Enjoy Your Short Vacation At Any Jaldapara Resort

Enjoy Your Short Vacation At Any Jaldapara Resort

Jaldapara Resort

Jaldapara Ultimate Tour Guide: All You Need To Know 

If you are in North Bengal, you must know where to book affordable places in Jaldapara; homestays are among the best options. Jaldapara homestay is one of the best places for staying if you are someone who always wants to enjoy a great time amidst the woods; Jaldapara is one of the best places with multiple options with room options.

Why is Jaldapara Resort considered to be the best place to stay? 

Jaldapara resort is an excellent place that offers a unique staying experience. Jaldapara is in the Alipurduar subdivision of North Bengal. Jaldapara National Park is a great place that provides a place of joy for kids and adults. Jaldapara is home to massive fauna of animals. Visiting Jaldapara is the best place once in a lifetime. 

Is Jaldapara homestay a safe option for tourists?

Jaldapara homestay is safe for tourists in all seasons. The rooms are also clean, and the staff offers well-maintained and superb for enjoying a vacation. The price to visit Jaldapara starts from Rs. 3400/- which is a pocket-friendly tour package. So, you can choose from a wide range of Jaldapara resorts. 

You can experience the best hospitality at all these homestays. The forest closes down during the rainy season. The duration is generally from June 15 to September 15. For booking your stay in any of the resorts or homestays, it is best to contact a tour operator or a travel agency who will help you find accommodation that abides by your budget.  

Here is the list of the Jaldapara resorts-

  • Jaldapara Wild Hut: 9832048343.
  • Jaldapara Inn Resort: 8584032635.
  • Heaven Inn Resort: 9733149811.
  • Mystic Forest Resort: 9674269218.
  • Jaldapara Tourist Lodge: 8145584286/ 9434860604.
  • Jaldapara Golden Resort: 9733190091.

Please Note: You can directly call on the given numbers and get your booking done here without any hassle. Moreover, there are bookings that are made through online platforms like make my trip, goibibo, and many such other platforms where deals and discounts are available at competitive prices including everything in the cost. 

Where is Jaldapara National Park in North Bengal?

Jaldapara National Park is in West Bengal. It is located at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. This is in the Alipurduar District of North Bengal. Jaldapara covers 216.5 sq km of a massive Greenland with complete patches and riverine forests. It was established in 1941. The forest reserve is located on the India-Bhutan border with Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. 

An Overview Of History Behind Jaldapara National Park

Not before 1801, Jaldapara was not only home to animals and birds but also home to tribal groups. These tribal groups were known as Toto and Mech. And it is due to this that these regions came to be known as Totopara. 

In reality, Jaldapara means a settlement for the southern section of the market in the forest. Then in 1941, the place was protected from being known for flora and fauna. 

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary was designed to be crowned a national park in 2014. The park is surrounded by the Gorumara National Park and has parts of the remnants of an ancient fort that existed during British rule. It is among the Chilapata Forest and Totopara. 

Why is Jaldapara National Park famous?

This national park is home to some extinct animals, including the Rhino. It is also famous for being a paradise for bird watchers. Jaldapara is one of the few places in India where you can see the famous Bengal Florican. The other bird species are Crested Eagle, Pied Hornbill, Pallas Fishing Eagle, Shikaras, jungle fowl, and Peafowl. 

Are Jaldapara and Dooars the same? 

Some people say that Dooars and Jalpaiguri are in the same place. But Jaldapara is in the Dooars region. The Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the eastern Dooars. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is another place that is a special place of tourist attraction. 

The most crucial animal you can see here is the one-horned Rhino on the verge of extinction. These are some must-visit places for all nature lovers after traveling to Dooars. Previously the area of this national park was 141 sq km, but later in 2012, in May, the size was increased to 216.5 sq km and named after the place. 

Jaldapara Resort is where you can quickly settle down for a day or two at a much more affordable price. The rooms are also cozy and full of amenities. And that is why tourists try their best to escape among the forests in the region of Uttar Madarihat in West Bengal. For booking your stay or vehicle for your tour of Jaldapara, book the resorts and homestays within your budget. 

Which is the main river that flows in Jaldapara?

The main river that crosses the forest is the Torsa River. There are a few Jaldapara homestay near the river. It flows from the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and is a gene pool reserve for one-horned rhinos besides Nepal and Assam. 

What are the fauna & birds found in the Jaldapara? 

The forest cover consists mainly of scattered teak with tall grass. The Wildlife Sanctuary is full of swamp deer, sambars, hog deers, barking deer, wild pigs, jungle fowl, peafowl, quail, and occasional elephant or tiger, with reptiles including pythons, kraits, and geckos, among all others. The hunters in Jaldapara are the Nightjar and the Owl. 

In addition to these, riding animals are also found in the preserve. The birds that have made this place a worthy place for tourists are- the pied harrier, crested serpent eagle, Pallas's fishing eagle, white-rumped vulture, sparrow hawk, hill mynas, large green-billed malkoh, green pigeons, pied wagtail, Kestrel, Finches, Sparrow hawk. 240 different kinds of birds are found in a variety of habitats. 

Moreover, Jaldapara has a wide range of fauna in the region. The population of the Asiatic one-horned Rhino is too high compared to any other place in the country. The grass marsh is grand for rhinos by providing them with a natural environment for their long-term existence. Near the Jaldapara Resort are herds of bison, hares, hispid, spotted deer, and Asian elephants. 

Is Jaldapara known for its Flora part? 

Jaldapara is known for its flora too. The national park is home to a diverse range of wildlife and natural vegetation, particularly with the wide range of flowers, after which monsoons make it a worthy place to visit if you are a big fan of wildlife and birds. 

