Rishyap Tour: All You Should Know Before Traveling

Rishyap Tour: All You Should Know Before Traveling



About Rishyap or Rishop 

Rishop or Rishyap is a place which is a well-known tourist destination for nature lovers. The name Rishop means Mountain Peaks and Forests. There are amazing sights that one can experience with sparkling lights of Gangtok and the minor town of Pedong. 


Another town named Lava is also on the uphill motorable road of 11.2 KM. The trekking trails are at a distance of 4.2 KM. This place is a part of West Bengal. This forms a part of the settlement of the Lepcha community. 


Other places of attractions are Neora Valley, Kalimpong, Kanchenjunga, Himalayan flora and fauna, Siliguri, Bagdogra, Sikkim, Lava monastery, Darjeeling, Kolakham which is a hamlet in Kolbong Forest located within the Neora Valley. 


Trip to Rishyap: 

If you visit Rishyap, you will enjoy exploring the Himalayas and staying in the lap of this mountain for an excellent view from the very close to the mountain peak. Staying in wooden homestays for accommodation in the Rishyap village is so far exciting when compared to staying in the luxury hotels in Rishyap. 


Another place to visit is Lolegaon. This village is at about 8500 ft but is at the extreme end of the Himalayan ridge at a distance of 24 KM from Lava. Every amenity in this village comes all homemade and is not too costly. Thus experiencing homestay at this village cottage-type accommodation will be a memorable experience. 


How to Reach Rishyap near Kalimpong?

Getting to the Himalayan village of Rishyap takes almost 30 minutes or 150 KM through the Lava village road. It is at a distance of 4 KM from Kalimpong which covers almost 110 KM in 3 Hours 50 minutes. 


And, if you start from Gorubathan it will take almost 107 KM with a time coverage of 4.5 Hours. But whichever way you opt to begin your Rishyap tour, you will have to travel through the bumpy roads. So, keep a medicine kit ready with you in case you feel giddy within. 


You can also take a flight from your destination airport towards Bagdogra airport. And, take a cab towards your next destination. If you want to book a similar trip then it will be helpful for you if you hire a travel agent to do the task for you. On your return, you can come across Lolegaon downhill. 


By Air The nearest airport is Bagdogra. The distance from the airport is 117 KM. The flight to this airport is well connected to the major cities of India. From the airport, the visitors can book a cab or even take a bus to the state transport bus to Lava. And, from here, Rishyap is a few kilometers. 


By Rail: The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Junction also abbreviated as NJP. It is at a distance of 109.2 KM. The cars can be booked from outside the railway stoppage. The sky remains clear which is a plus point for the travelers. 


By Road: The small hamlet of Rishyap is almost at an approximate distance of 105.3 KM. This is from Siliguri. The travellers can either travel by taxi and then catch the bus from Tenzing Norway Terminus of the Bus Route. In this, you can travel within the village. 

Overview On Rishyap, Lolegaon 

Have you been to Rishyap, Lolegaon motorable road? The nature interpretation including the Jelep la from Rishyap is worth visiting. The great time to visit the picturesque hill station is during the summer months. The temperature is mild during the summer but high during the winter months. 


Lolegaon is a small rural settlement that offers mountainous landscape at an altitude where viewing scenic landscape Himalayan Ridge is a treat to the eyes. The temperature varies between minimum of 5’C to 7’C throughout the year. The distance between Lava village and Himalayan Ridge is 25 KM. 


Lolegaon, a small hamlet is a popular destination where you can get wonderful view of the simplicity and panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. There are top attractions in and around the place which you can view 1-hour driving distance away.  The road gives a perfect view of scenaries by following the chirps. 

Other Top Ranking Places In Lolegaon

  • Canopy Walk Lo.
  • Lolegaon Viewpoint.
  • Changey Falls La.
  • Neora Valley National Park.
  • Jhandidara Lo. 

Places To Visit In Darjeeling 

  • Lava.

