask for customized travel packages for them also. 

Which is the best time & weather to visit Lataguri? 

The best time and weather to visit Lataguri are the summer seasons, monsoon months, and winter months. The temperatures rise steadily as the months progress. April, May, and June are the hottest months of the season. Mornings are always clear, whereas evenings are light chill that starts the setting along with some wildlife safaris. 

Lataguri has a long relaxing monsoon period with terrible heat. The season's monsoon months are with heavy downpours between August and September. The main attractions of Lataguri are Chapmari and Gorumara. The weather continues to remain uncomfortable with the huge amount of humidity. 

Followed by the heavy monsoon season, the weather of Lataguri keeps changing. The skies and clouds disappear and clear out. In addition, Durga Puja is one of the famous festivals celebrated with pomp and show. And the homestays in Lataguri are a perfect place to stay and enjoy throughout the year. 

  • Summer Months (March to June).
  • Monsoon Season (June to October).
  • Winter Months (November to February).

How to Reach Lataguri by Train?

There is no railway junction in Lataguri. It has to depend on the New Jalpaiguri Railway station for rail connectivity. NJP is a major railhead in North Bengal. It lies en route to the country's northeastern states and other places of the states and the nation. 

Guwahati Rajdhani Express, NJP Howrah Special, North East Express, Teesta Torsa Express, Amarnath Express, Dibrugarh Express, Darjeeling Mail are some of the trains that stop NJP. It is located 50 KM from Lataguri, the travelers from NJP can take cabs as well as buses to reach their destination. 

By Road: Lataguri is a prominent destination in the area as it is the starting point of Gorumara National Park. There are private and public buses operated by North Bengal State Transport. It provides a smooth mode of communication between Lataguri and Siliguri. The homestays in Lataguri are budget places with comfortable stays. 

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bagdogra Airport which is located at a distance of 45 KM. From Bagdogra, you can reach any far-flung areas in the north. People can take a cab and bus to get to Lataguri. Bagdogra provides air connectivity and a major airport in the northern part of the state. The airport is connected with the major ports in the country, like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, to and from Bagdogra. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station which is 50 KM away from Lataguri. Several express and superfast trains pass through the New Jalpaiguri Junction station. From the station, tourists can get a cab or bus to reach Lataguri with affordable train tickets. 

Important Information About Connectivity With Lataguri 

Lataguri is well connected with neighboring towns and cities like Alipurduar, Cooch Behar, Kolkata, Chalsa, and Malbazar. Tourists can also choose to drive down the beautiful journey through the various terrains of Bengal. The road network is good, and it does not pose any problem or danger to the local people or help carry out state tourism. 

In addition, the small town of Lataguri gets tourists from all corners of the world. Cars and jeeps are readily available for exploring the places. Travelers can even explore the city on foot as it is the perfect way to explore the areas intimately. 

Lataguri Homestays & Contact Numbers 

  • Arannya Nishidin Homestay: 9830057541
  • Upvan Homestay: 9775993508.
  • Banobithi Homestay: 6290415062.
  • Dooars Lataguri Homestay: 9932897035. 
  • Tea Garden Homestay Lataguri: 7031041597.
  • Abasar Homestay Lataguri: 9051886877/9830227739.
  • Dhruva Homestay: 9886191558.


What are the things to do in Lataguri in North Bengal? 

There are multiple things to do in Lataguri in North Bengal. Here is a list of the activities that play a major role when tourists visit Lataguri in North Bengal.  

Birding: Chapmari and Gorumara are the two popular places where wild animals and birds are some of the top reasons for travelers to visit Lataguri. The crowd at the homestays in Lataguri is overcrowded during the winter months. There are multiple colorful birds that are available in this part of the state. Some wonderful collections of the birds are the Indian Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Asian Barred Owlet, Dollarbird, and Brahminy Duck, some of the colorful birds in Chapmari. 

Jungle Safari: Regarding Jungle Safari, Gorumara and Chapmari need special interest. The jungle is home to multiple animals, which offers a grand opportunity to bird lovers and spot some rare and common birds. The winged beauties in Chapmari need special mention. Elephant safaris and jeep safaris are the two kinds that give this one of the top ventures into the areas where jeep safaris are more popular than any other safaris. 

Trekking: Trekking is a popular sport practiced by Lataguri tourists. The cave of the Jayanti Mahakal is a beautiful place with Sinchula hills on the backdrop and lush greenery on all sides. A popular trekking trail offers a fascinating journey and a thrilling experience. The trekking enthusiasts set out for trekking to enjoy the fauna, flora, and scenic beauty. The trekkers walk through the dense forests of the tiger reserve and offer a fascinating journey with a thrilling experience. Trekking enthusiasts love to be in Lataguri as they have to pay less and enjoy a worthy treat. 

Other nearby places of attraction in Lataguri 

Other tourist attractions are the trips to Murti Jaldhaka, Bindu, and Jabong. There are numerous scenic places to visit on a day's travel from Lataguri. Apart from the exciting forests, there are some other places, like the valley town of Jaldhaka and the neighboring villages of Bindu and Jalbong, as per raw natural beauty. 

Jaldhaka is known for its wonderful beauty. It is a beautiful village where tourists can visit and learn about the local culture and traditions. Murti is a destination that is a popular spot for travel lovers. And those who are local love to enjoy the forests on River Murti. 