There are khair and shisu trees in Jaldapara. It has tall grasses, reeds, ferns, and also Setaria palmifolia. Sometimes people call it Palmgrass. If you want to enjoy the flora in this part of the region, you must stay in any Jaldapara resort or Jaldapara Homestay for a better view with the break of the dawn. 

Name an animal that is called the flagship of Jaldapara

The great Indian one-horned Rhino is joined by two other mega-herbivores, the Asian elephant and the Indian Gour. The scientific name for the Asian elephant is Elephas Maximus, and the other name for Indian Gour is Bos Gaurus. 

When did the Jaldapara National Park come to be known as the national park?

It was in 1941 that Jaldapara National Park was designated as a sanctuary or a national park. The area it first started with was 141.6 sq Km; then it grew to 217.6 km. It protects the Indian one-horned Rhino without even killing one of them. 

Which feature in Jaldapara National Park is considered one of the best?

Jaldapara National Park is one of the places where wildlife finds a different meaning altogether. The park was established in 1941 to conserve the animals' lives desperately. 

What are the rivers that flow along the Jaldapara National Park?

The name of the river that flows along Jaldapara is River Torsa. Another river flows from east to west, the Malangi River. Other rivers flow through the sanctuary, including Malangi, Sissamara, Chirakhawa, Hollong, and Kalijhora. 

What is the climate near Jaldapara National Park & Jaldapara Resort?

Jaldapara Resort and Jaldapara National Park have a cool climate. It ranges between 12' C and 27' C. The place can experience heavy rainfall during the monsoon, allowing for various experiences along the national park. 

The weather at the park is cool enough, with a maximum temperature of 40'C during the summers. Therefore the tourists visit Jaldapara in the winter months with the onset of summer. The woodland in Jaldapara is located at a stretch of 5 to 8 km just near the Jaldapara resort

The geographic location of Jaldapara National Park is located in West Bengal. The woods in Jaldapara stretches at Totopara from Bhutan border in the northern part towards the tea estate of Mthurabagan Tea estate in the south. For those interested in botany, Jaldapara National Park is one of the top places to visit, which should be on your hit list. 

The forest has dense stands of grasses comprising Savannah, Saccharum Spp., Themada, Villosa, Setaria Palmifolia, and many more. There are trees like Simul, Siris, Khair, and Sissoo. Floodplain grassland interspersed with marshy and swampy lands together with all. 

What are the places to visit nearby in Jaldapara? 

Chilapata Forest: It is situated within the continuous stretch of forest within Jaldapara on the western side of the river Torsa. You will need permission from the forest department in this place to have a great time together. This place was a part of the Golden Age during the Mauryan rule. But now, this place is one of the playgrounds for leopards. 

Bhutan Border: Phuentsholing is a town situated between Bhutan and India. It is located at a distance of 26 Km from Jaldapara through Hasimara. Moreover, you can also make Jaldapara Homestay one of the places for Bhutan trips. Tourists never require any permission to visit the border. 

Khairbari: Khairbari is another place to visit in North Bengal. It is a slight stretch of land that was decided to shelter 19 rescued Royal Bengal tigers so that species do not become extinct. This came to be known as the South Khairbari Leopard Rescue Centre. In addition to this, this particular place was renamed as Khairbari Royal Bengal Tiger Rehabilitation and Research Centre. 

Totopara: The place was named after the tribal group who once resided in this region. It is known for its central attraction to ethnic tourist spots. It is situated to people who are adjacent to the Jaldapara National Park. Totos have been among the most endangered species of communities. The government has been trying hard to uplift its standard of living. 

Buxa Tiger Reserve: Buxa Tiger Reserve is considered one of India's 15th Reserve for tigers. It is a must-see place to visit, with 332 Km. The northern boundary creates a natural reserve along with Bhutan and Sinchula hills. It is situated on the natural border with the Bhutan border. This Reserve serves as a place for elephant migration from our country to Bhutan. 

What are the activities to do when in Jaldapara?

Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari are the two activities required for Jaldapara National Park. These are watch towers in the forest region of Harindanga and Jaldapara. With these safaris, tourists are given a guide to take them along the deep forest reserves so that they can get the chance to watch different animals and birds very closely. 

How To Reach Jaldapara? 

You can reach Jaldapara after reaching Madarihat. It is known as the entry point of the sanctuary and is located in the Siliguri Hasimara section. Some buses and minibusses are operating from Siliguri to Alipurduar. Travelers can also take cars from Siliguri to Alipurduar through Madarihat. Summers and winters are the best time to visit. 

By Air: Bagdogra is the nearest airport in Jaldapara. The distance from Siliguri to Bagdogra is 13.6 Km. After you reach the airport, you can book a car for Jaldapara. 

By Road: Travelers can book North Bengal State Bus, Bhutan Govt Buses, and private buses to travel to Jaldapara. The journey time takes 4-5 hours from Siliguri.  

Popular routes are- 

  • Darjeeling-Siliguri-Jalpaiguri.
  • Darjeeling-Siliguri-Sevoke-Bagrakote-Mal-Chalsa.
  • Birpara-Madarihat.
  • Mainaguri-Dhupguri-Garikata-Birpara-Madarihat.

By Rail: Madarihat is at a distance of 7 KM from Jaldapara. Here you can book your accommodation in the best Jaldapara resort. Traveling becomes easy whenever you reach the station. 

Final Words 

Jaldapara Resort near the National Park is situated at an elevation of 63 meters. It is on the bank of the River Torsa. This sanctuary is home to a diverse range of fauna and lush flora. And, for those who cannot afford to stay in resort accommodation, Jaldapara homestay is a wise option. It gives you a feeling of being a home away from home. 

Please share your personal experience beneath this blog in the comment section. And we will be pleased to help you with more excellent and informative blogs. Please keep supporting us through your likes and shares. 


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