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All About The Koraput Tourist Places In Odisha

koraput tourist places

Koraput in Odisha is located in the green valley contemplating clean freshness in all its tourist places. The place came into existence in 1936 during the rule of the Britishers. 

Waterfalls, forests, terraced valleys, and superb springs decorate the place. If you are someone who loves to enjoy adventure or relax amidst the cultural city, Koraput has something or the other to offer to everyone. 

Koraput District lies between a latitude of 17.4 degrees to 81.24 degrees. Koraput tourist places can be visited throughout the year. These places are perfect for a memorable destination. 

The places are packed with many jaw-dropping rock-cut hills and other picturesque views. In addition, the significant places in Koraput are Jeypore, Bagra, Sunabeda MiG factory, Duduma, and many others. 

An Incredible History Behind Koraput Tourist Places 

Koraput was under the reign of several dynasties. They were the Ikshvakus, Nalas, Ganga Kings, Satavahanas, Suryavan Kings. Koraput travel spots still existed during those times and were protected by the council of kings. 

When the Nalas started their ruling period in ancient times, Koraput was made their capital. In the medieval period, the Nandapur kings developed the capital under the Silavamsi kings. Later on, the reign moved into the hands of the Solar Dynasty. 

It was previously a part of the erstwhile Madras Presidency. Later, it became a district of Odisha state on the 1st of April 1936. It was in the year 1992 when Koraput was divided into places like Malkangri, Nabarangpur, and the Rayagada districts along the present district of Koraput. 

Here's a list of the top Koraput tourist places that are a must-see in 2023

Here is a list of the top Koraput tourist places in Odisha that needs a special mention when visiting tourist places. 


Kunduli: It is a small village about 25.8 KM from Koraput. The village has a weekly market that is held every week on Fridays. This place forms a part of the Koraput tourist places and is known for the vibrant ambience where tribal people come to sell their wares. At times you can also see the people perform traditional dance forms in the beats and rhythm of the music. 

Kotpad Handloom: This is a Koraput tourist spot located 46.9 Km from Koraput. This village is known for its unique handloom textiles. It is mainly made using natural dyes as well as traditional techniques. The textiles are highly sold in the local markets. These handloom crafts are great souvenirs to carry home. 

Jagannath Mandir: This temple in Koraput is considered a holy place among the Koraput tourist places. It is a famous pilgrimage site for the Hindus. Moreover, the temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath. Jaganath is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is also known for its unique architecture and style. It is believed that the temple existed during the reign of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty in the 14th century. 

Deomali: Deomali is the highest peak in Odisha and a top name in the list of the Koraput tourist places. Here you will see stunning views of valleys and lush green valleys. It is a popular destination for trekking and an adventurous place for those who love camping. It is also home to several ancient temples and old architecture. 

Saptasajya: The tourist spot is renowned for its mesmerizing views of the hill station. It is located 80.7 K.M. from the main city of Koraput. Thick forests surround the entire hill station and thus provide a picturesque landscape view of the place. In addition to this, Saptasajya is crowned for being one of the most incredible places for travel and tourism near Koraput. 

Kolab Reservoir: The Kolab Reservoir is a man-made or artificial lake in the Koraput district. Lush green forests and hills surround it. The beauty of nature here makes it a popular picnic spot for visitors. Moreover, they can enjoy boating in the lake, walking in the surrounding forests, or relaxing and enjoying the lake's serene beauty. It is also famous for being a popular picnic spot in Koraput. 

Gupteshwar Caves: Gupteshwar Caves near the holy Jagannath Temple are situated in Jeypore. The caves are famous for the natural Shiva lingam. It was formed naturally due to the continuous water flow from the cave roof. The caves are considered sacred by the locals and are a popular pilgrimage site for devotees of Lord Shiva.

Koraput Museum: It is situated in the heart of the central city. If anyone is interested in the tribal culture and tradition, this museum is a must-visit tourist spot. It is also known as the tribal museum. It is said that this museum has a vast collection of photographs, documents, artefacts, photographs and documents related to the tribal communities residing in Koraput in Odisha. 

Gupteswar Temple: The Gupteswar Temple is amidst a dense forest near Jeypore. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is famous for its natural cave formation. The temple attracts a large number of devotees during the annual Shivaratri festival.

Jeypore: Jeypore is a small town in Odisha's Koraput district. It is famous for its vibrant culture and the widely known colorful festivals. Beautiful forests and hills surround the entire town. It is an ideal place for a picnic for nature lovers, kids, and sport-loving adults. Some famous Koraput tourist places in Jeypore include the Abode of Shree Jagannath, Gupteshwar Caves, and the weekly Friday market.

Onukudelli: Onukudelli is a small tribal village situated in the heart of the Koraput district. It is known for its vibrant tribal culture and traditions. The village is home to the famous Bondas, one of the most primitive tribes in India. Visitors here mainly visit to experience the unique lifestyle of the Bondas. They also witness their traditional dances and music and interact with the friendly villagers.