What type of eating is popular in Lataguri, West Bengal?

Lataguri is a popular place in North Bengal that boasts decent accommodation and its food structure. There are multiple dining options and good restaurants that offer delicious meals and timely service. 

At the end of the thrilling safari or trekking trip, it is best to treat yourself to some delicious spreads at Aranya Jungle resort, Rose Valley Lataguri Forest Retreat, and Tripti Restaurant. Vegetarian and non-veg meals are available here to cater to all. 

Solitary moments in the wilderness can be highly therapeutic for travel lovers. The homestays in Lataguri are all known for the right kind of food, tasty cuisines, and the proper place in North Bengal. Lataguri is now a small town situated on the hilly terrains of the Dooars. 

What Are The Tourist Places To Visit In Lataguri? 

Lying in the close vicinity loaded with attractions and facilities of accommodation makes Lataguri one of the fine places to visit in a lifetime. It is ideal for enjoying a short vacation with your loved ones. Lataguri is rather loaded with huge attractions that will draw huge crowds of tourists. The homestays in Lataguri support tourism in this place to a huge extent. 

Now let us quickly look at the places to visit in and around Lataguri. 

  1. Gorumara National Park: Sprawled along the River Murti and Raidak, this National Park is located on the foothills of the stunning Great Himalayas. It is home to wild animals like Asiatic Lions, Single-Horned Rhinos, Great Indian Hornbill, Cobra, Python, Indian Wild Dogs, Wild Boars, Royal Bengal Tigers, Reptiles, Elephants, and many more. 
  2. Jaldhaka & Bindu: Jaldhaka & Bindu are the two twin destinations in North Bengal, which are counted among the pride in Lataguri. Jaldhaka River Valley originates in the valley of east Sikkim from Kupup Lake and flows partly through Bhutan and Bengal. Bindu is a small hamlet on the Indo-Bhutan border popularly known for the cardamom plantations. The place provides a tradition for the cultural heritage of the tribal people. 
  3. Jayanti Mahakali Caves: Situated on the banks of the River Jayanti, Jayanti Mahakali Caves is a popular trekking destination for adventure lovers. The cave forms a natural boundary with the gorgeous Sinchula hills that lie on the backdrop of this cave. Tourists gather here to enjoy such an ambiance's tranquility and peace. It is near Buxa Tiger Reserve, located at a distance of 16 KM trek from Jayanti Caves. 
  4. Chapmari Wildlife Sanctuary: Chapmari Wildlife Sanctuary is 20 KM from the Gorumara National Park. This place allows witnessing Mother Nature at her best. Travelers can see a gorgeous and spectacular view of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Here travelers can enjoy safaris to explore the wilderness and spot wild animals in the deep jungle. 
  5. Murti River: This river is the epitome of peace and tranquility. It surrounds an intoxicating atmosphere with a peaceful silence all over. The river pours downwards from the Kalimpong Hills. It is between Gorumara National Park and the Chapmari Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists enjoy watching colorful birds and their chirping all the more. In the forested area around, you will spot wonderful colorful butterflies still left to be researched. 
  6. Buxa Fort: This fort is located on Buxa Hill. It is believed to have existed since the Tibetan crisis. The fort originated during the 18th century and was converted into a stone structure by the British. Revolutionaries were imprisoned in this fort during British Rule in India. This place has been the primary contention between the Cooch Kings and the Kings of Bhutan. 

Pro Tip: If you find any issues getting customized packages and quotes for Lataguri tourism, contact the experienced travel agents for your trip. They will help you connect to some affordable homestay options so that you can save a good amount of money and yet have a safe and secure journey all over. Moreover, they will also give you equally designed customized packages within an easy budget. 


Frequently Asked Questions On Lataguri Tourism

Q1. Is Lataguri & Dooars The Same Place?

Ans1. Lataguri is just adjacent to Gorumara National Park. It is a small village that falls under the Dooars region in North Bengal. 

Q2. Why is Lataguri Popular For?

Ans2. Lataguri is popular for its lush greenery of Gorumara National Park. The forested area near Lataguri is now a natural habitat home to countless wild animals, migratory birds, and other popular reptiles.  

Q3. What is the location of Lataguri?

Ans3. Lataguri is situated just outside Gorumara National Park in the Malbazar subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district. Once you reach NJP, you can book a car ride to Lataguri, which takes around 2 to 2.6 hours. 

Q4. Is it safe for kids to enjoy a safari ride in Lataguri?

Ans4. Yes, it is safe for kids and adults to have a safari ride in Lataguri. It gives them immense enjoyment inside the jungle throughout the journey. 

Q5. How is the network connection in Lataguri?

Ans5. A network connection is good in Lataguri, but the government is trying to provide much stronger scopes of connection in the place. Better mobile networks that work at their best are Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone VI, which is stable irrespective of where you visit deep inside the jungle. 

Final Words 

Suppose you are planning a trip to Lataguri, one of the popular destinations that serve as the entry point for Gorumara and Chapmari; booking affordable and budget homestays in Lataguri will be a wise option. October till February is the best month to travel to Lataguri when the atmosphere is quite friendly.

However, not all seasons are equally easy to visit Lataguri. Thus, it is important that you understand the situation and then sees after having an ideal time out from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

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