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Silk Route Tour is about exploring a series of networks. The Sikkim tour is counted among the popular tourist places of attraction in East Sikkim. Zuluk or Dzuluk was once an essential stop of the ancient silk route. In the present day, the Sikkim route is also felicitated for the gorgeous picturesque views of the mountains. 


If there are any kind of queries regarding tourism in Sikkim, ways to reach, where to stay and how to find the homestays, and what should be the right time to reach the silk route tour. 


Suppose you are new to Sikkim, you can take a travel guide who will take you through the right ways in Sikkim and around. Nathula Pass is a mountain pass in the Himalayas. The mountain pass is on the India-China border. It is one of the Indian states of Sikkim. The pristine place is covered with zig-zag roads, small villages, hairpin blends, and quaint routes. 

When To Visit & Book Silk Route Package Tour?

The right time to visit the Silk route in east Sikkim is in the month of March. The silk route package tour is reopened now. Hence this place is considered a great tour for viewing mesmerizing sights. Silk Route package tour is widely known for its affordable rates and how the travel guides can make the journey all the more memorable. 


Therefore the silk route of Sikkim is an ideal time to pay a visit to this tourist spot. The old silk route is situated in east Sikkim. The route is renowned as an integral part of the ancient nexus of the trade routes which connect India and China. There are various silk route package tours that are designed for the silk route within affordable budgets. 


Do You Think The Silk Route Is An Actual Route? 

Silk Route is neither the actual road nor considered a single route. This is in Sikkim. The Silk Route Sikkim is preferred as a network of routes used by traders that can run for 1,500 years. The old silk route runs from the Han dynasty of China. Thus the silk route tour package can embark on the epic journey. The Silk Route is also known as the Silk Road Sikkim. 


What Is The History Of The Sikkim Silk Route? 

Present day silk route is a part of Sikkim tourism. The ancient silk route is a part of 130 BCE history which continued till 1453 CE. India was well connected through this silk route from 3 other probable routes. Moreover, the trade routes have a complete panoramic view for its tourists. 


The first route was through Srinagar, Gilgit, and the Karakoram Range whereas the second was through Purushapura. And, the third one was through the Hadda, Kapisa, Bamiyan that finally connects the Silk Route near Balkh for multiple trade-related purposes. Currently, this place is an offshoot of all kinds of ancient trades.


A Bit of History – Old Silk Route

The old Silk Route got its name from the trade of Chinese Silk. It is a highly valued commodity that the merchants transport along with the trade networks. The Silk Road got transported along the trade networks by the merchants for the transport. It was a vast trade network that connected the routes of Eurasia and the Northern Part of Africa. It is through the land and sea routes. 


The old silk route came to dominate the trade in the 19th century. The traditional form of the Silk Road trade was replaced by the latest technologies and methods. It transforms international commerce from the east to the west. Europe in the 19th century came to dominate the trade through this route. It is since then that the route got its name. 


The majority of the people residing here in the Sikkim region are Nepalese, Lepchas, and Bhutias. It was an independent kingdom in the olden times until it merged with India in 1975. Sikkim exhibits a unique combination of different cultures, architecture, and food cuisines. The rhododendron is a beautiful scene in this place. 


The opening of more trade routes will strengthen the business-related possibilities between India and foreign trade. Apart from trade, it was also used to exchange ideas among a variety of civilizations. It was in the 1st century when during the reign of Emperor Tiberius, the trade of silk turned out to be a bigger problem. 


What Is The Silk Route In Sikkim Popular For? 

The silk route in Sikkim has made a great contribution to world history in connection with the other parts of the world as well as the Indian states. European Greek art entered India through this silk route map. 


Apart from this, the culture of Buddhism from India sailed outside India through this same route proudly. It is an ideal place to visit. The route is 920 KM which is still a hostile one. The trade of silk is regarded to be one of the most treasured products to be traded in reality. The other sources of trade were teas, wool and horses. 


Who Came To Visit India Through The Sikkim Silk Route? 

Travellers from foreign entered our country through the Silk Route. Marco Polo, Fa Hein, and Hiuen Tsang are a few names of those foreign travellers who could come to India through this silk route. 


Thus, India can take pride that the silk route witnessed much historical progress with the right set of exchange, art, and science. The habitat of the place as well as the culture of the place. The advent of the Silk Route is a part of the ancient trade route that holds the world’s first international phenomenon for culture. 