  • Pedong. 

  • Latpanchar.

  • Lepchajagat.

  • Rishyap.

  • Darjeeling.

  • Darjeeling Toy Train.

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

  • Tiger Hill.

  • Kurseong. 

  • Mirik.

  • Lolegaon.

  • Kolakham.

  • Changey Falls.

  • Neora Valley National Park. 

  • Charcoal.

  • Manebhanjan.

  • Rohini.

  • Sukna.

  • Rongtong.

  • Rishikhola. 

  • Siliguri.

  • Lamahatta.

  • Dhirdham temple.

  • The Rock Garden.

  • Kalimpong.

  • Kurseong.

  • Sonada. 

Have a Question about Rishyap?

If you have any questions on Rishyap, this blog is your helping guide so that you can get the best round trip that enables you to get the best journey. If you have any other questions on Rishyap, we will be pleased to give your answer. 

What Are The Attractions in and around Rishop?

Rishop is also known as Rishyap. It is a village in the CD Block of Kalimpong subdivision of the Kalimpong district all set in the Indian state of West Bengal. A place is a tranquil place with a small rural settlement of the community of Lepcha. This place is at an altitude of 8520 ft. It is also about 285 KM to the east of Kalimpong.  


Here are some places that are considered to be attractions in and around Rishop.


Tiffindara: It is from a viewpoint in the part of North Bengal. Here you will enjoy a wonderful view of rhododendron and a forest of pine in the hill station that Rishyap offers to its visitors. It is a small rural settlement close to nature which you will be crossing on your way to reach Rishyap. 


Lava: Lava is at a distance of 12 KM from Rishyap. Lava is at a secluded hamlet with the ideal sightseeing destination nearby. The elevation of 2350 meters is almost above sea level. Lava is known for the thickly wooded forest of pine along with the Buddhist religious site named Lava Monastery. 


Lolegaon: This place is at a 1-hour driving distance away from Lava, travelers can also visit the Lolegaon viewpoint starting from Rishyap. The area and its surrounding are blessed with unique flora and fauna that is quite captivating with a breathtaking panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga that is witnessed. Canopy Walk is in the forest of Lolegaon which is its best attraction. 


Neora Valley National Park: This part is at a driving distance of 118 KM from Lolegaon. It is an area of around 120 acres of forest land, it hosts several endangered species of the birds and wild reserve of animals. In this park, you will find a huge variety of prime Red Panda nearby. They are always residing in the sleepy pictorial hamlet of animals and birds. The area surrounds the pine forest.


Kolakham: It is a part of the hill station and a part of Bengal Tourism. If you want to view rooms towards the Rishyap tour at an elevation of 6500 feet above sea level. In this part of the hill station, you will get to see a sacred religious site that is dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as a Buddha statue situated in the Seolo Village. The temple exhibits a unique religious harmony. 


Changey Waterfall: Changey Waterfall offers water gushing down from a high above distance of 4.5 KMs from Rishyap. It offers a heavenly feel amongst nature as well as the roaring sound of the waters down the mountains. 


Pedong: Pedong is at a height of 4100 feet. It is one of the most desired destinations for travelers. The town is located at 22.5 KM from Kalimpong, Lava Road. On its way you will be able to see the lush green pine forests and overview Mt. Kanchenjunga. Pedong lies in the ancient Silk Route known to connect Lhasa from India through Jelep-La. 


What Is The Weather And Climate At Rishyap 

The climate of Rishyap is cold all throughout the year. But in winters it is more cold than in the summers. The hamlet lies in the lap of Mother Nature. To stay in Rishyap, you should do a good packing of your woolen clothes. It is at a high altitude therefore the temperature is less. 


The temperature varies in the summer seasons but rises high in the winters. It is due to this captivating climate of the place that gives the hotels in Rishyap huge groups of visitors very often throughout the year. Visiting Neora Valley National Park is another tourist spot. 

