Explore sundarban tourist spot Which You Never Want To Miss

Explore sundarban tourist spot Which You Never Want To Miss

sundarban tourist spot

Book A Sundarban Tour Vacation From Kolkata 

West Bengal is a treasure trove of natural beauty. It includes art and culture, wilderness, and even history from every heritage aspect. Tourists will experience the wilderness and the heritage of the walks in Bengal by providing it all, whether you are in Kolkata, Sundarban popular places, or Shantiniketan. 

Nothing can stand in comparison to any wonderful sundarban tourist spot. The lush greenery retreat must have animal spices that seem to be hard-pressed. If you long to watch for a royal Bengal tiger or glance at the wilderness among the forest lands, Sundarbans will serve its purpose. The Sundarbans in India are a grand example of tidal forests. It is thus named after the Sundari trees found in this region. 


The submerged roots and the mangrove forests are the perfect places to stay in Sundarbans. To fulfill your African Safari dreams, you must plan a trip to the Sundarban's popular places on the verge of the Bay of Bengal. Daily life here is influenced by this region's high and low tides. 


This place is marked as a World Heritage site by UNESCO for the rows of mangrove forests. For this, the land gets protection of the land during earthquakes or any natural disaster.  Sundarban was born in the confluence of the Brahmaputra, Meghna, and Ganges rivers. 


Sundarbans is the world’s largest delta region. The place's name is derived from the abundant Sundari trees in this region. In addition, the Sundarban tourist spot abounds with deadly snakes, leopards, crocodiles, and the most popular Royal Bengal Tiger. 


The amazing Sundarban tourist spot is sprawled over an area of 11500 sq. km, spread across India and Bangladesh. The Sundari trees in this place are the most important aspect that needs special mention when it comes to adoring Sundarbans. The place's main economy depends on tourism to the area throughout the year. Moreover, they also depend on fishing and agriculture for their living. It is a cluster of low-lying islands along the Bay of Bengal spread along India and Bangladesh. 

The Park in Sundarban achieved the excellence of being the National Park. This was in the year 1984. It became the designated space for the famous Royal Bengal Tigers, where the unofficial record of the number of tigers had been 

 In numbers. The people's culture and customs in Sundarban popular places are worthy of discussion. 


The Government takes special care to conserve the wildlife in this part of the state. In spite of this, the present number of tigers here is now 120-170; in numbers, others have died. Visiting Sunderbans perfectly fused deep wildlife with numerous birds, animals, crocodiles, deer, and other animals. 


By Rail: The best route to take is to travel from the Sealdah Station and take a drop at the last stoppage of the nearest railhead Canning station. From here, you can approach the magical land by a motor van. The distance between the Sundarban National Park and Canning Station is 49 KM. 


By Cruise: It is best to book a launch from the banks and start your journey along the deep jungle routes from the Godkhali area. Moreover, there are plenty of buses running from Kolkata to Gosaba. Boat services are running from Gosaba and also from Gadkhali. If you take the boat journey to Sundarbans, reaching the destination will take almost 2 to 2.5 hours. 


By Bus: Sundarban is connected well by bus services. There is a network of buses connecting Namkhana to Kolkata, which is at a distance of 102 KM. Again there is the connectivity of buses from Raidighi at a distance of 77 KM. Next is from Canning which will cover a distance of 62 KM and again from Najat which will take 93 KM to reach Sundarban. All these stations are lying near the Sundarbans area. 


By Air: The nearest airport is Kolkata Airport. And the distance between the Airport and under ban is 110 KM. From here you can take a cab or travel by train to reach the Sundarban area. 


If you plan to explore the wilderness in Sundarban within 3-4 days, you are well enough to start your journey. You cannot reach Sundarbans directly by any means of transport. A series of tributaries and rivers have protected it from human invasion. 


DAY 1: Kolkata To Sundarbans: Since we cannot take any direct mode of communication from any destination to Sundarbans, we must take a separate path that will not cost us expensive. 


If you plan to cut your expenses short, it is best to travel from Sealdah station to Canning station. And, then book a shared motor van towards the Ghat of Gosaba or Gadkhali. It is a much more convenient option. 

Sometimes people book a jetty ride from Gosaba or Gadkhali for a spectacular ride through the amazing sightseeing of the areas and the lush green forest cover. The journey will take 2 hours to reach its final destination. 


The cruise journey is sure to create memorable moments of joy. Overall, the boat ride was around 2 hours and was filled with mild winter waves and refreshments. Around the afternoon, you will reach Dayapur Island. On the way, you will come across heart-touching local rituals that will please your welcome to Sundarbans. 

DAY 2: Trip to Sajnekhali

Traveling through the canals and the creeks of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve Forest and the migratory birds to the Sajnekhali watchtower and the Mangrove Interpretation Center is a wonderful place to enjoy. Booking a guide here will be a wise option. He will take you through every Sundarban tourist spot, help you understand the significance of the place, and venture into the jungle. 

As an accommodation where you can freshen up at the Sajnekhali tourist lodge, no one lives on this island outside the protected area except the wild beasts. Besides this, you can also glance at the Mangrove Interpretation Center, Crocodile pond, Bonobibi mandir, and the pond of the monitor lizard and the wild lizard. 


