All About The IRCTC Tatkal Autofill

All About The IRCTC Autofill 

irctc autofill

What is IRCTC Autofill?

The IRCTC fill-up process is an important procedure where you will have to fill in the application form. And, once you are done, you can click on the ‘Generate Autofill Bookmarklet' button. 


The pop-up window will be the next to open the generated button of the browser bookmark manager. The following autofill form makes it easier and faster for people to book train tickets on the right portal. There are kinds of tools, and forms that are known as Magic Autofill. 

What Are The Steps To Do The IRCTC Autofill Form?

Steps to Use the IRCTC autofill form are explained here- 


  • Fill up the required passenger details in the required form.
  • Click on the ‘Generate Autofill Bookmarklet' button.
  • The pop-up window will open the IRCTC Autofill form.
  • Drag and drop the button to the browser manager.
  • Press the SUBMIT button. 
  • Suppose the session expires, simply reload and log in once again. 
  • Click on OK to proceed. 


What Is An IRCTC Magic Autofill? 

IRCTC Tatkal Magic Autofill is one of the tools that offer web services to automate the Ticket booking system of IRCTC tools. The prime reason behind this is that they fill up the form with the best information. This process makes the ticket booking procedure go faster than ever. 


Several people prefer to use this process for booking tickets on an irctc tatkal autofill basis. Magic Autofill is known as IRCTC Assistant as they not only assist with the task of booking tickets at the Indian railway online. It makes it magically faster to accomplish the ticket booking system. 

What is the IRCTC Portal? 

IRCTC is the portal for train booking services for Indian Railways. Several people book tickets online and thus IRCTC experiences a huge range of traffic on their route. But, if you try out booking at the website at the midnight then you will definitely be able to find out the way to do the booking process accurately. 

Can IRCTC Magic Autofill Ease The Booking Process? 

Using the magic autofill tool makes the booking faster. This form is useful and passengers will have to use the Tatkal ticket booking process to autofill the form of tatkal tickets. And, before looking at how to use the form, you must keep the points in mind. 


  1. For trains that run on the day, the only available berth preference is seen on the window side. Thus, you must select only this option. 


  1. Coupe and Cabin are the two preferences of berth that are available only for the first A/C coach.


  1. Suppose you book a seat in the available coach, you wouldn’t be able to fill out the IRCTC ticket booking form.


  1. It is not necessary that one should specify the food preferences for most of the trains since the food is provided only on the few selected trains like the Shatabdi Express Train. 


IRCTC Magic Tool With the help of the Tatkal. The principle on which Magic IRCTC Autofill works is extremely simple. It is an auto magic fill that is used for booking the tatkal tickets without any software usage. The irctc tatkal autofill ticket software tool offers it effectively. 


What Are The Details Required For IRCTC Magic Autofill? 

Passengers will have to hit the CTRL+D key to bookmark the link once entering the details that they want to get auto-filled. You will have to revisit the IRCTC Autofill Website. All of you will be given the option to enter the details that want to be filled up during the time of ticket booking. 


The details apart from the basic information that needs to enter are on the Auto Magic Fill Website are as follows:


  • Berth preference.
  • Senior Citizen/Not.
  • Pre-food booking. 


Information Required: The complete information on automagic fill works with the procedure about the tatkal ticket now. If you are planning to book tatkal tickets from IRCTC official website, just choose the right option on the website to IRCTC Auto Magic Fill. 


Essential Data: You will have to fill up the adult preference details for faster booking. For this, you will need to type the name, age, sex, berth, and preference ID card type. Another detail which you will need to fill up is the child preference details including Name, Age, and Sex. 

What Makes Tatkal Ticket Booking So Vital? 

With the automatic fill website, you will have to fill up the upper, middle, lower, side upper, and side lower. Tatkal booking has become extremely difficult these days. According to the Indian Railways IRCTC, the Tatkal E-ticket is booked for selected trains one day in advance excluding the date of the journey. 


The booking can be done on the opening day at about 10 AM onwards. The originating station will be the number of customers trying to book a ticket. Suppose you manage to log in rather than being successful for a reservation that requires quick filling of the passenger detail form. 


IRCTC Autofill and magic autofill come in handy. You can make a test booking for a single purpose. Once you get there, you must fill in all your details page. Use the Autofill tool and use it again for super fast completion of booking to fill in all the details in just one click. In the winter and summer vacation, you can get the booking in just 1-2 minutes. 

Can the IRCTC Autofill tool handle the peak of the online rush?

The IRCTC autofill tool can definitely work well if the system is updated properly. They will handle the peak hours traffic as it matters for seconds in order to finalize the reservation. Passengers who use these systems of booking are more comfortable with confirmed reservations like an achievement for the advent of information technology. 


Final Words

Using the magic autofill, you can fill up the IRCTC form, you need to fill up the tatkal ticketing booking timing that starts from 10 AM abiding by the rules of the IRCTC autofill procedures. In order to book the tatkal quota the scheduled timing needs to be maintained. Once you fill-up the form, make sure you save it for future reference. 


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