Best Time To Visit Rishyap: Read in details 

The climate of Rishyap is almost cloudy all throughout the year. During the winters it is very cold. Thus the best time to visit Rishyap is during the summer season. But travellers have marked the time to visit during the months of mid-April till mid-July.

Due to this kind of temperature, the weather at Rishyap is always smooth. The sky remains clear while the rhododendrons are in full bloom. Sometimes, the temperature goes down to 0°C and may move up to 7’C. The month of Autumn is considered to be a great time for the Rishyap Tour. 

There are a few good hotels in Rishyap which will make your days of vacation all the more memorable. In the summer months, Rishyap records a temperature of 10‘C and 20 ‘C. For more information about Rishop, you must visit the place and also check the online videos that are available hereafter. 


Let’s Learn About Some Accommodation Options in Rishop

Rishop is not like any other modernized town. Moreover, the only mode of accommodation here is to avail of a homestay. The local villagers are highly welcoming and so they try very hard to provide guests with the best amenities. 

Visitors get to use a western bathroom, view rooms, get hot running water, neat and clean living spaces for their comfortable stay at night. Together it is a home-like experience that can provide fantastic living conditions. 

There are a few best hotels to stay around Rishyap. The months of June to August are not at all recommended for frequent landslides that make the place a non-safety place to stay. The sky remains generally clear near the Rishyap village therefore it is highly recommended to visit tourists. 

How To Reach Lepcha From Rishyap?

Lepcha is a small hamlet located in the Lolegaon and Lava villages. Lava is only 11.8 KM from the bumpy boulder road that requires the Jeep type vehicle that takes almost about 40 to 50 minutes to reach the village. Visitors can trek downhill towards Lava through the forests of pines and rhododendrons.  The distance of the place is 4 KM and it takes about 3.5 hours. 


What Are The Nearby Places from Rishyap? 

  • Lava Village.
  • Tiffindara.
  • Paktam Forest.
  • Mayrong.
  • Khampong.
  • Kolbong.
  • Raset Forest.
  • Lepcha village.
  • Rishi.
  • Aritar.
  • Pedong.
  • Lolegaon.
  • Gangtok.
  • Kalimpong.
  • Darjeeling.
  • Jalpaiguri.
  • Siliguri. 
  • Neora Valley National Park. 
  • Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery. 

Rishyap Tour NJP / Bagdogra: Price Of The Tickets

Here is a list of updated fare list-

  1. NJP/Bagdogra to Rishop: Rs. 3700/- to Rs. 4000/-.
  2. Rishyap to Kalimpong: Rs. 2700/-. 
  3. Rishyap to Lava: Rs. 1200/- by Jeep.
  4. Rishop to lava and Lolegaon round trip by Jeep: Rs. 2800/- to Rs. 3200/-.
  5. Rishyap Tour to Changey Waterfall: Rs. 1500/- to Rs 1800/-. 

Top Hotels Near Rishyap: An Overview

In order to enjoy the complete picturesque view of the eastern Himalayan range, it is important to find a good hotel near the tourist spots. The hotels are in the Lepcha community in the mountainous area of the place. 


The serenity of the place among the deep silent forest of pine has some good accommodation options to get views of the mountain peaks. In the Rishyap village, the temperature varies between a minimum of 10°C to a maximum of 15°C. 


If you too are one of those who is looking for accommodation options in Rishyap near the community in the mountainous landscape when nature is in abundance. 


Rishyap Hotels By Star Rating


Sleeping Buddha: It is a unit of the Nakshatra Resorts Pvt Ltd. The amenities in this hotel are a wonderful ambience with western bathrooms and a nice cosy seating area, a geyser, an electric kettle, fresh and timely food, Intercom for more connected facilities. Food of all amenities on an a la carte basis calls tourists of all kinds. There is an opportunity for free car parking space in the hotels. Call: +919830162258/+919830514044 for booking. 