With the sun setting to a distant horizon, you must return to the resort and freshen up with some snacks as an evening treat. In addition to this, you can also order some mouthwatering momos and some hot tea or coffee. With this, you can participate in the Tribal Dance and make your evening all the more graceful at Sajnekhali. 


A warm dinner cooked from fresh farm vegetables added with chicken in the main course, along with rice, dal, papad, and chutney, will be a complete meal that will satisfy your stomach and soul at the same time. With this, the day 3 trip begins. 

DAY 3: Tour to the Dobanki Camp

After the morning breakfast, tea, and coffee, it is already time to mark your journey toward day 3 of the Sundarbans tour. Dobanki Camp is one of the Sundarbans' popular places that need to be discussed here. You will have to take a cruise ride to this place. 


After 1.5 hours, you will reach the Watchtower through the dense forests and the creeks of the numerous rivers. Food is also served on the deck. It is your choice if you want to eat or not. On the banks, you can spot different birds, crocodiles, deer, tigers, and wild pigs to add to the great charm and enthusiasm of the place. 


The major attraction here is the canopy walk. It will surely experience the live animals from Dobanki Watchtower with the 360-degree view of the forest. Some deep mangroves and forests depict the lush greenery of the place here. On return from this place, travelers will experience an uncanny silence along the dreadful dense forest area. 

Sundarbans Tiger Camp Along The Malta Sea

In the afternoon, you will travel through the river amidst the jungle. In Sundarbans, there is a popular saying that people believe even today. It says you do not see the tigers here, but always remember the tiger is watching you deep inside the jungle. 


It is time to reach the Tiger Camp in the Malta Sea. Here also, you can spot birds that may be almost 65 species at the Tiger Camp. 

Apart from moving around in the Tiger Camp, you will also be able to find a chance to explore the local crafts and cuisine in the local villages. Travelers will observe here indigenous methods of farming and how their houses are made of mud and small entrances. 


If you visit here during the months of December and January, you will be able to enjoy the Bonobibi puja celebrations elegantly. It is held here every year with much galore and colors. After all the fun, it is time to return to the resorts where after a delicious dinner, you can sleep and prepare for the Day 4 of your tour.  

DAY 4: Trip to Sudhanyakhali

Day 4 beginning will be marked in the morning with a bed tea. Breakfast is supposed to be served on the boat. It is because travelers will need to start early in the morning. 


On the left-hand side of the bank, there is a huge and deep mangrove forest with infamous creeks entering the jungle for crabs and honey. On the way, you can spot various fishermen throwing their nets to catch fish on their fishing boats along the swampy river banks. 


Here you can see lizards in ponds and also monkeys surrounding the trees. These are wild animals and apes of all sizes and kinds. Thus travelers will have to travel along the caged walkways for safety. The boat journey is just a memorable part of the entire Sundarban trip. 


Photographers will never miss out on taking any shot that is sure to drag them here again in the near future. After a day’s tour, it is time to return to the resort and prepare for the return on the same route you will start. It will cost you less and be economical to end the journey. 

Other Important Places To Visit In Sunderban Forest Areas

  • Kalas Watchtower.
  • Buni Camp.
  • BNS Hiron Point.
  • Hariabhanga River.
  • Jharkhali.
  • Pakhiralaya.
  • Bonnie Camp Watch Tower.
  • Netidhopani Watch Tower.
  • Burir Dabri Watch Tower.
  • Jhinge Khali Watch Tower.
  • Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Deer Point Park.
  • Harbaria Eco Tourism Centre. 
  • Mandarbaria Samudra Saikat. 
  • Do Ban Ki Watch Tower.
  • Bhagatpur Crocodile Project.
  • Piyali. 
  • Kanak. 
  • Halliday Island. 

Where to Stay in Sundarban Tourist Spot?

Sundarbans' places to stay include multiple options. There are rooms of different categories and price lists. These rooms start from A/C to non-A/C cottages, huts, and executive cottages with 3 to 4 rooms. The packages are available with pre-booking and as per your choice of package. 


Most of the time, for an added spice of adventure, people prefer staying in the boat for days and nights and enjoying the middle of the water of the Bay of Bengal. There are places to stay, like resorts and 40+ budget hotels, and some are booked in pre-defined tour packages to make the journey hassle-free in different islands in the Sundarbans.


Other popular places to stay are as follows:

  • Sundarban Field Camp.
  • Sundarban Mangrove Retreat.
  • Sundarban Jungle Camp.
  • Sundarban Chital Tourist Lodge. 
  • Sundarban Tiger Camp.
  • Sundarban Hotels & Resorts. 

Which is the best time to visit the Sundarban Area?

The best time to visit Sundarban is from September to March. December and January are the peak time for tourists here. During this time, it will be a great chance to see tigers, crocodiles and other animals on the river banks. 

What are the Popular Tour Package Highlights In Sundarban?

