Top 30 Offbeat Places Near Kolkata That Are Worth Visiting In 2023

Explore The Offbeat Places Near Kolkata For A Weekend Vacation 

offbeat places near kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most visited weekend getaways. There are multiple places in Kolkata and in its nearby areas where you can easily get to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. 

The offbeat places near Kolkata happen to be some of the best choices for all. Therefore it is advised to enjoy time so that it can strike a balance between your daily routine and work and travel. 

Kolkata is a beautiful city when it comes to experiencing weekend getaways. So if you are looking out for a simple and relaxing time with your loved ones, try out choosing a weekend journey to any of the offbeat places near Kolkata. 

Nowadays with a tight schedule, people hardly get time to spend quality time with their respective families. One popular combination which is popular among travelers whenever they think of visiting offbeat locations outside Kolkata is Di-pu-da which stands for Digha-Puri-Darjeeling. 


How Is Kolkata As A City Of Love?

Kolkata is one of the biggest cities in India having a huge number of people visiting the cities. The city is renowned as the city of joy. Kolkata has the remains of the British Raj. Even though there are multiple tourist places it can be easy to visit from any corner of the world and any state equally. 

Here are some of the explored offbeat places near Kolkata which can recommend you with the sights and the sounds of the city. Travel lovers recommend your trip around these spots with the hustle and bustle of the weekend getaway to Kolkata. Dominantly the city is full of parks and is up with the chaos of lives. 

The charming locales of Kolkata to the scenic backdrop happen to be the best reasons why travelers prefer visiting Kolkata. There is a wide range of romantic places in Kolkata that have a different appeal to people. It has old-world charm oozing from monuments, lakes, and popular parks. 


Some Of The Unexplored Offbeat Places Near Kolkata 

St Paul’s Cathedral:

The Cathedral is a Protestant church that is one of the offbeat destinations in Kolkata. Fresco paintings were established in 1839 and it depicts stories from both the Old and New Testaments. The main attractions of St Paul’s Cathedral are its stained glass windows with medieval sculptures as well as plaques. 

Royal Bengal Tiger Reserve:

It is located in West Bengal and is spread over 80 sq km. It covers a full forest along India's border with Bangladesh. There is a sizable population of Royal Bengal tigers which has rare swamp deer, snacks and storks and elephants. The region is also home to tribal groups like Oraons and Mundas. 


Ghatshila is one of the top offbeat places near Kolkata which is a wonderful place near Kolkata for its weekend tour. This place offers an amazing experience of blended forests, hills, and water bodies. Here you can experience being along the Phuldungri Hills, Burudih Lake, Dharagiri Falls, and Subarnarekha River at this location. The best months to visit here are between November and February. 


Galudih is one of the top offbeat places renowned for being a weekend destination highly preferred by tourists. At this place, you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Tourists here enjoy staying at the hilltop bungalows at a much more affordable cost-effective price range. Strolling in the silent beauty of nature and spotting the migratory birds offer a huge experience and ambiance altogether. 


This place is one of the top offbeat places near Kolkata where rural life works the best. There is abundant greenery that surrounds the place quite evidently. Travelers enjoy visiting the place which is covered with the plantation area along with the villagers who assist the travelers so that they can take part in the tea-tasting session. 


Makaibari is one of the offbeat places near Kolkata which has the oldest tea estates in India. It spreads over an area of 1580 acres of land. It is how tea is processed over an awesome part that tastes the session all over. The distance of this place from Kolkata is 585 km. Tourists visit this place for experiencing the awesome weather, scenic backdrop, and organic tea gardens. 

Borong Ravangla:

With the Himalayas at the backdrop and stay at a cottage in Borong along with the forests of pine and firs. The sunrise over the mighty Himalayas is a spectacular sight that you must not miss out on at any cost whenever you are in Borong. It is called the silent valley. Thus if you are looking to spend a few days in bird's charm along with the silence this is the best choice. 


Bidyang is a perfect place for seeking solace in the middle of Mother Nature. Travelers can experience the scenic beauty to seek solace which is at a distance of 17.3 KM away from the main town of Kalimpong. The latest attraction of the place is surrounded by River Reli r on one side and then by valleys on the other side. 


Amidst the mountains and pristine nature, Bagora is an offbeat weekend destination from Kolkata. It is located at a height of 7150 feet. It is indeed a perfect weekend destination from Kolkata away from the busy hustle of the city. The place is at a distance of 604 Km from Kolkata. The weather in this place is so cool that you can visit this place at any point in time for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 


This travel destination is blessed with nature in its abundance. It is perfect for a weekend tour along with snow-capped Kanchenjunga ranges from any corner of the village. The place is surrounded by pine trees and the village is the perfect retreat for the weekend. The distance between Kolakham from Kolkata is 670 KM. Travelers feel relaxed amidst such a serene atmosphere. 


Bijanbari is a small hamlet. It is near Darjeeling and is 641 KM away from Kolkata. While on the way to Bijanbari, travelers will pass through sprawling tea gardens along the beautiful Hima waterfalls along with the gorgeous mountain streams along verdant forests. Travelers can find a variety of orchids, natural beauty, clean air, and clear sky. 