Rosedale Inn: The hotel offers one of the best amenities in the Rishyap area. The strongest point of the hotel is its location of the hotel. The rooms are awesome and offer a direct view of the majestic Kanchenjunga from the room. You will get to explore the breathtaking view of the eastern Himalayan hills and also the ranges. 


For Booking Call: 916291351029/ 9903009735.

Email: info@rosedellinn.com / rosedellinn@gmail.com 


Snow Falls Resort Sonartari Rishyap: The hotel in this hotel is a 3-bedded room on the ground floor. The carpeted, LCD TV with cable channels, attached toilet with geysers and intercom facility. The in-house dining offers Indian and Chinese dishes with room service and car parking is available. There is 24X7 security in the hotel. 

Booking Call: +918001233431/ 8001233610/ 8017195512.

Email: resortsonartari@gmail.com.


Golden Sojourn: A resort-type accommodation is located on the hill top with several categories of rooms that include double-bedded, and triple bedded with duplex rooms. There is a campfire that is organized on request. 

For Booking Call: 9733071716/9830107879/9830107780. 

Email: info@sprigvaleresorts.com 


Hotel New Sonar Bangla - Rishyap: This hotel offers to stay at the most discounted rates. There is a possibility of free cancellation for up to 24 hours. The price starts at Rs. 1312/- along with which there is a tax fee of Rs. 296/- and this is payable per night. You can book this hotel by star rating but through the booking, apps to avail discounted rates. 

Enjoy the Pleasure of being in Rishyap with us


Summit Barsana Spa & Hotel: This hotel is highly recommended to book in the Kalimpong- Kanchenjunga region. Mount Kanchenjunga can be seen from the balcony of the hotel. The hotel is also star verified and the price is also very low. There are opportunities for free cancellation till 24 hours before you finally check in at the hotel. The room tariff starts from Rs. 2599/- onwards exclusive of 500/- of taxes and fees per night.  


Mystic Orchid Resort: Here there is free cancellation till 24 hours before you check in at the chosen rooms in the hotels. There is a 100% money-back guarantee on clean rooms. The price of a room in this hotel starts from Rs. 2020/- exclusive of the tax fee of Rs. 512/- per night. Breakfast is included in this package. There is also the facility to book now and pay later for lucky travellers. It is best to book the hotels through the booking apps so that you can get the best-discounted rates. 


Infrastructure and features of Hotel Green Peak Rishyap

There are travellers who have rated this hotel property with 5 stars just because of their facilities. The hotel is nestled in the main town of Rishyap. It is close to Lava. The rooms are very clean and offer breakfast along with the included price of the room tariff. 


The infrastructure and features of the Hotel are as follows:


  • 24X7 front desk.
  • Doctor-on-call service.
  • Dry cleaning laundry.
  • 24X7 water supply for guests.
  • Spacious rooms.
  • Well-maintained surroundings.
  • Comfortable King-size beds.
  • Attached bathrooms. 
  • Essential toiletries. 


Nearest Airport to the Hotel: is Bagdogra Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: NJP Railway station.

Nearest Bus stand: Panitanki Bus Stand.

The nearest exclusions are as follows:  

  • Pedong (39.8 KM).

  • Tiffindara (50 KM).
  • Neora National Park (48 KM).


Thus booking a room at the Green Peak Resort will be a great way to explore the tourist places properly plus have the added benefit of enjoying the great facilities and amenities of staying in the best hotel within an affordable budget. 

Room Tariffs Of Rishop STAY: Know In Brief

The room tariff of the Rishyap hotels starts from the discounted price range of Rs. 2550/- onwards. Sometimes there is a possibility to avail the offers up to 40% and at times it is counted as up to 35%. 


Suppose you book from the Agoda app, you can book instantly and save bigger amounts with the best lowest price guarantees. If you compare all rooms, you will see there are high-standard rooms available within affordable price ranges. 


