Travel Guide On Kiriburu, the unexplored hill in Jharkhand


If you are searching for an offbeat tourist place to go around in Jharkhand. Here you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. The cost of the trip is also within the budget and affordability of the common man. Heading towards the hill station of Kiriburu on the borders of Orissa and Jharkhand. 

What Is The Meaning Of KiriBuru?

The word Kiri means elephant whereas Buru means hills. It is one of the underrated travel spots that offers scenic beauty to people all over. Kiriburu is a small town in the West Singhbhum district. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations. 

The area is covered by lush greenery all over. Kiriburu gets its name from the tribal language Kiri. The stunning beauty of the place cannot be put into words. Khiriburu is in the Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. 

Twin Hills Of Kiriburu & Meghataburu 

Kiriburu and Meghataburu are considered to be the twin hills that are located adjacent to each other. You can easily travel to these two places while staying on this vacation to Kiriburu. While you travel along the roadside, the sides are seen to cover the dense, green lush, tall trees of the Saranda forest. 


The entire place can give you the calmness of being in a serene atmosphere. You will feel relaxed in this place as the magic spreads all over by erasing all worries from the mind. Escaping into the greenery leaving behind the stress and energy Kiriburu is one of the best places that describe tranquillity in words. 

What Makes Kiriburu famous? 

Kiriburu is popular for the big Iron-ore mines (KIOM) and Meghtaburu (MIOM) both governed by SAIL. This area is perfect to enjoy an offbeat weekend with family and friends in the state of West Bengal. If you are a nature lover, then Kiriburu hills can be your favourite place for this weekend. 

Which Are The Two Best Seasons To Visit Kiriburu?

There are two seasons which are considered the best to visit Kiriburu. One is winter and the other is monsoon season. The temperature in winter months is around 10 to 16-degree celsius. This is quite relaxing enough for a Jeep Safari in the jungle of Saranda. 

Where Is Saranda Forest? 

Saranda Forest is located on the borders of Jharkhand and Odisha. This forest region covers both states. Along the forest of Saranda, you will get to see Kiriburu and Meghataburu hills. The Iron ore Mines are located in this portion. 

How To Reach To Saranda Forest Region?

The main access point for reaching Saranda forest is through the road of Chaibasa which is at a distance of 60 KM southwest of the city of Jamshedpur. This forest is filled with endangered species along with flying lizards and hundreds of elephants living in the forest. 


The forest is famed for the multitude of flora and fauna with a wide range of 900 sq km and has mesmerizing and fascinating nature-enchanting trees. The silhouette of Sal trees is just perfect to make your eyes gaze wide open. To reach Saranda Forest Region you can take the Bombay-Howrah main line. 


By Air: The nearest airports to Kiriburu are IXR (Ranchi Airport) and Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI). The Ranchi Airport is 142 KM away. Bhubaneswar Airport is at a distance of 212 KM away. 


By Rail: The railway station of Kiriburu is called BJMD or Bara Jamda. And, if you travel from Kolkata, it is best to take the Janshatabdi Express. Moreover, it depends on the place you want to travel to Kiriburu. The journey from Howrah to Jharkhand station takes almost 2 to 2 Hr 50 Mins to reach the destination properly. It is best to have a prior booking of the train tickets to avoid commission while booking tickets at the last minute. 


By Bus: The bus stand of Kiriburu is well connected from Kolkata. You can book a taxi once you reach the Kiriburu bus stand to the place where you have booked your hotel. 

Where To Stay In Kiriburu?

There are many hotels and places to stay in Kiriburu. Many people stay in Barbil. It is only a few kilometres from Kiriburu. Experts say that it is at a distance of 22 KM away from the forest. There are comfortable, spacious and luxurious stays in and around Kiriburu. 

What Is The Weather like In Kiriburu?

There are three seasons that mainly make Kiriburu and Meghahatuburu perfect for visiting. These seasons are- Winter, Rainy and Summer. 


Summer months range between March to June with a temperature rising from 35-45 degree centigrade.  


The rainy season begins from the month of July by prevailing till the month of August with an average rainfall of 250-300 millimetres. 


Winter season starts in November and February. The temperature varies from 10 to 20 degrees in centigrade. This will make the months of December and January extremely chilled. 


If you want to check out Kiriburu images online, you must look into the internet and get the right images from a wide range of stock images. 

How To Reach Kiriburu from Kolkata? 

You can reach Kiriburu Meghtaburu from Kolkata through Janshatabdi Express which leaves Howrah station at 6:20 AM. You can get down at Barajamda station at 12:45 pm. It talks about underrated travel spots because of limited information on the internet about the place for adorning beauty. 