James Princep Ghat:

It is located in Kolkata and reached by a set of steep steps. It is one of the offbeat places near Kolkata.  It is great for enjoying an offbeat weekend that is away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The ghat was constructed in memory of Major General James Thomas Prinsep who served as an assistant. 


Taki is renowned for its sweets called Chhanar Malpua. The Ichamati River speaks of the culture and tradition of the place. You can get to see the Petra Pole, the border between India and Bangladesh. This is among the most offbeat places near Kolkata. The distance of the place is 68 KM. You can also take different modes of communication to reach the place apart from railways.  


Bhalukhop in Kolkata is located at a height of 5300 feet. It is mostly covered with fog. The weather here is truly pleasant during the summers and freezers during the winter months to clean air, healthy food and the chirping of birds will make your stay here a memorable one. Delo Point, Hanuman temple, and the Buddha statue are the main attractions of this place. 

Subhash Sorovar:

Subhash Sarovar makes its place in all other unexplored places that is apt for all those people who want to be in the peaceful surrounding at all times. The pristine lake and the verdant greenery surround a peaceful moment with solitude lovers, offering a perfect place for those who want to spend some cool and calm time in the lake. 

Baguran Jalpai:

Baguran Jalpai is one of the most unexplored places near Kolkata which you can reach in just 4 hours from the city. The golden sandy beach surrounded by the popular Casuarina trees is a perfect spot if you want to unwind. The sunset here is something you will witness. The distance between Baguran and Kolkata is 160 KM. The shopping places in Kolkata are also quite popular and travelers prefer to visit for their affordable budgets. 


This offbeat place near Kolkata starts their living at 4 AM. People grow their food in the fields and their kitchen gardens. Locals are warm and welcoming. You can experience delicious home-cooked food here amidst the unadulterated nature and serenity which is hard to get in cities. The distance from Kolkata is 641 KM. 


Gangani is one of the offbeat destinations near Kolkata. It is popularly known as the Grand Canyon of West Bengal. This is at almost a height of 72 feet deep due to the erosion that is entirely driven by nature. The place is situated at a place that is popular as a tourist spot. It is tucked away in the southwestern corner of West Bengal. It is due to its scenic beauty and the popular spot. It is a popular romantic beach destination. 

Namkhana Bird Sanctuary:

Namkhana Bird Sanctuary is in a village and a gram panchayat within the jurisdiction of Namkhana police station in the Namkhana CD block in the Kakdwip subdivision. The railway station of Sealdah is the nearest station to Namkhana. This is a 3.2 Km long bridge to connect the distance. Namkhana Bird Sanctuary is a top place of attraction for tourists. 

Digha Beach:

Digha Beach is also described as the Brighton of the East. It is among the best offbeat places near Kolkata with a shallow sand beach along with gentle waves that extend 7.2 Km in length. It is 187 Km from Kolkata. It is a flat beach which covers previously known as Beerkul. It lies in the East Midnapore district along with the northern end of the Bay of Bengal Digha is an all-season seaside tourist spot in the state of West Bengal.  

Dakhineshwar Kali Temple:

Dakhineshwar Kali temple is also known as the Hindu Navaratna temple. It is situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. The place is situated on the bank of the Hooghly River. The temple was constructed by Rani Rshmoni and her family. The Kali mandir and the ghats of the mandir happen to be one of the best places where tourists can offer their worship and spend some quality moments in the boundaries of the temple. 

Hazarduari Murshidabad:

This place is at a distance of 210 KM from Kolkata. Travelers have also named it Bada Kothi. It is located in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is spread over a massive area of 41 acres with the magnificence of Murshidabad Palace. There are multiple things to see inside one campus. The winter season is the best time to visit this thousand-door palace. 


Shantiniketan is a town in West Bengal that is at a distance of 152.3 KM from Kolkata. It is also counted among the offbeat places near Kolkata.  It is in the neighborhood of Bolpur town. This offbeat place is known to the world for its classic education, arts, and literature. The popular Vishwa Bharati University has situated here itself. This place brings in more young crowds than older ones. 

Baranti Purulia, WB:

Baranti is another name in the list of offbeat places near Kolkata. It is surrounded by Biharinath Hill. The Muradi Lake in Barandi is created by a mud dam. Starting from Baranti, you can visit other places of attractions like Ayodhya Hills and Biharinath Hills. The distance between Purulia and Kolkata is at a distance of 265 KM. The best time to visit the place is October to March. 

RadhaNagar Beach:

Radhanagar Beach is one of the pristine and most attractive beaches of the offbeat places near Kolkata. The beach offers an exotic ambiance with strong security all over. The beach is open from 6 AM till 4:45 PM. Here you can enjoy your time with your family and friends. This beach is highly maintained and is kept clean most of the time. Authorities give great effort in maintaining the beach so that tourists visit for a wonderful holiday tour.  