  • Experience 3-4 Days inside the largest mangrove forest.
  • Wildlife expedition by forest and banks of the Bay of Bengal.
  • Silent Boat Cruise Ride Inside The Forest. 
  • Experience The Security & Guide.
  • Luxurious Shipping & Cabin Facilities. 
  • Exploring Creeks & Canals on the Silent Boat Ride.
  • Watch Wildlife from the WatchTowers.
  • Quality of Premium Food With Exotic Local Dishes.

Tour Package Highlights-

  • River Cruise Around Sundarbans.
  • Experienced Tour Guide. 
  • Forest Guard & Entrance Fees. 
  • All Transportation In destination Location. 
  • Quality meals & Food.


The cost of the popular tour packages in Sundarban starts from Rs. 3500/- per person. You should carry documents like Adhar Card and PAN Card for identity cards. 


When Is The Safari Timing In Sundarban National Park?

Safari at the Sundarbans National Park offers visitors the best experience from sunrise to sunset. The best time to visit is between the months of September and March. 


Visitors can sail through the deep and dense forests connected by the many free-flowing rivers like the BIdhyadhari and Malta. The boat safaris are available in two types: NON AC and small or large AC. It is recommended to book your safari prior to the visit due to the possible rush that might peak season. 


Boat safari service is available from the early morning, starting at 8:30 AM, which will help in approaching at the dawn of 16:00 PM. There is no permission for the boat after 6:30 PM in any course of the river banks. The place is wonderful for bird watching and fishing as well. 

What is Sundarban, Also known as?

Sundarban is also a complex ecosystem with the collection of the world's three largest tracts of single mangrove forests. The largest part is in Bangladesh, whereas the smaller portion is in India. There are 1000+ meandering streams, rivers, estuaries, and creeks that enhance the charm of this tourist spot. Sundarban means the place of Sundari trees, which means beautiful in itself.


Sundarbans popular places are specially visited by tourists from all corners of India due to their universal importance for endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Irawadi dolphins, innumerable varieties of birds, rhesus monkeys, lizards, fishes, spotted deer, wild boars, jungle fowl, sawfish, electric ray, and estuarine crocodiles. Moreover, it is the only place and the mangrove habitat in the world for Panthera tigris tigris species. 


Who is the God of Sundarban?

Dakshin Ray is the God of Sundarban. He is the most revered deity in the Sundarbans who ruled over the demons and the beast. He is regarded as the overall ruler of the Sundarbans area. This place is a paradise for wildlife photographers. And thus, you will be able to prevent disturbing animals. You can also enjoy your time watching them in their natural state. 

What is the population near the Sundarban?

Sundarban has a population of around 6.9 million in India and Bangladesh. It is so calculated because most of the part is in Bangladesh, and the least is in India. 

What types of plants are found prominent in Sundarban?

Sundarban is home to more than 300+ species of plants. The prominent plants in Sundarban are Genwa, Jat Baine, Kalo Baine, Moth Goran, Habli, Manda, Son Champa, Tak Keora, Kripa Tree, Karanja Bain, Kankhra, Jhamti Goran, Hental, Bhara, Garjan, Peara Baine. The mangrove forests are the widely spread forests along the banks of the river. In addition, the Sundari trees also add to the significance of the place. 


What is the Climate of Sundarban?

The climate of sundarban ranges from 34 degrees to 20 degrees. Moreover, the rainfall here is extremely high due to the presence of the deep forests. In addition to this, there are high monsoon periods. The summer season here is too high, and the winters are great for spotting the tigers along the banks. 

The place's weather is almost moist and humid from the Bay of Bengal. Sundarbans constantly cover the air with 85% humidity all over. The average rainfall here, south of the Tropic of Cancer, is around 350'C. Along with the rising sea level, the soil poses severe threats to the health of the mangrove forests and the quality of the crops and the soil.


What are the Special Dishes That You Can Eat In Sunderban?

  • Mutton Curry.
  • Mix Crab Curry.
  • Tiger Prawn Malaikari.
  • Shorshe Ilish.
  • Chicken Dishes.
  • Seasonal Fish Curries.


What are the animals that are prideful in Sundarbans? 

The main attraction is the spotlight on the aquatic species in the Sundarbans. It has mudskipper fishes like Periophthalmus and Boleophthalmus. On the Sundarbans' banks, you will see these animals roaming around the rivers. And, if you are a bird watcher, you should visit in the monsoon season to enjoy the bird sightseeing. 


The park is rich in aquafauna, including Common toads and silver carp with barb and river eels. Other animals are woodpeckers, white-bellied sea eagles, green pigeons, kingfishers, falcons, godwits, black-headed ibis, pariah kites, marsh harriers, Caspian hers, pheasant-tailed Jacanas, brahminy kites, curlews, water hens, paradise flycatchers, wood sandpipers, and many other animals are the pride of Sundarban. 


Final Thoughts 

Traveling to Sundarbans is a place of incredible travel spots. Sundarban tourist spot offers natural beauty as well as mangrove habitat. It will surely bring you close to nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the mind and soul rest here in the tap of natural beauty. The encounter of the vibrant bees, along with the chirping of the birds, will take you to the unique natural wonder of the earth. 

Book a trip to Sundarbans and all other popular places here. 


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