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Things To Know Before Booking Mumbai to Kolkata Flight IndiGo 

The availability of Mumbai to Kolkata Flight IndiGo has increased than before. Therefore it is easy to cover a distance of 1652 km easily through airlines at much lower fares possible. The average time that it takes is 2 hours and 35 minutes to travel from Mumbai to Kolkata. 

How many connecting flights are there for Mumbai to Kolkata? 

There are over 48 connecting Mumbai to Kolkata flight indigo. And, IndiGo flights take about 2 Hrs 48 mins to fly to Kolkata from Mumbai. Flight timings depend on average conditions, out of which weather conditions play a big role besides the type of aircraft, passenger loads, and speed of the flights. 

When is the last Indigo flight from Mumbai To Kolkata?

The last flight of Indigo to Kolkata from Mumbai is at 20:10:00 Hrs. You can enjoy instant discounts for flight booking. Passengers mostly check the Indigo flight pnr status on their mobile through WhatsApp or even through email. 

How far is the aerial distance between Mumbai to Kolkata?

The distance from Mumbai to Kolkata is 1652 Kms by Air.

What is the distance between Mumbai To Kolkata by Road?

The distance between Mumbai to Kolkata by road is 2051 Kms.

How is the distance calculated between destinations?

The aerial distance or the distance that the flights are going to cover is calculated according to the latitudes and longitudes of the two places on earth. There are certain weather factors that adversely affect the distance of the place. 

What is the lowest fare of Kolkata to Mumbai IndiGo flights? 

Currently, the lowest fare that passengers can afford to buy IndiGo flights is as low as Rs. 6590/-. The booking comes with discounts and offers added to the flight tickets. Moreover, the last minute booking also offers you the best cost which is usually higher.  

Are there daily flights updated for Mumbai to Kolkata?

Yes, the government has announced that Mumbai-Kolkata and Delhi-Kolkata flights should be operated by adhering to the COVID-19 rules and regulations. Apart from this, checking the Indigo flight pnr status is also done randomly. 

Popular Flights From Mumbai to Kolkata 

There are 6 direct non-stop flights between Mumbai and that is operating for IndiGo on a daily basis. There are some flights which come with 1 stop in between the trips. 


Mumbai To Kolkata 6E-6025, 6E-6181 (1 Stop at Bhubaneswar)

Time: 8Hrs 40Mins

Departure: 22:15

Arrival: 6:55

Fare Starts At 8,030/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-395 

Time: 2Hrs 40Mins

Departure: 17:55

Arrival: 20:35 

Fare Starts At 8,040/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-5311

Time: 2Hrs 35Mins

Departure: 19:25

Arrival: 22:00

Fare Starts At 8,043/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-5354

Time: 2Hrs 35Mins

Departure: 12:55

Arrival: 15:30

Fare Starts At 8,043/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-6749

Time: 2Hrs 40Mins

Departure: 7:40

Arrival: 10:20

Fare Starts At 8,043/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-5287

Time: 2Hrs 40Mins

Departure: 22:25

Arrival: 1:05

Fare Starts At 8,043/-


Mumbai To Kolkata (Non-Stop) 6E-6514

Time: 2Hrs 20Mins

Departure: 06:25

Arrival: 08:45

Fare Starts At 8,043/-

Please Note:

All prices are available for 1 passenger and economy class only. The price of the tickets will increase per the passengers traveling in a single trip. Check the Indigo flight pnr status from the online website or through the SMS service. 

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