Raichak is a small and charming town that has the touch of Portuguese and also the British era. It is ideal for a perfect family weekend getaway for travelers who prefer visiting less crowded places. These people love exploring their towns with a touch of beauty. This place is great to enjoy the most signature experiences. The river Hooghly in Raichak serves as the most important river for so long. 


Mandarmani is a village on the seaside of East Medinipur. It is in the northern part of West Bengal. The area is large and offers a fast and developing seaside resort village which is now contributing to the tourism department of the state. People come here to spend some quality time with their loved ones and friends at the same time. It is one of the most attractive places for nature lovers. 

Henrys Island:

It is at a distance of 95 KM from Kolkata. There is no particular season as such to visit Henrys Island. Travelers can steal some moments of happiness in this part of West Bengal away from the city’s tough life. It is near Bakkhali, South 24 Parganas. The place is mainly known for its cultural confluence and also for its captivating ambiance.


Ghoom is a place which is at a distance of 7KM. It is at the highest point of Darjeeling. It is at a distance between Kolkata and Ghoom is 493 km. Here you can also visit the Sakya monastery which is a holy place. Trains from major cities connect Ghoom through Darjeeling. The serene atmosphere in Ghoom attracts tourists every year. 

Ayodhya Pahar, Purulia:

If you want to satisfy your desire for adventure, Purulia Ayodhya Pahar is a must-visit place. Here you can explore ancient temples and also witness an amazing sunset at Murguma Dam. The best time to visit Purulia is from October to March. The means of communication from Kolkata to Purulia operate regularly bringing in travelers from different places. 


Other Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Kolkata 

  • Biharinath.
  • Jhargram.
  • Chandipur.
  • Kuldiha.
  • Shimlipal.
  • Garpanchkot.
  • Garchumuk.
  • Geonkhali.
  • Bankrupt.
  • Gangasagar. 
  • Talsari.
  • Uttarey. 
  • Buxa.
  • Tinchuley.
  • Jamshedpur.
  • Balasore.
  • Asansol. 
  • Bankura. 
  • Tajpur. 
  • Nayagram. 


Which Is The Best Time To Visit Kolkata?

The best time to visit Kolkata is from October till mid of March. The weather at this time of the year is highly favorable. The best months to visit Kolkata are January, February, March, October, November, and December. 

Monsoon months are from July to September. August is the wettest month tending for rain over a long duration. Planning for a vacation in some offbeat places near Kolkata will be worthwhile if you are looking for a weekend destination near Kolkata within a limited budget.  


How To Reach Kolkata? 

By Air: The nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. There are regular and connecting flights from all corners of the globe with Kolkata. In order to make your journey more comfortable booking the early tickets will be a wise option for a faster weekend getaway from Kolkata.  

By Rail: Travelers get regular trains to Kolkata from other major cities. There are multiple railway stations like Sealdah, Shalimar, Kolkata, Dakhineshwar, DumDum, Sodepur, Bidhannagar, Belgharia, Adi Saptagram, Howrah Junction, Bagbazar. The tickets are affordable and easy to book. 

By Road: You can reach Kolkata by booking state transport buses from different destinations with affordable tickets. The journey by bus is comfortable and also is a perfect choice when you are in a hurry to reach Kolkata. Besides the bus, travelers can also choose car rental services from Kolkata to the destination you further choose to travel through the motorable National Highways in the region. 

Things To Carry During The Travel To The Offbeat Weekends

In order to plan a perfect offbeat weekend trip you should also be ready with the travel tips that will ease your journey to the extreme. Here are some of the travel tips-


  • Pack comfortable items of clothing.
  • Mandatory medicine kits and first aid box ready. 
  • Portable charger to charge the devices. 
  • Never forget to pack your identity cards for safety. 
  • Keep your tickets ready at hand if you are traveling by flight or railway. 


Some Important Queries You Need To Know

Q1. What Are The Popular Cuisines In Kolkata? 

Ans1. Rasgulla, Chelo Kebab, Briyani, Macher Jhol, Golbarir Kosha Mangsho, Misti Doi, Kathi Roll, and Shukto are the popular Bengali cuisines that make Kolkata so popular. There is no doubt that rice and fish curry are the staple cuisines in Kolkata. In addition to this Kolkata Biryani in Awadh style is the heart winner. 


Q2. Is there a possibility of solo trips or weekend trips?

Ans2. Yes, there is a chance for solo trips to the offbeat places near Kolkata. It will be easy if you hire a travel agent to do the booking on your part. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option. Thus it is best to contact a popular travel agent for a budget-friendly travel plan towards all those destinations under the sleeves. 


Final Words

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. It is one of the financial and commercial hubs of East and North-East India. The offbeat places near Kolkata are equally popular and the right destinations for an amazing weekend plan. 

Kolkata has rightly been crowned as the ‘City of Joy’ by travelers. Besides this, the colonial architecture, and traditional cuisines and it is also home to eminent intellectuals and also shopper’s delight for embroidered linen. 

If planning a trip to any offbeat destination near Kolkata, the top-mentioned names are the best to go. 


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