Duduma Waterfall: Duduma Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Odisha. It is located on the border of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, surrounded by lush forests and hills. The waterfall is a popular picnic spot, and visitors can swim in the natural pool at the waterfall's base. The scenic beauty of the Duduma waterfall is a must-see for anyone visiting Koraput.

Raja Cave & Ashram of Valmiki: These two places should be top of the Koraput tourist places when exploring the Koraput district. It is a scenic spot and one of the best places for trekking in the Nandapur block. This place is popularly known for cave tourism. The main festival held here is the Akhayaturtiya. 

Punjisil Waterfall: This is one of the top names among the Koraput tourist places. It is located at a distance of 25.6 KM from the central city of Koraput town. Travelers love to enjoy this part of the region for the incredible beauty it holds in the eye of travelers. The waterfall is in a village in the Dasmantpur Block of Koraput. It is a perfect picnic spot to visit if you want to explore the waterfall. 

Some other places of tourist attractions are as follows: 

  • Nandapur.
  • Subai.
  • Kanta Bausuni Damanjodi.
  • Dumuriput.
  • Jalatput.
  • Sunabeda.
  • Gulmi.
  • Kechela.
  • Machhakund.
  • Sabar Shreeshetra.
  • Raisil.
  • Maliguda. 


What is the concept of Parab in Koraput? 

Parab is an annual festival popularly known as the annual tribal festival. This festival is held for a whole month. It witnesses events like sports, seminars, mountain trekking, boat races, and other activities like artist's camp, exhibitions, and craft mela on the ground of Koraput Parab. 

Sellers gather here to celebrate and showcase the local art, sports and music festivals with the tribal dance program along with craft mela. There is a gala event of the state, organized in November every year all over the district. The festival is held between 16-18 November every year. 

When is the best time to visit Koraput tourist places?

Koraput travel spots are best to visit from June to November. The average temperature that is recorded in Koraput is 26' C. The weather at this place is outstanding. It is moderately humid and is most likely coined to be the best place to visit Koraput. This time suits the best for travelers and mountaineers who love to explore the hills, mountains, and nature in search of adventure tours. 

During June and November, there is always an increase in the number of tourists, which is why it is called the high tourist season. Koraput tourist places lie at a height of 882 meters above sea level. The climate here gets the name of being tropical. The annual average temperature is 23.2' C. The average rainfall here is 1607.5 meters. 


How to reach the Koraput tourist places?

There are three ways to reach Koraput tourist places. Here we set off- 

By Road: Travelers can choose to travel by bus to Koraput and other major cities of the country. Although the bus fare is too high unless there is an emergency, passengers try to take a different route. 

By Rail: Since there are no regular trains to the Koraput region from other major stations of the country. The nearest railway station from Koraput is Jagdalpur station. It is situated at a distance of 83.5 KM. 

By Air: Koraput tourist places are connected to the country's other major cities by the airways. There are regular flights that fly between destinations. The ticket cost is also affordable, making the airways a perfect mode of transportation for all passengers. The nearest airport to the Koraput region is Vishakapatnam. 

Which river flows in Koraput?

Kolab and Indravati are rivers that drain significant parts of the Koraput district. Most of the Kolab River and Indravati River tributaries are perennial in form. North-South flowing Sabari river passes through the northern and western border of the Koraput district. Most of the Koraput tourist places are situated surrounding these rivers. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Koraput Tourist Places

Q1. Why is Koraput such a popular place?

Ans1. Koraput is known for modern architecture and the MIG fighter planes called Sukhoi. There is a dam reservoir which is located on the Kolab river. The area is 70.2 sq km, and it is an ideal place to spend quality time. 

Q2. What is the famous dish in Koraput?

Ans2. The famous food in Koraput tourist places is Pithau Bhaja and Masala Curry. In addition, Koraput is home to indigenous mushroom varieties. They are known as Boda Chhatu, Balisriya Chhatu, and Kendumuni Chhatu. They are delicious when cooked as a curry. Paalua Khiri is a must-have item during the Pujas. 

Q3. Which hill is near Koraput? 

Ans3. The highest peak of Odisha Deomali is 1765 meters high. It is nestled in the lap of the Eastern Ghats. It is idyllic for activities like aero gliding and trekking expeditions. The distance of the place is 62.5 KM from Koraput. 

Q4. Which district is considered to be the heaven of Odisha? 

Ans4. Koraput District is called the Heaven district of Odisha. It is in the backdrop of the green valleys, darting springs, and other nature-loving people. The region existed far back since the 3rd century B.C. 

Final Words 

Koraput is a hidden district nestled in the quaint southernmost region of Odisha. The Koraput tourist places are known for their natural beauty, rich tribal culture, and unique architecture. The town is at an elevation of 896 meters, and it covers 105 sq km.  

Together it makes the place an ideal destination for nature lovers, enthusiasts, and those who love enjoying adventure sports. Many loved being among the unspoiled beauty of rural India. 

If you still need to get out for your journey, then make up your plan to book the tickets to the travel spots in Koraput. So, pack your bags and head towards Koraput to experience the magical essence of the city. 


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