Iskcon Temple Opening Time

Complete Guide On The Iskcon Temple Opening Time & Activities

Iskcon Temple Opening Time

Iskcon temple opening time is between 4-4:30 AM. The next schedule of the day follows ahead. During the holidays and public holidays also there is no break in time as such. There is no darshan ticket cost for any day. All the entries are free of cost. And, if we talk about the dress code, everyone needs to wear decent apparel with a full body covered. 

Is Darshan free of cost in Iskcon temples? 

Iskcon mandir timings may change only during special festivals like Krishna Jayanti, and Radhastami. But the darshan is free of cost for all days throughout the year. The chanting of Hare Krishna is in the air of all Iskcon temples. People love to sing, and dance and enjoy staying in the complex of Iskcon temples. 

When does the first seva of the day begin at Iskcon mandirs? 

With the mangal aarti during the Brahma Muhurta begins the first seva of the day. This is considered to be a blissful ceremony for all the travelers, pilgrims, mandir darshanarthis, and everyone who lives on the campus. 

It is a beautiful sight seeing the Pujari blow the conch with the curtains opening to see the bright holy faces of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha Rani. It seems as if both of them are wishing everyone present in the mandir a very good morning. The experience together is divine. 

With this comes the complete schedule of the day’s program. Here’s an overview of this. 

Iskcon Mandir Schedule Daily Program- 

4:00 AM- Mangal Arti.

5:00 AM- Tulsi Arti.

5:30 AM- 7:30 AM- Chanting & Mantra Meditation Session.

7:30AM-  Guru Puja & Darshan Arti.

8:30 AM- SriMadh Bhagavad Class.

12:00PM- Rajbhoga Arti.

Temple Remains Closed between 1 PM to 4 PM.

4:00PM-Dhup Arti.

4:30PM- Uthapana Arti.

6:00PM-Sandhya Tulasi Arti

6:15 PM- Gaura Arti

7:40PM- Srimad Bhagvad Gita Prachavan 

8:15 PM- Shayan Arti 


Temple Closes For the Day at 8:30 PM & Reopens again at 4 AM at the break of dawn in the Brahma Muhurta.  

Iskcon Temple Activities In the Morning (4 AM-12:30 PM)

During the Mangal Arti, first of all, the devotees offer prayers to the Lord through soft melodious kirtans. Later in the course, they chant and sing Sri Gurvashtakam and then they begin Tulsi Arti where devotees take blessings of Mata Tulsi Maharani. The place of worship is decorated with lamps, freshly picked flowers, incense sticks, Chamara, peacock fans, sweets, and fruits, especially homemade butter (Makhan). 


With this, the guru (the teacher) is glorified so that he could motivate his disciples to engage in the procedure of Bhakti-yoga. With this, they sing of Narsinghaarti where they surrender to Lord Narshima so that he removes all obstacles from the path of practicing Bhakti. 


As soon as the Lord is dressed and ornamented, together they give darshan to all tourists, devotees, and disciplines. At this time the chief priest sings songs from the Brahma Samhita in order to glorify Lord Krishna and Mata Radha Rani. 


The very next step is an important part of the Iskcon temple opening time schedule, i.e Guru Puja. Chief priests offer flowers to the lotus feet of the divine Srila Prabhupada. Here devotees and the priests discuss queries and answer them one by one. 

Raj Bhoga Arti is offered at 12 PM & ends at 12:25 PM 

The next program on the schedule starts at 12 PM, which is called the Rajbhoga aarti. This is a session of 20 minutes in which all the deities are offered food. The chief priest worships the dietitians with Chamara, peacock fan, and fresh flowers. After this meals are served to many people at Annadana Hall. 


Iskcon Temple Activities in the Evening (4 PM- 8:30 PM)

Temple remains closed and reopens at 4 PM in the evening for the evening session where Dhup Arti, Sandhya Arti is being conducted. Chief priests and other devotees sing from Gauraarti and offer prayers to Lord Chaitanyaprabhu. Just like the morning classes, in the evening also Classes from Bhagavad Gita are conducted. 

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Final Words

At 8:15 PM, Prabhu Sri Krishna is prepared for Shayan Arti. And, with this comes the end of the day’s program. It is the last chance to worship the Lord and offer prayers before they are given Shayan for the day. The journey repeats again from the next dawn at 4 AM. 


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