Iskcon Temple Bangalore food

What Is So Special About Iskcon Temple Bangalore food?

Iskcon temple Bangalore food

Out of all the charities, the charities made for food are considered to be the most supreme according to Garga Samhita. Iskcon temple Bangalore food is offered in the form of free meals. The meal is prepared for everyone who comes to visit the mandir complex. 

Is food allowed in Iskcon Bangalore?

Yes, food is allowed in Iskcon Bangalore. And, it is known as Nitya Annadana. In this, people are served free sumptuous prasadam from 11:30 am in the morning till 2:00 pm. Especially those who live in Iskcon, tourists, aged people, helpless women, and kids wholeheartedly can participate in this Nitya Annadana program. 

What is the system of prasadam in Bangalore?

Nitya Prasadam has delicious sabzi, sambhar, rice, and sweet, buttermilk for lunch daily. The food is served at the Annadana Hall where there is a huge seating arrangement of 1000 people at a time in the hall. 

Is Iskcon prasad available free of cost?

Yes, prasad at Iskcon is available free of cost. Followers of Iskcon believe that by distributing free food, one becomes free from debts and achieves the transcendental abode of Shri Krishna. Iskcon temple Bangalore food program follows the same ideology. 


What was the no. of free meals since January 2015 in Iskcon Bangalore?

The number of free meals distributed to visitors since January 2015 was 18,87,987. But in the year 2018-2019, the number of free meals went up to a number of 3,72,258. 

What is the process to contribute towards the Nitya Annadana?

Iskcon Management Authorities at Bangalore invites everyone with welcoming arms if you want to become a donor or act as a volunteer in the Nitya Annadana program. 

What do people at Iskcon Bangalore eat?

There are some food items that are allowed as a part of the prasad. The food includes Amalaki, tala fruit, dates, grapes, jackfruit, coconut, cow milk products, leafy vegetables, rice, ghee, grains, pulses, sugar, lotus root, and bilva. 

Can Iskcon devotees eat meat?

No, not at all. Iskcon devotees refrain from eating any kind of meat. It is never served as a part of the prasadam at Annadana Hall. It is considered to be a sin. Not only meat but there is a strict no for eggs, fish, and other dairy products. 

What is Krishnamrita?

Apart from Nitya Prasadam, there are a few other food programs held at Iskcon mandir Bangalore. Krishnamurti is one such program. This is about a system where you get krishamrita from the main mandir for the temple visitors and the people who live at the ashrams and centers. 

Known Facts About Akshaya Patra

An initiative named Akshaya Patra is introduced by the Iskcon temple in Bangalore. And it is widely practiced for a long period of time. In this food program, a mid-day meal is distributed to underprivileged students. This is to support their education. It was back in the year 2010 June when Akshaya Patra started feeding over 1500+ kids in Bangalore. And, as time passed, the number reached 1.78 million kids. 

Popular Restaurants Near Iskcon Temple in Bangalore 

Apart from this, there are a few popular restaurants in Iskcon Mandir, Bangalore. They are as follows:


The Higher Taste 

Opens: 7 PM

Call: 8023575333


Annakuta Prasadam Restaurant

Open till 9 PM 

Call: 8023471956


Canton Restaurant

Open till 11:30 PM 

Call: 8048669269


Green Theory

Open Till 10:30 PM

Call: 8861435956


Konark Kanteerava Restaurant 

Open till 10:30 PM

Call: 9481528812


Parting Words

Shri Krishna talks about eating sattvic meals in Bhagavad Gita. And, that’s what Iskcon mandirs are following all throughout to feed people with tasty and delicious veg food items. 


So, if you are in Bangalore or you made close plans to visit Iskcon temple in Bangalore, Iskcon temple titrupoti food is a must try. 


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