There are a few cities that are considered to be obscure. And, Lhasa and Lanzhou are one of them. Slowly the place became the seat of religious power with the emergence of the finest cities in the remotest corners of the Himalayas and the foothills of the routes. 


About Gangtok: Capital City Of Sikkim 

Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. This tourist place is considered to be one of the most attractive tourist spots in West Bengal. This part of Sikkim tourism also reflects a unique ambience with the happy blending of tradition and modernity. 


Gangtok is also an enthusiastic hotspot for adventure sports who love to visit the hill station for hiking, trekking and camping. Photographers love to be in this place with the hope to get the best pictures which they can put up on sale for exhibition. The journey of the Sikkim tour will be incomplete without exploring the Silk Route. 


Besides this, the stupas and monasteries at Gangtok are special places of attraction. Some of the key places to visit in Gangtok are Rumtek Monastery, Tashi View Point, Lal Bazaar, Baba Harbhajan Mandir and Do-Drul Chorten. Don’t forget to visit the Nathang Valley, Ganesh Tok, and Enchey Monastery. This hill station offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. 


These places tourist attractions pull in a perfect blend of old traditional values with bits of modernization. This is done so much so that the journey to the Silk Route has no limits without visiting Gangtok the capital city of Sikkim, a popular hill station in India. It is located at a height of about 1652 m above sea level. 


Nathula Pass and the Old Silk Route

Nathula Pass is a mountain pass of the Himalayan Range that connects Sikkim and China. Nathu La is one of the open routes of trade between India along with China. This pass offers a panoramic view of tourist attractions. Nathula is a part of the ancient Silk Route used by traders to carry precious goods from one part of the world to the other. 


The high altitude in this place gives a grandeur scenery to all its visitors. Basically, tourists visit this place with the hope to experience heavy snowfall during the winter months. Make sure you don’t forget to visit the Himalayas which is one of the most beautiful places of attraction in Sikkim natural beauty. Sometimes visitors enjoy the scene at this place after staying in the homestays. 


Nathang Valley: A forgotten No-Man’s Land!

Nathula Pass Gangtok is the nearest railway station to Nathula Pass. Almost 14,200 feet above mean sea level. It is a significant mountain pass with formerly a component of the old silk route. The valley is beautifully complemented by cold weather and a mystical ambience. 


Padamchen is a small village around the circuit of the Silk Route just 14 km from Rogli and 4-5 KM from the place of Zuluk. Here tourists experience pleasant weather throughout the year. It is one of the attractive reasons which is considered to be the most important trade route in the history of Asia. 


The distance of the Old Silk Route commences from the NJP region to that extending till the Zuluk region. The entire route is a part of the ancient world that runs over 155 KM that people will have to cross before reaching Bhutan. The Silk Route in the Sikkim region extends from Lhasa to Tamluk in West Bengal after crossing the Chumbi Valley and then along the Nathula Pass. 


Nathang Valley to Gangtok Trip 

The Nathang valley to Gangtok trip is a highly recommended trip for travellers. At least you will have to stay at least one night here. If you don’t do so you will miss out on visiting the famous Eagle’s nest Bunker that is an abandoned bunker in the Indian Army. here you will enjoy memorizing the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga. 


What Are the Places To Visit Near Nathang Valley? 

  • Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.
  • Baba Harbhajan Singh temple.
  • Zuluk lake.
  • Gangtok. 
  • Tsomgo Chho.
  • Nathula Pass.
  • Lungthung View Point. 
  • Tukla valley. 
  • Elephant lake View Point.
  • Hangu lake. 


Should One Plan A Night At The Nathang Valley?

Yes, one can plan a night stay at the Nathang valley. The best time to visit Nathang Valley is in the summer months. During these months, the season of rhododendron blossoms and the entire valley gets covered in colourful wildflower gardening. Nathang Valley is known as the Ladakh of the east as the landscapes come similarly to Ladakh. Sikkim Reviews by other tourists offer excellent affordability with satisfactory arrangements. The service of every Sikkim tour package operator is hospitable. 


The place is extremely cold with multiple weather varieties making the area one of the most astounding beauties with Nathang Valley offering visitors a fantastic view with perfect lingering. The reminiscence of the old silk route is all about enjoying the travel in the Ladakh region of eastern India. You can also enjoy your stay at the foothills of the route. 


What Is The Best Time To Visit East Sikkim?

