Tumkur Tourist Places You Cannot Miss Out

Tumkur Tourist Places You Cannot Miss Out

 Tumkur Tourist Places

Tumkur is a city located in the southern state of Karnataka in India. It is situated at a distance of about 70 km northwest of Bangalore, the state capital. Tumkur is the administrative headquarters of the Tumkur district and is known for its historical landmarks, scenic beauty, and cultural heritage. Gradually Tumkur grew up to be a place that came to be known for its rich culture. Tumkur tourist places are a result of such historical events. 

Best 20 Places Of Popular Tourist Attractions Around Tumkur 

Some of the popular tourist attractions in and around Tumkur are:

  1. Devarayana Durga: Devarayana Durga is a hill station about 16.8 km from Tumkur. It is famous for its scenic beauty, ancient temples, and wildlife sanctuary. It is a popular spot for birdwatching and trekking activities. Both temples are dedicated to Lord Narasimha, and the other is to Lord Yoga Narasimha. It is a top Tumkur tourist place, popular as a sunset point near Tumkur. 
  2. Siddara Betta: Siddara Betta is a rocky hill about 20.5 km from Tumkur. It is a popular destination for trekking and rock climbing. This spot is popular for trekking activities and also for cave exploration. You will see several caves on the hill, which are thus believed to be the meditation seats for Siddhars or saints.  
  3. Namada Chilume: Namada Chilume is a natural spring. It is located in the midst of a forest about 35.6 km from Tumkur. The spring is believed to have medicinal properties and is a popular picnic spot. The small temple is surrounded by a spring, and the water from this spring is considered very sacred. 
  4. Madhugiri Fort: Madhugiri Fort is a historical fort located about 40.5 km from Tumkur. The fort was built by the Vijayanagara Empire and is known for its architectural beauty and historical significance. The fort was built during the reign of the Vijayanagar Empire but was later taken over by the Mysore kingdom. 
  5. Pavagada Fort: Pavagada Fort is a 14th-century fort located about 70.66 km from Tumkur. It is known for its intricate architecture and historical significance. The unique architecture has several temples and tanks inside the fort. This fort was built long years ago. Here you can explore remarkable stories of wars that are 600 years old. The Shanimahatma temple in this fort attracts devotees from far-off places. 
  6. Gubbi: This small town is almost 20 to 25 kilometres from Tumkur. It forms a part of the top list of Tumkur tourist places. There are ancient temples that are considered to be a spiritual hub for devotees. 
  7. Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple: This mandir is a famous temple about 35 kilometres from Tumkur. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is considered one of the region's most sacred tourist spots. The temple's architecture and serene surroundings are known for their beauty. 
  8. Goravanahalli Maha Lakshmi Temple: This shrine is one of the best Lakshmi temples in Karnataka. Some devotees come from all over the country. It is one of the great Tumkur tourist places, suitable for spiritual one-day travel with family and friends. This temple holds the deities of Goddess Marikamba and Manchala. 
  9. Shree Siddaganga Math: This math is located amidst colorful landscapes and serene surroundings. It is popularly known for its free education system, the unique Gurukula system with free food and shelter. Travelers will be surprised to see young students learning with care and living with joy and brotherhood. 
  10. Jaymangali Blackbuck Reserve: This reserve is in the district of Tumkur. It is a notified and protected area. This village is in Maidenahalli, north of the eastern tip of India's Tumkur district of Karnataka state. It ranks among the list of top Tumkur Tourist places. This area has a considerable blackbuck population apart from Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary. The area is open and bordering on Andhra Pradesh. 
  11. Huliyur Durga: This place is about 60 Km south of Tumkur town. It is at a distance of 22.6 KM south of Ramanagara. This place presently serves as the headquarters of Hubli in Karnataka. This place is counted among the Tumkur tourist places due to its hilltop village in Bangalore. The fort is situated at a height of 2771 feet above sea level. It is shaped like a cup and was built by Kempe Gowda I. 
  12. Theeta Reservoir: Theeta Reservoir is a picnic spot at a distance of 30 KM from Tumkur religious place Siddhaganga. It is a famous pilgrim center with a temple on the hilltop dedicated to God Siddhalingeshwara. It is easily accessible from Bangalore and is a perfect getaway for a weekend trip
  13. Markonahalli Dam: Markonahalli Dam is built across the Shimsha River in Kunigal Taluk. The project is uniquely built with technology and maximum capacity allowing the water to pass through the gates. The Dam is used for architectural needs and is the water source for multiple other activities in the nearest villages. 
  14. Borana Kanive: This is an ideal picnic spot and an eminent one on the Tumkur Tourist places list. This place is near the reservoir built across the Suvarnamukhi River. People gather over here with family and friends to enjoy the serene ambiance of the atmosphere. The distance of this DamDam is 158.33 KM from Bangalore. It is located between two mountains. 
  15. Hutridurga: This hill is fortified at 3808 feet above sea level. There is a temple named Shankheshwar on the top of the hill. The view from the mountain is so incredible that it drags people towards it from all corners of the country. Some young aspirants say that it is a good place for photography. 
  16. Chennairayana Durga: This hill is located at a height of 3734 feet above sea level. The area is surrounded by old forts, tanks, Ishvara temples, and more architecture. Tourists visit this place for trekking activities and to enjoy the scenic beauty. Local tourists come here to enjoy picnics or spend a happy weekend trip away from city life. 
  17. Sira: It is a town that was founded by Rangappa Nayaka. It was later conquered by the general working in the Bijapur regiment named Ranadulla Khan. The ruins of the palace, fine garden and the Ibrahim Rauza offer a complex view of the tomb. In addition to this, the tomb looked like a ruined Hindu monument. 
  18. Nittur: This place is of great historical importance. These include the temple of Padmavati. Mariyamma and several other Jain temples. Nittur is a small hamlet in the Tumkur district of Karnataka. Here are ways to wander, places to see, and experience signature landmarks in this place. A mix of modern and charming views of the tourist spots helps drag visitors to this place on weekends. 
  19. Nonavinakere: This is home to the temple of Gopalaswamy and Garigeshwara temple. This place is great for picnics and a day’s outing with family and friends. There are ample spots that can be used to dine, drink, and feast. The distance of Nonavinakere is 140.33 KM from Bangalore. It takes a distance of 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach this place. 
  20.  Nidgal: this is a village in the Beltagadi Taluk in the Southernmost part of the Kannada district of Karnataka. Forts surround the village, and on the walls, you will see the palace ruins inside that tomb. There are rock wall inscriptions and water tanks here in the village of Nidgal. The total area occupied plains, palaces, and a few temples. 