Neora Valley Resort: Best Stay In Kalimpong Hills

Neora Valley Resort is the best stay in Kalimpong Hills. This hotel is rated 4.8 out of 5 on Reviews. The most attractive features of this hotel are- location, service, cleanliness, value, free parking, kids-friendly activities to be done in the hotel, a Restaurant for dining in, and a great view of the hilly surrounding. 


Contact the owner of the hotel directly to book a room. The rooftop of the hotel makes it a great ambience to enjoy. It is best for booking a honeymoon suite here. The staff at the hotel are very friendly and are always ready to answer your call whenever asked for. 


Contact Person: Mr Chunchu Bhutia.

Phone: 9609932879.


Rishyap Eco Hut is situated on the edge of the ridge at the Rishyap village. It overlooks the vast stretches of valleys that offer stunning views of the place. It offers an escape from the city humdrum with the rooms that command the serenity of the atmosphere. It is the main town of Kalimpong in the Neora Valley. It offers options for the travelers looking for accommodation in the place. 

What Are The Sightseeing Attractions in & around Rishyap?

Rishop or Rishyap is a tourist place of sightseeing and attractions in and around the place. It is in the Lolegaon-Lava Circuit of the Kalimpong District. There are a few households that are inaccessible but depend on step farming for their agricultural purposes. 


The striking Sightseeing attractions in and around Rishyap are as follows: 

  • Mt. Kanchenjunga.
  • TiffinDara.
  • Lava.
  • Lolegaon.
  • Silk Route.
  • Kholakham. 
  • Pedong.
  • Monasteries.
  • North Sikkim.
  • Darjeeling. 
  • Siliguri. 
  • Mall MG Road.
  • Zero Point.
  • Gurudongmar Lake. 

Rishyap Road, District Kalimpong, West Bengal (India)

Rishyap is a tourist village which lies in the Kalimpong District. The hidden treasure of the Eastern Himalayan Range can be explored from this place. The surrounding tourist spots from Rishyap are Rishi, Aritar, Lava, Lolegaon, Pedong and many other places. In some initial days, travellers take the trekking route almost 5 to 6 KM to reach. But, the motorable roads were repaired and thus, you can drive to Rishyap now which is at a distance of 9KM. 

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Rishyap Hotels

Amenities in Rishyap Hotels:  Check the amenities in the hotel of Rishyap before booking the hotel. Some are suggested for you- free cancellation, breakfast/ lunch/ dinner inclusion, EMI deals, television at hotel rooms, 24X7 security, full-day water facility, Discounts and offers, and friendly staff. 


Rishyap Hotels Under 1000: There are hotels that start under 1000/-. Some of them prefer booking homestays to save huge on hotel rooms. The facilities include 1 bedroom, 1 toilet, 1 caretaker, couple friendly, free cancellation facilities, 24X7 water, and good and fresh meals. It starts from Rs. 768/-.


  • Passerine Retreat Birding Lodge Nature’s Sprout.
  • Rejoy Homestay (OYO 703365).
  • Pink Floyd Resort.
  • Hotel PP.
  • The Rak’s Gaze. 
  • Hotel Hills View.
  • Hotel Himalayan Homestay.


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Rishyap Travel Links

To learn more about the travel guide, tourism, how to reach, information, route map and photo reviews of Rishop, you must check and go through the travel links on the internet. Through this, you will receive the best travel guide and know how to complete a budget tour plan. 

Rishyap Reviews 

Reviews about Rishyap stays are the best measures to understand whether the place is worth visiting and where to book at the most affordable rates. It serves as a helping guide for future travellers who are about to book places designed and produced in the interest of the travellers. 

Have You Been to Rishop? Share your experiences!

To read more on Rishyap, you need to stay tuned to our blog posts and check our latest updates. Rishyap reviews by other travellers always help in framing a better sketch of the place before you visit the quaint romantic village situated in the pristine Neora Valley in North Bengal Tourism. 

Book a trip to Rishyap this summer. 


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