The best time to visit east Sikkim is during the summer months i.e from April to September. This place is considered to be one of the off-limits to travellers. But, now you will enjoy the unique flora and wildlife of the place. The Nathu La and Jelep La are other places to visit in the northern part of Sikkim. 


From Gangtok, it is around 70 kilometres to the east. The best bet is set aside for a complete full-day service. There are shared jeeps which are booked by the tourists to travel around the tourist's place. If you plan a trip in the summer vacation, you will enjoy being in this ambience.


What Are The Places to Stay & Eat in East Sikkim In 2023?

The best places to stay and eat in east Sikkim are as follows: 


  • Golden Crest.
  • The Grand Silk Route.
  • The Fern Denzong Hotel & Spa Gangtok.
  • Summit Golden Crescent Resort & Spa.
  • Bankhim Residency Gangtok. 
  • Gangtok Central Rooms MG Marg.
  • Alpine Village Resort.
  • Chlorofeel The Z Retreat.


The booking at these places are done through apps which makes it affordable.  


For Different Zuluk Tour/ Old silk Tour Packages: Please Scroll Down the Page To Learn More.

In order to understand the different Zuluk tours and old silk tour packages, you will need to scroll down the page and read the necessary guide. And, if you are looking for a Zulu tour package, you can talk to expert tour guides who will help you in finding the right details. Silk Route Tour with North Sikkim is another clean and affordable alternative without any kind of hidden costs. For Booking, you can call the right travel packages @ the most perfect and the best price available. 


Fall In Love With The Old Silk Route, Sikkim: Why visit Zuluk?

Zuluk is a village on the hillside with a small settlement all around. It is a famous place for its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.  In the spring season in Zuluk, the whole region is covered with charm and beauty.  

Rhododendrons add complete beauty to high elevation owing to the high altitude of the place. Here the place is covered with mist and clouds. Zuluk is a Sikkim silk route tour that can be started from NJP in West Bengal/ Gangtok in Sikkim. We had decided to start the journey from NJP at the end in Gangtok and stop at Aritar, Zuluk and Nathang Valley for a night.  


Is Obtaining Permits for East Sikkim Easy?

Yes, getting permits for East Sikkim is easy. The most important thing is to catch up with proper documentation, it is easy to take only 15-20 minutes from all corners of the counter. The permits are issued between 8 AM to 8 PM. There are places to stay near the crossing borders of west Bengal and Sikkim. Moreover, you will require ILP/RAP documents to enter the Sikkim borders. 

The routes cover permits for Siliguri-Sikkim Tourist information, Sevoke Road, Janta nagar, and Rangpo Check Post. These together make the way towards Gangtok or East Sikkim. Foreigners must obtain the Inner Line permit to reach Sikkim. 

The strength of the permit is equal to Indian Visa. These visas are available from Indian Missions, New Delhi, Kolkata, District magistrates, Siliguri, Rangpo, Darjeeling and many more. Suppose you are a citizen of India, you will require PAP to visit certain areas. Permits can be obtained by going to the tourist centre at Gangtok and contacting the travel agent.  

Do not forget to think about the Aadhar Card being a valid proof of identity. It is best to take with you the voter card, passport and driving license in order to obtain the permit. Carrying the printout of the filled form with you while travelling to Sikkim.  


Why Book Our Comprehensive Silk Route Tour Packages?

What's Included In the Tour Packages by the Silk Route Tour Operators?


Sikkim tour operators offer comprehensive Silk Route Tour packages that are within affordable budgets. Tourists love to book packages because of the following reasons-

  • No hassle while booking. 
  • Best guaranteed price.
  • Experienced operators.
  • Happy travellers.
  • Local offices.
  • Customer care availability 24X7.
  • Free Insurance Of Travel.
  • Hand-picked places to visit through tours & activities. 


These are the places to visit silk routes all along together. The place is located at an altitude of great height. The travellers also visit Silk routes along with the local insights. The good hospitality and services by the tour operators offer good tourist places.     


What is the Silk route in the Sikkim tour package route map?

  • Kalimpong Darjeeling gangtok Lachen Lachung package- upto 36,899/-



  • Gangtok Tour packages (14,999/- onwards).
  • Gangtok North Sikkim Tour Packages (18,999/- onwards).
  • Gangtok Pelling Tour packages (15,999/- onwards).


For more details, you will need to download the link below and go through the virtual tour of the Sikkim tourist route map. The beautiful villages are situated at the foothills of the route and stop at any of the villages to break the journey. 