Other Attractions To Visit Within 100 KM In Tumkur District

  • Midigeshi.
  • Kandikere.
  • Amruthur.
  • Bhasmangi.
  • Seebi.
  • Lakshmikantha Swamy.
  • Turuvekere.
  • Yediyur.
  • Hosahalli.
  • Kadaba.
  • Gulur.
  • Chikkanakanahalli.
  • Kote Anjaneya Swami Statue in Tumkur.
  • Kunigal.
  • Koratagere.
  • Tandaga.
  • Vighasante. 


Why is Tumkur called a popular place?

Tumkur is popularly known for the production of coconuts. And besides this, there are multiple educational hubs like schools and colleges. It is home to Tumkur University. Colleges include medical, dental, degree colleges, postgraduate colleges, and many polytechnics. Tumkur is one of the greatest places to visit with a full family. Tumkur is a great place, but you can move off-grid to do something exciting. 

Why is Tumkur Called the Smart City?

Tumkur is also known for its cultural heritage. The city is known as Smart City. It has a rich art, music, and literary tradition. Tumkur University, established in 2004, is one of the leading educational institutions in the region. Tumkur is also known for its silk and handloom industries. The city hosts an annual silk fair, which attracts traders and buyers from all over the world.

Which hill station is near Tumkur tourist places?

Madhurigiri Fort in Madhugiri is in the Tumkur district in Karnataka. Madhugiri is in the district of Tumkur. It is the second-largest monolith in entire Asia. It is one of the top Tumkur tourist places in Karnataka. The nickname of Tumkur is Kalpatharu Nadu. If you book a travel guide, you can guide them to have a customized vacation after a discussion.   

Which waterfalls are found near Tumkur?

There are several waterfalls found near Tumkur. They are as follows-

  • Jog Falls ViewPoint.
  • Pykara Lake & Pykara Falls.
  • Kiliyur Falls.
  • Kovai Kutralam Water Falls.
  • Meenmutty Falls.
  • Balamuri Falls. 
  • Iruppu Falls.
  • Soochipara Waterfalls.


What is the exceptional food in Tumkur?

There is a typical food in Tumkur that is popular. It includes Ragi roti, Bisi Bele Bath, Ragi Mudde, Uppittu, Davanagere Benne Dosa, and Kara Bath. The famous dish Masala dosa owes the foundation to the dish Udupi cuisine. Tamarind is a popular fruit that has a sweet, sour, and pulpy taste. The Tumkur market is one of the biggest markets for tamarind in India. 

Why is Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary so famous in Tumkur?

Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary is one of the major sanctuaries. It is one of the fantastic creatures that are the pride of this state. The peacocks here are taken care of and provided proper shelter and timely food to the peacocks. The tourists are just amazed at the beauty of the national bird. Besides this, this sanctuary is also considered to be a part of the Tumkur tourist places. Peacocks here roam freely, and it is just a pleasure to the eyes. 


Which land is known as the land of coconuts? 

Tumkur is known as the land of coconuts. The place is known for coconut production. It is a major educational hub centered on history, culture, and natural beauty. It is a city situated at a distance of 70 KM from Bangalore. The river that flows in the state of Karnataka is Shimsha. It is one of the tributaries of river Kaberi, a major river in South India.  

How To Reach Tumkur Tourist Places?

Tumkur is connected well by rail and roadways. The nearest airport is Bangalore, which is 87.9 KM away. Tamkuru holds a railway station with good connectivity of rail. It has good bus connectivity to all major cities and from Bangalore. Tumkur or Tumakara is also well connected to other cities within Karnataka, including Hubli, Hospet, Belgaum, and Bijapur are some top Tumkur tourist places. 

What is the fare of the tickets to travel to Tumkur tourist places?   

 The fare to reach Tumkur tourist spots from Bangalore is Rs. 150/- and may go up to Rs. 5950/-. It may go down to Rs. 4674/- also. There are direct trains in IRCTC that travel between stations. The trains with the numbers 02629, 02089, 02079, and 06549 run daily between these stations. These trains have a distance of 49.8 KM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Did you know Tumkur is the the land of coconuts? 

Tumkur is known as the land of coconuts. The place is known for coconut production. It is a major educational hub centered on history, culture, and natural beauty. It is a city situated at a distance of 70 KM from Bangalore. The river that flows in the state of Karnataka is Shimsha. It is one of the tributaries of river Kaberi, a major river in South India.  

Final Words 

Overall, Tumkur has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It is a popular destination for tourists and is worth a visit for anyone interested in exploring the history and culture of Karnataka. 




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