The railway station of Kiriburu is called the Bara Jamda. The station code is BJMD. The connectivity from Howrah through the Janshatabdi Express. It depends on where you book the stay. It might take 2 to 3 hours from the railway station to the place of stay. 


Once you reach, passengers can take the car off towards the hills of Kiriburu. It takes almost about one hour to reach the Kiriburu SAIL Guest House. The Kiriburu Sail Guest House is highly well-furnished, attached to a canteen facility and covered with a beautiful garden. 


Kiriburu Meghtaburu is a great place in Saranda. The place provides a lovely picture of a hilly area. Thus it provides the opportunity to witness a popularly vast tract of Saranda. Kiriburu holds the right mixture of culture and tradition in its hills. 

When is the best time to visit Kiriburu? 

The best time to visit Kiriburu is between the months of July and December. The climate remains delightful here and makes your stay a happy stay. The weather is too good for everyone to enjoy a calm weekend. 

Package Tour Itinerary With Cost Of Saranda-Kiriburu (3N/4D) 

Day 1- 

  • Pick Up From Barbil Rail Station.
  • Visit Mriga Singa Baitarani River Bed.
  • Take Evening Snacks & Dinner.
  • Rest At the Hotel.


Day 2-

  • Take Breakfast.
  • Visit Jhikra Waterfalls.
  • Karo River Site & Dam.
  • Jetstar Forest & Temple with Waterfalls.
  • Murga Mahadev Temple.
  • Fulbari Forest.
  • Karo River.
  • Punggol Waterfall.
  • Swapneswar temple.
  • Take Evening Snacks.
  • Take Dinner. 
  • Rest At the Hotel.


Day 3-

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.
  • Troll at the Kiriburu Forest Office.
  • Jungle Safari at Saranda Safari.
  • Take Lunch. 
  • Visit Thalkabad.
  • Visit the Tribal Village of Thalkabad.
  • Ligirta Waterfalls.
  • Visit the Iron Mines.
  • Meghataburu Sunset Points (Land of 700 hills).
  • Take the evening snacks. 
  • Back to the hotel after dinner. 


Day 4-

  • Take lunch at the hotel. 
  • Drop at the Barbil Rail Station.
  • Clear the Guide & Porter charge.

What Is The Food Served At The Hotels?

Breakfast: Bread, Omlet, Sweet, Puri, Dal, Pav Bhaji, Butter.

Lunch: Rice, Dal, Fry, Seasonal sabzi, fish curry, chutney, papad.

Evening Snacks: Onion Pakora, ALoo Pakora, Tea, Coffee. 

Dinner: Veg Biryani, Chicken Kasa, Fried Rice.

What Is The Cost Per Head?

The cost per person on a trip starts from Rs. 6450/- with an added GST for 4 people. The cancellation policy is also maintained properly. The children's policy is up to the age of 8+. 

  • 4 years= free.
  • 4 to 9 years= half.
  • Above 9 years= treated as an adult.

What Are The Budget Places To Stay On This Trip? 

  • Kiriburu Guest House Hill Top.
  • Meghahatuburu Visitors Guest House.
  • SAIL Meghahatuburu Guest House.
  • Karo Guest House.
  • Saranda Safari Resort.

Why Should One Visit Sanaghagara Waterfall?

The Sanaghagara waterfall is the waterfall that creates the lake at the authorities to a garden with soft music playing all the time around the course relaxing green laws. It allows the kids to have a gala time here. The place has sheds with chairs at various places for travellers to take full rest. 


Even the Tribal Museum at this attracts tourists by displaying the art and culture of the tribes residing in the area. The Sanaghagara Waterfall authorities provide trekking facilities which created a bathing area for those who want to enjoy bathing together. It is the best place to go for a picnic with family and friends. 


There are cooking sheds with the provision of water supply with water. This place has separate parking areas for tourists who visit the place in a large groups. There are ways to collect lots of snacks and refreshments that will ease the traveller’s visit. There are public toilets which are cleaned all over so that they do not spread unhygienic conditions. 

Other Places To Visit Nearby Kiriburu

  • Saranda Sal Forest.
  • Pundul Waterfalls.
  • Khandadhar Waterfalls.
  • Sanaghagara Waterfalls.
  • Pachri Waterfalls. 
  • Badaghagara Waterfalls.
  • Handibhanga Waterfalls.
  • Jhikra Waterfalls.

Final Lines 

Planning to get a holiday? 

Start with the best deals, save an added rate of discounts with the best trip agent and tour package. It is always advised to take a guide and then walk ahead to explore the parts of the jungle land. 


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