What is the cost of the 4 nights 5 days Sikkim Silk route tour package from NJP?

The cost of the 4 nights and 5 days in Sikkim starts from Rs. 6893/-. Along with this package tourists will get to enjoy riding the cars like Alto, Wagon R and many other similar many-seater cars for travelling together. If you keep a note on the Silk Route Tour Packages Sikkim, you will also have to check through the itineraries & attractions for getting the right route map and list of expenses. 


Package Of 4/5 night and day Silk Route tour plan itinerary NJP 

Day 1: Start the journey from NJP to Sillery Gaon.

Day 2: Next travel from Sillery Gaon to Zuluk.

Day 3: head towards the Zuluk to Silk Route.

Day 4: After resting at Zuluk/Padamchen head towards Rishikhola. 

Day 5: Rishikhola to Siliguri.


After a delicious breakfast on the way to Siliguri/ NJP or also at Bagdogra with the sweet Silk route memories. The pleasant weather of Sikkim offers tourists the wonderful natural surroundings of the lush green forest with the fastest running stream with numerous spices. 


Popular Itinerary: 6 days/ 7 nights Old Silk Route Tour 

Day 1: Pick up from the Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri.

Day 2: Visit the Sillery Gaon from the Aritar Transfer.

Day 3: Aritar to Rongpokhola trip.

Day 4: Rongpokhola trip to Zuluk.

Day 5: Zuluk to Gangtok.

Day 6: Visit the Gangtok local sightseeing places.

Day 7: Gangtok to NJP/ Siliguri Return. 


What Is The Best Time For The Sikkim Silk Route Trip?

The best time to visit the Sikkim Silk Tour is springtime. The time is between March and May. During this time, the weather remains pleasant. 


The weather condition of the Silk route tour package


  • June-September ( Monsoon).
  • October- November (Autumn).
  • December-February (Winter).

Where Can I Get The Visuals In Silk Route?

If you want to enjoy the Sikkim silk route in visuals, click on the link below. The Ancient Silk Route was actually the huge network of ancient trade routes that stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean traversing the place between China, India, Egypt, Arabia, Greece and Italy. The route was established during the Chinese Han Dynasty in 130 BC. It links regions of the ancient world in commerce between the periods between 130 BCE- 1453 CE. 


Download Now For Silk Route Visuals. 



What Are The Packing Tips For Old Silk Route? 

It hardly matters at which time of the year you plan a trip to the Old Silk Route, it remains cold all throughout. Thus it is advised to take a portable room heater or ask for one at your staying lodge or homestay. Do not forget to pack woollen clothes or else you will not be able to withstand the night outside. The temperature out there goes down to 0 degrees as well. 

Moreover, you should also pack with you mufflers, comforters, thermosets, woollen clothes, Socks, woollen caps, masks, gloves, shawl, jackets, sweaters, gumboots, thermal flask, inhalers, necessary medicines, portable oxygen cylinders (if you plan to explore 0 degrees). 


Woman tip: You can dress up in a saree and a shawl with bright colours to be the centre point of attraction in a photograph clicked with snow. Light makeup will just accompany it at its best. 


Sikkim Travel Guides & packing tips for Old Silk Route the Indian part of the silk route is rightly open for tourists starting from Rongli to the Nathula Pass. The Sikkim reviews work for travel for silk route without doubt historically interesting for stunning vistas of the route by attracting the tourists to the part of east Sikkim. 


There are tourists from all over Bengal with the basic amenities to the tourists which en route the Silk Route circuit. This place is situated at an altitude of about 5200 feet near the Bengal-Sikkim border. Visitors to this place prefer it with excellent features. 


Things To Do In Old Silk Route Tour Package 6-7 Night & Day

  • River Rafting Sports.
  • Paragliding in Kalimpong.
  • Boating in Aritar Lake.

Change lake Ropeway Activity.

  • Yak Safari, Changu Lake.

Highlights Of Your Silk Route Package Tours by Bengal Tour Plans

How to Reach the Old Silk Route?


Starting from Gangtok to Ranipool.

Distance: 93.5 KM.

Time: 4 Hrs 40 minutes.


From NJP/Bagdogra to Old Silk Route.

Distance: 142 KM.

Time: 5:30 Hrs.


Starting From Kalimpong to the Old Silk Route.

Distance: 94 KM.

Time: 4 Hrs 35 minutes. 


From Pelling to Silk Route (Old).

Distance: 155 KM.

Time: 7 Hrs 22 min.


Starting from Darjeeling to the Old Silk Route.

Distance: 144 KM.

Time: 5 Hrs 24 min. 


Visit Silk Route After COVID-19, discounted Package Tours Rate

  •  4-5 heads at Rs. 12500/- per head.
  •  6-7 heads at Rs. 10500/-  per head.
  •  For 2-4 years, no charges are needed.  


Sikkim tourism has updated the rules and regulations of Covid-19 with the second wave, definite limitations have always been applied all by the government of Sikkim. If there is any latest information available for this, it will be updated on the website. Keep following us for more news. 



Silk Route Vacation Tours: 9999-388-588.

Silk Route Tours 2761 Unicorn LN/Washington, DC: 8003564433 / 2022445954.

North Bengal Tours Kolkata: 8145584286.



If you are planning your next holiday destination in Silk Route Tours Silk Route Tour Package 



Things to carry in Silk route package tours from Kolkata

Sikkim Silk Route package tours from Kolkata need to carry woolen clothes, Inhaler, camphor, medicines, ID card, sunglasses and cameras. Don’t forget to take the Voter ID card and also printouts of the cards to submit the xerox copy of the Voter card, Driving license, passport details. 


Food and lodging at the Old Silk Route, Sikkim

Are you planning a trip to the prized route of the Old Silk Route in Sikkim? Are you worried about the food and the lodging near the place?  This blog post will serve you as a complete guide for travelling. 


People in Bengal do not expect a cafe coffee day to be on the silk route. They also do not expect to dine at 5-star hotels in this region. Suppose you are planning to eat three meals a day, it is best to book a homestay as it is a common practice over there. 


There are Veg and Non-Veg food both served at the homestays and hotels in this region. In veg meals, there are options for daal, roti, sabji, rice, curry, and fries. And, in non-veg meals, there are options for chicken and egg curry for lunch and dinner. The curries served here are hot because the weather in the places is almost low for survival. 


The price of the meals starts from Rs. 90/- per head and can go almost upto Rs. Rs. 220/- per head. There are pit shops available at certain places where Maggi and hot tea and coffee are a treat to have. These places are near the military camps. But during the COVID, these pit shops were all shut down. 


Lodging Near Old Sikkim Silk Route

  • Aritar Homestay. 
  • Kanchenjunga Mirror Homestay.
  • Zuluk Homestay.
  • Angel Homestay.
  • Som Bahadur Homestay.
  • Palzor Homestay.
  • Padamchen Homestay.
  • Iceland Homestay.
  • Lungthung Homestay.
  • Nathang Valley Homestay.
  • Coronation Homestay.
  • Takchi Homestay.
  • Rongli Homestay. 


Please Note: Travelers can get these homestay packages along with their travel packages destined before with a reliable Sikkim silk route travel agent. They will help with the best budgetary offer so that your expenses do not exceed unnecessary and yet they can have a memorable tour. 


Starting price of these homestays ranges between Rs. 950/- and Rs. 1150/- per person stay. Once the tourist group explains their need to the Sikkim travel agent they will set the package accordingly. The cost of the homestays can go upto 2000/- as well. 


Things to do in Aritar: First Stop On the way to Old Silk Route

Aritar is the first stop on the way to the Old Silk Route. It is in the ascending point towards Zuluk. Lake Aritar is also popularly known as Lampokhari. This reflects the lush green area surrounding the area with colours. You will need to spend the day visiting Mankhim. 

This is on the hilltop of Aritar. 


From here you will enjoy the clearest view of Kanchenjunga. The entire sleeping Buddha range and rushed towards Zuluk with glee. If you stay at Reshikhola, that border straddles the border between West Bengal and Sikkim. 


If you are visiting in the month of February, you are not going to miss out on the Pudong mela. There are places where tribes like Bhutia and Lepcha from distant villages come with the annual produce. It may be a bit dicey for the elderly people in the travel groups. During the monsoon months, the river turns voluminous on the Bengal side. 


After a few miles, you will need to stop briefly on the road for a momo and tea treat. The next is that travellers will have to drive past Rongpo. Here you will be enjoying the sunrise. It is the proverbial pitch when it comes to reaching Rangpo. The town of Rangpo is between Sikkim and West Bengal. There are authorities that would check for Sikkim Travels. 


Aritar lake is the first man-made lake with the facilities to enjoy boating. There are also options for enjoying mountain biking and many more. The lake is situated at a height of almost 4000 feet. Here staying at the Orange Court resort is the right kind of choice to create a fragile ecology in Sikkim. 


Lower Zuluk here resembles the haphazardly created locality to fit in tourists. There are shambled houses that are covered with blooming bright myriad of mountain flowers that hang from the earthen pots. These are found at the entry of each house which adds to the hue of the foggy day. 


Changu Lake Stop (Tsomgo Lake) back to Gangtok

The distance of Nathang valley towards Gangtok is almost 5-6 hours depending on the road condition. The highlight of the return to Gangtok from Zuluk is almost albeit a stop at the Changu Lake. The glacial lake is a sacred waterbody that talks about the locals that bring in tourist spots. Much ahead like Pangong Tso, Tsomgo lake happens to change colour along the movement of the Sun. 


Due to the close vicinity, Tsomgo Lake is a frequent visitor. This makes it a bit overwhelming with the crowd and also the usual things of tourists. Despite the area of 12,300+ ft height. Tsomgo Lake is a celestial lake that gives spiritual vibes to tourists. Do not forget to reach out to Gangtok before leaving the place that is abound by the valley. It makes the ride a challenging one. 


In order to complete the travel to the old silk route and Zuluk, you must get a permit to visit Tsomgo lake from the Rangli viewpoint. 


A Responsible Traveler’s Guide to Old Silk Route, Sikkim

It is needless to say that the old silk route happens to be one of the best paths where travellers can enjoy a fragile ecological zone in the entire world. It is almost a dangerous point to remind the sleeping demon that can disbalance the peace prevailing all over the valley. 


Gracefully, in Sikkim, the major crowd-puller offers a visit to the beautiful lakes and mountains that have been in the place for ages now. Sikkim is popular for being the cleanest state in the country. Thus the scenic beauty of the place allows a frolic ambience without the presence of unrelenting litter all over the banks. 




FAQ on Silk Route Tours Package from Kolkata


Hotel Snow View On Cloud Nine

Highlight: Located near the helipad, the hotel is one of the best hotels in Pelling.

Location: Singyang Chumbong, Naku Pelling, West Sikkim, Pelling.

Price: Rs 2,000/- for any standard double room.


Bamboo Retreat 


  • A private meditation room.
  • hot stone bathing facility.
  • an in-house restaurant( Italian, Nepalese, and Chinese cuisines).

Location: Sajong Rumtek Block Gangtok, Gangtok.

Cost: Rs 6,000/- for a deluxe double room without any balcony.

Muscatel Central

Highlight: Placed in popular locations in and around Gangtok, the hotel offers a perfect balance of convenience along with luxurious and surprisingly affordable price ranges.

Location: Opposite the MG mall Church Road in Gangtok.

Price: Rs 2,240/- per deluxe and double room.


BluBen Alpine


  • 24X7 front desk service.
  • Separate balconies.
  • separate wardrobe.
  •  attached-baths in each room.
  • The magnificent scenery of Kanchenjunga from hotel balconies. 

Place: Upper Pelling, Pelling.

Price: Rs. 1,500/- for a deluxe double room.

Rufina Blue Pine

Highlights: A spectacular view of the Himalayas and the Lacheng river from every part of the property, 

A perfect hotel for nature lovers.

Address: Lachen Road Lachen North Sikkim Lachen Road Sikkim, Lachen.

Price: Rs. 4,050/- for a deluxe double room that can fit 2-3 guests with a kid also.


Best time to visit:

It is best to travel in the months of April, May and June if you are planning your journey from Kolkata. Dry months at Sikkim will be a treat for the travellers together. 


Can One Travel to the Old Silk Route During the Mid-December?

Yes, it is possible to travel the old silk route during the months of December and especially during the mid of December.  The only thing is that you will be enjoying heavy snowfall in the places of your visit. Just be careful of the landslides. 


Is it possible to stay in Nathang Valley?

Yes, it is possible to stay in Nathang Valley. Obviously, it depends on the level of permission to visit the Nathang Valley at Rongli. It is about to be the right experience for a lifetime. 


Is it safe for women to travel to Zuluk alone?

Yes, Zuluk is safe for women to travel alone. But remember that you are to book the homestays at Zuluk for staying as it is a sparsely populated area. It pins down the Zuluk look due to increased altitude. Do not forget to carry your inhaler if you are an asthmatic patient. 


Can I visit the Old silk route if there is snowfall?

Yes, you can visit the Old silk route when there is snowfall. In case of heavy snowfall, the route to Thambi point gets closed down. So, it is best to make your base at Zuluk as it is just a 35 minutes journey from Nathang. 



List Of FAQ Answered as per to Sikkim Silk Route Travel Guide 

History of Silk Route:

Sikkim is considered a paradise nestled in the northeastern region along with the magnetic views of the great Himalayas. If you have not thought of exploring the natural beauty of the magnificent state by truly missing beautiful. Sikkim old route is an ancient route that connects Sikkim and other parts of West Bengal. 



Things to do in the Silk Route of Sikkim:

The things to do on the Silk Route of Sikkim are as follows-


#1. Hiking towards a remote village in the Sikkim Silk Route.

#2. Witnessing the fantastic view with mesmerizing vistas with snow-capped Himalayas that looms upon the plateau of Tibet from the Nathang Valley.

bend road from the Dzuluk along the Zig Zag Road. 



Homestays in Silk Route Sikkim:

Homestays in the Silk Route offer rejuvenating experience of body and soul by featuring the exclusive seating area along with the beautiful lush green gardens.  The budget of the silk route homestay is affordable. Homestays are cheaper than staying in a hotel. Hence it is an alternative option. 



Popular homestays place in Sikkim Silk Route-

The most famous points for staying on Silk Route are Aritar, Rongli, Mankhim, Adam Chen, Zuluk, as well as Nathang Valley. Choose any homestay place to stay here. 



Mobile Networks on Sikkim Silk Route-

mobile networks that work satisfactorily on the entire route of the silk route. It is near nothing valley. The popular phone networks are- Jio, Airtel, BSNL, and Vodafone work great. However, the speed of the internet is not so good. 



Best Time to visit Silk Route Sikkim:

Silk Route Sikkim is best to visit during the summer months or seasons. The soothing climate makes it easy for travelers to make popular attractions. There are homestays in Sikkim along with meals and other facilities to enjoy the place offered by the locals. However, the most ideal time to get to the maximum out of this silk route. 



Most attractive Tourist places to visit in Sikkim:

If you plan to embark on the unforgettable journey along the Silk Route. It is time to make sure and check out the Sikkim tour packages. The route merges with the conventional routes in Sikkim region. The nearest sea port to Lhasa was once considered the hotspot of ancient commerce and trade at Tamralipta or present-day Tamluk in West Bengal. 



Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary:

Pangolakha Sanctuary for Wildlife is a wildlife reserve in the east Sikkim district. The area which is notified for this wildlife is almost 124 square kilometres. Some names of the hamlets here are Lingtam, Phadamchen, Zuluk, Kupup, Aritar, and Gnathang valley. The place is linked with the wildlife sanctuary linking to the forests of Bhutan and Neora National Park of West Bengal. 



Sightseeing Places In Sikkim:

There are places in Sikkim which offer sightseeing views of certain places. 


  • Gangtok.
  • Lachen.
  • Lachung.
  • Zuluk.
  • Rongpokhola.
  • Teesta River.
  • Gurudongmar Lake.
  • Goechala.
  • Kalpokhri.
  • Kupup.
  • Old baba mandir.
  • Jelep-la pass point.
  • Nathang Valley.
  • S Ganek.
  • Thambi.
  • Tsomgo Lake.
  • Zuluk.
  • Gangtok.
  • Pelling.
  • Yumthang Valley. 
  • Darjeeling Tour.
  • Teesta River.
  • Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple.
  • Neora Valley National Park.
  • Rumtek Monastery.
  • Hanuman Temple. 
  • Chumbi valley.


The silk route of Sikkim is during the Silk route throughout the year except when there is heavy snowfall. The roads are often blocked by the snow making it difficult for tourists to travel. The tentative cost of travelling offbeats the hamlets as well as the monasteries by boarding the most areas with the impromptu decision. 



Height of Zuluk-

The height of Zuluk is 2868 m.  Zuluk is a small village in East Sikkim. It is the most important stop on the Sikkim Silk Route. The place is beautiful and it is wonderfully settled and surrounded by mountains.  The gorgeous views offer pleasant and soothing landscape views. It is worth a visit. 


Address of Sikkim Silk Route:

Unnamed Road, Padamchen Sikkim 737131.


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